Lighting Design Specialists


In addition to the supply and distribution of conversion lighting and lamps, we also offer a full lighting design service. Our luminaire design department has been operating since 2012 and in that time we have provided exceptional, bespoke lighting solutions to clients within a variety of industries and locations.

Our custom designed lighting solutions have been a real hit with these clients, with all of them appreciating how important it is to get the lighting right. As an example, within the hospitality industry the correct lighting can create just the right first impression for a guest entering a hotel foyer or stepping into a restaurant. The right ambience doesn’t happen by chance, and this is something that our design specialists understand implicitly. Whether placed within art galleries, museums or commercial offices, our lighting installations have proven to really enhance the environment they are set within. The ultimate goal for our lighting design service is to ensure that the lighting we supply meets our clients’ needs and specification fully, and both enhances the task area whilst exceeding expectations in performance.

We are happy to provide advice and design services to all of our clients, regarding any lighting application or solution.

Lighting Design Process

Following an initial meeting to understand your lighting brief, our experienced lighting team can design a layout and lighting solution that not only meets your aesthetic, design and functional lighting requirements, but also fulfils any health and safety or legal obligations within your premises. Our clients can be sure that our experts will only select lighting products from our extensive portfolio that will complement our clients’ design vision.