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Soraa is the world's leading developer of solid-state LED lighting technology built on pure gallium nitride substrates, commonly referred to as GaN on GaN.

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Coco Lighting, Lighting Specialist in the UK

Commercial Lighting Conversion Specialist

COCO Lighting Limited is leading the way in lighting solutions. From our Essex based premises we supply a wide range of lighting products, from LED luminaires, to emergency lighting and fluorescent luminaires.

As experts in the lighting industry we can manufacture and source the perfect lighting solution for your project, so whether you’re looking to convert existing luminaires, add external luminaires, emergency lighting solutions, controls or bespoke lighting solutions for commercial, retails or industrial properties, COCO Lighting can advise and supply your luminaires, conversion lighting systems and controls.

Having been in the lighting conversion industry for 30 years, our cumulative industry knowledge is second to none. As a result we have been able to develop a specialist conversion design team, offering a bespoke lighting design service.

This service is available to our commercial clients, providing state of the art lighting and emergency lighting solutions.

Our great reputation within the industry has allowed us to become a master distributor for SORAA, the pioneers of new technology within LED lighting, meaning we can offer our clients the highest specification lighting systems available.

In addition, we also act as distributors of a full range of lighting products that will appeal to any budget, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect lighting solution.

Over the years we have seen some considerable advances in LED technologies. Having followed these advances closely we are now in a position to supply our clients with superior quality lighting products.

Working with companies such as Mackwell, Tridonic, Osram, Lite-Plan, and Philips, our clients can be assured that we will find the most appropriate lighting solution for their projects.

All of the products that we supply meet the relevant British Safety requirements. These include BS EN 60598-1 (Luminaires part 1: General requirements and tests), BS EN 61347-2-7 (emergency lighting product standards), and BS EN 60598.2.22 (Luminaires for emergency lighting, incorporating all advances in regulations).

Furthermore, our specialised conversion teams ensure all works are carried out to ICEL 1004:2013, meaning our clients can be confident about the safety and quality of the luminaire products we supply and fit.

Customer care is extremely important to us at COCO Lighting, which is why we continue to provide post-sales support and advice to our customers.

Our on-site division of COCO Lighting will visit your premises to provide a full range of follow up services, incorporating emergency and high frequency conversions, repairs and maintenance.

Our specialist on-site team are all PASMA and IPATH certified and fully insured to work up to heights of 10 metres.

Coco Lighting, Lighting Specialist in the UK

Lighting Modifications

Conversion & Re-Engineering Services


Our core business is emergency lighting and as such we offer extensive conversion services for emergency lighting, dimming lights, controls and LED solutions.

Whether you’re incorporating and adapting an existing luminaire, or utilising a luminaire from our extensive lighting portfolio, we can help you complete your lighting conversion project with the perfect products. Just some of the products we supply are:

  • A full range of commercial recessed and surface luminaires
    Available in both fluorescent and LED variants
  • Decorative and amenity range of luminaires
    Offering both CFL & LED options for both internal and external applications
  • Robust range of industrial luminaires
    Available in both fluorescent & LED variants
  • Exterior luminaires
    From simple floodlights to area and stadium lighting
  • A comprehensive range of LED emergency lighting products
    from single point solutions through to fully networkable addressable systems
  • Soraa state of the art MR16, GU10 & AR111 lamp & light engine solutions
  • Bespoke design and manufacture

Our standards

With over 30 years’ experience in lighting conversion procedures, COCO Lighting has a long standing reputation to uphold, which is why we work to such high standards in all aspects of our operations. Key to maintaining these high standards is the global adoption of our “Rapid Response Policy”, applying this to all works and administrative requirements, ensuring our customers receive their merchandise as well as information as quickly as possible. Furthermore, all of our teams are fully versed in our ISO9001 quality procedures, ensuring COCO Lighting’s high standards are maintained across the company.

In addition to ensuring our luminaires and working practices are of a high quality, COCO Lighting also holds ISO4001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.