Interior Lighting Design & Fitting

Our interior lighting design service helps clients to see the full potential within their property.  We can advise on the most appropriate luminaires, lighting designs, shapes and colours for your interior design.

Our experience

Having worked in the lighting industry for over 30 years we know that the correct lighting can really enhance a building) and bring the finishing touches to a room’s design. So whether you’re looking to provide atmospheric lighting within a restaurant or adding contemporary lighting to an office block or commercial property, we can advise on the most appropriate lighting installation to meet all of your requirements.

Our approach

At COCO lighting, we don’t just consider the visual impact of the lighting; we also look at elements such as energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, functionality, and meeting building and employment regulations (where relevant). Combining all of these elements our designers aim to create a finish that works in harmony with the overall style of the building whilst illuminating the room in the most effective way.

Lighting products

Our interior lighting products cover most applications from recessed lighting suitable for use within SAS ceilings, to surface, suspended, downlight and wall light solutions.  All of these products are available as both standard lighting and as emergency lighting, and if required, with controls such as 1-10V, Switch-Dim & DSI/DALI.

Our recessed luminaires include air handling shafts for cooling, these air handling fittings not only regulate the temperature effectively but also minimise the amount of work required to the ceiling itself when installing the luminaires.

All of our products can be used within a range of commercial environments including hospitals, medical practices, laboratories, offices, research centres, museums, art galleries and clean rooms. We can advise our clients on exactly which luminaires and control systems will offer the most effective and appropriate lighting for their environment.

We’re proud to have created such a respected name within the lighting industry, and as a result we have developed a strong relationship with many of the major brands we work with. This means that we are afforded great discounts on a significant number of their lighting products, and we gladly pass these discounts on to our customers, so that we can always offer the most suitable products at competitive prices.