Exterior Lighting Design & Fitting

Our lighting design service also extends to external luminaires. Whether you’re looking to add security lighting, pathway lights or feature lighting, our experts can help.

Working with our clients we consider both functionality and aesthetics when creating exterior lighting designs. This ensures that the luminaires will create the right atmosphere as well as working in conjunction with the building design and surrounding horticulture.

Exterior lighting considerations

There are several elements which need to be taken into consideration when looking at the design of exterior lighting. Firstly, it is important to identify and define the relevant zones that need to be lit. This could be in relation to security lighting, lighting pathways or steps, or lighting particular plants or features such as statues or bespoke features.

Once these areas are defined you need to consider the type of lighting you require; up lighting, downlights, rechargeable lighting, the colour of the luminaires … there’s a lot to consider, and thankfully we can guide you through the various options. Thirdly, the way that the luminaires are controlled needs to be simple, safe and convenient; ideally luminaires should be able to be turned on and off, set by timers, and dimmed with ease. Furthermore, the controls and the luminaires need to be positioned and connected in such a way that they are immune to the elements, as the unpredictable UK weather can cause havoc with external lighting systems. This is particularly the case where equipment designed for interior use is used outside. Our experience means that our lighting products will only ever include electrical equipment that is fit for purpose, meaning external luminaires will only use external connections and external transformers.

Finally, a major issue for consideration is ensuring that your external lighting is energy efficient. We specialise in supplying energy efficient lighting that not only benefits the environment, but also positively impacts on running costs.

Our experts will always take these points into consideration when working to a client’s brief; thus ensuring that their exterior light fittings are safe, practical, energy efficient and importantly, they enhance the environment that they are set within.