Hospital Lighting

Clinical areas within hospitals and GP surgeries require low maintenance lighting which is both hygienic and bright.


Hygienic, recessed lighting will optimise infection control precautions within patient areas. This is key to ensuring patient safety whilst also providing a clean working environment for staff.

Lighting for patients

Research has shown that providing the right lighting within a hospital can actually improve the mood of the patients, which in turn can also aid their road to recovery. Many hospitals may have patients in wards with very little natural light available, as such adding lighting which will compensate for this can increase the patients’ levels of well-being. COCO lighting can provide LEDs which can change in intensity and colour in order to mimic the changes seen within natural sunlight.

Lighting for medical professionals

Medical staff need clear, bright lights to be able to perform their duties accurately.  Consideration also needs to be given to staff working during the night, where this accuracy still needs to be maintained whilst causing minimal disruption to patients. We can offer luminaire solutions, controls and style options that will address all of these issues, whilst combining sleek design and cost saving efficiencies.

External lighting

COCO lighting can also provide external lighting solutions for medical facilities including safety lighting within car parks and emergency lighting around the hospital.