CCMD -Emergency Range

CCMD is a compact 3 watt self contained emergency lighting LED luminaire. Making the unit suitable for both switchable maintained and nonmaintained applications. The unit has been designed to utilise 3 hour maintained or non-maintained applications.

The unit has been designed to utilise a range of devices with specific lenses for designated escape routes in corridors and walkways, along with lenses for open plan areas like receptions and open plan office space.




Open Area Lens
220-240 Volts AC 50/60 Hz
Non-Maintained—3.0 Watts Maintained—7.1 Watts
1 x 3 Watt LED
Sheet Steel Case
3 Hours
3.6V 4.5Ah Nickel Cadmium
200MA Constant Current
24 Hours
Nominal 1000mA
3.0 Volts
25°C Ambient
BESA Box & Side Conduit Entries
170mm x 170mm x 44mm

Corridor Area Lens—Maintained
Open Area Lens – Maintained
Corridor Area Lens—Maintained Self test
Open Area Lens—Maintained Self test