MELK L- Commercial Fluorescent Range

Recessed Direct / Indirect Range designed for exposed standard or micro-T-Bar Ceilings.
The MEK L can also be supplied to suit alternative ceiling systems.

Indirect light is obtained by means of two perforated metal diffusers each having
either T5 or TC-L lamps behind them.

Additionally this luminaire has a central aluminium Cat. 2 louver behind which can be placed a T5 or TC-L lamp, giving direct downwards light.

The MEK L Twin, gives direct and indirect light, via the twin lamps positioned behind the new wider aluminium VDT louver and perforated metal diffusers on each side.




Lamp Options
3 X 14 Watt T5
3 X 24 Watt T5
1 X 40 Watt TC-L
1 X 55 Watt TC-L

Lamp Options
2 X 14 Watt T5
2 X 24 Watt T5
2 X 40 Watt TC-L
2 X 55 Watt TC-L