MEK B -Commercial Fluorescent Range

Recessed Indirect Range designed for exposed standard or micro-T-Bar Ceilings. The MEK B can also be supplied to suit alternative ceiling systems.

Upward light is obtained by means of two white curved metal reflectors producing a soft light and no sharp cut-off angles.

Additionally this luminaire has a central mounted perforated metal diffuser with internal opal sheet to diffuse downward light.

Lumafix, the ingeniously designed side arm suspension support brackets* are available for most of our MEK B range.

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Lamp Options
2 X 14 Watt T5
2 X 24 Watt T5
1 X 40 Watt TC-L
1 X 55 Watt TC-L
2 X 40 Watt TC-L
2 X 55 Watt TC-L

High Frequency
Digital Dimming (Require Digital serial Interface)
Digital Dimming (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)
Analogue 1-10V Dimming