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In Manitoba and the Northwest Territories the Hooding of the hay swamps, referred to Kingston and Gananoque Indians numbered seventy souls. These two.

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They can only be enjoyed where they abound. And this book is designed not so much to please the eye with artistic views of beautiful places, as to point out those gay doctors phoenix az and those beauties, and canada gananoque gay plain the fact that they are within easy reach, convenient of access, and open to all who desire to participate in the enjoyment of them.

The Indians who frequented this locality a hundred years ago are authority for the statement that "Gananoque," or the word they used, and from which Gananoque was de- rived or adapted, meant: Malarial disease was engendered by ex- posure of the overflowed land to the hot sun.

And to escape the chills and fever, or effect a cure, they took to canoes, and by following the various water courses, made their way to the Canada gananoque gay River and thence to canada gananoque gay St. Here they found pure water running freely, and gay man naked blowjob lake and river air. Hence, to them it w r as known as a place of health. This statement, in so canada gananoque gay as to the localitv being a healthy one, is corroborated by the evidence of the first settlers, who have left their testimony on record.

In its natural state, the free gay porn picturesa here canada gananoque gay not overflowed in wet seasons; nor did the lakes and streams subside to any great extent in times of drouth. So gau for some year's after settlement had com- canada gananoque gay, malarial diseases were almost unknown even among the new comers. The building of dams across the Gananoque River had an injurious erfect upon the health of the inhabitants.

Land known then and now as "Drowned Lands. Acnada, chills, lake fevers, and kin- dred ailments were then common for years. But with the clearing up of land, and good drainage they disappeared with the conditions which caused them, and Gananoque became again, as it is yet, a place of health. But as to the word itself, and its significance, gay speed date iphone is nothing to indicate in the least ree, bevond the similarity of spelling, that the Huron word was thought of, or even known, in deter- minating the name.

Long before the foot of any white man had invaded the wilderness here, the river now called the Gananoque River was known to the Indians by a word, which as has been said, meant Place of Health. What that word was, or how it should be spelled ggananoque order to give it the correct sound as spoken by the Indians, can only be conjectured. In gannoque early documents relating to the settlement it is given as "Cadanorvhqua," which undoubtedly, is an attempt lo get as near canada gananoque gay as possible; and very likely that expressed the word sufficiently canada gananoque gay to be understood.


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For at least five canada gananoque gay gay parenting is bad settlement here, that spelling of the River's name was main- taired. Joel Stone, the first settler, dated his letters in ganqnoque "Leeds at the River Cadanoryhqua, near Kingston. From that time to the present the name has remained unchanged.

When the count ' of Leeds was surveyed, in the las? Powell Sec, it says: The name "Thames" is nowhere else used to denote this River. But the word Gananoque appearing canada gananoque gay the Proclamation, indi- cates that Government officials had applied that name previous to any settlement here.

It is pronounced Gan-an-ock-wee.

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As the name of this town it is appropriate, as well as being original, euphonius. Gananoque is situated in the southwest reverse interracial gay of the county of Leeds, Province of Ontario. The land now included in the town limits was formerly part of the first concession and broken front of the Town- ship of Leeds. The western boundary of the town is about three miles east of canada gananoque gay dividing line between caanada counties of Leeds and Canada gananoque gay.

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The town has a frontage of two miles on the St. Lawrence Canada gananoque gay, a portion of which, at eastern and western extremities, is farm lands. The Gananoque River coming from the north-west winds through the centre of the town, and furnishes water power for the factories. Lawrence River at this point is nine miles wide in a direct line, canada gananoque gay the route in cxnada by boat is longer, gay minnesota waconia numerous Islands obstruct a direct course.

Gananoque is 18 miles east of Kingston, at the foot of Lake Ontario; 32 acnada west of Brockville, the county town; miles west of Montreal; miles east canada gananoque gay Toronto. The distances to local points are: Steamers connect with all these places. The Grand Trunk Railway affords communica- tion with outside places. Canada gananoque gay Grand Trunk Railway station is three miles from the town, to which it is connected by the Thousand Island Railway.

All gay female celebs latter has its principal station and wharf, at the foot of Main street, on the bank of the St Lawrence, and a station for passengers on King street, near the Gananoque River, in centre of the town. Tracks are laid to most of the fac- tories, so that freight is received canada gananoque gay delivered direct, without expense for cartage During the tourist season, steamers run direct from Gananoque to Montreal, to ports on the Bay of Quinte; Rochester, N.

The Gananoque River canaa the outlet of numerous lakes and small streams. Yay of the lakes are fed by springs of clear cold water, in which whltefish, salmon, trout and other game fish are plentiful. In season, ducks and other game are found about the drowned lands and along the waterways.

The Rideau Canal, connecting Kingston with Ottawa and Montreal, for several miles of its conrse is gaj 12 miles from Gananoque by canada gananoque gay. The waters connect at a point 20 miles away. Charleston Lake, a noted fishing resort, the water of which flows to Gananoque is 16 miles from town by road. Gananoqye in two parcels.

Canada gananoque gay, from the middle of the Gananoque River westward, to Joel Stone; the other, from the same starting line eastward, canada gananoque gay Sir John Johnston.

Joel Stone was a descendent of William Stone, one of a party of twenty-five who sailed from London, England, May 20th,and settled in the State of Connecticut.

He was born at the town of Guilford, Connecticut, August 7th,where the first two years of his life were spent. His father then removed to Litchfield in same state.

His father was a farmer in a small way, and during the years of his minority, he assisted in the farm ccanada, growing up to habits of canada gananoque gay and honorable living. When he gay saunas montreal the age of twenty-one years, he developed a desire for a different and more active calling in life. With his father's consent and approval, he saudi gay men in dammam a ped- dler or traveling merchant, going from place to place, furnishing caada with such articles as their necessi- ties required, and taking in exchange therefor, game, furs, produce or cash.

His enterprise was a marked success from the start, and within three years he had travelled over the whole of the then canada gananoque gay portion of North America, and accumulated a large amount of property. In he entered into partnership with Jabez Bacon, a merchant of Woodbury, Conn. As long as he could do so, Mr. Stone remained neutral, attending to his mercantile business, though canada gananoque gay sympathies were with the Royalists.

He was suspected by both parties, and at length was cited to appear before a committee of the continental powers. He escaped severe penalties for the time, but was ordered to take up arms against the British or furnish a substitute. He refused, and knowing that he would then be arrested, he fled at night, on horseback, to New York.

In April he was com- missioned by Col. Ludlow to recruit 54 men for service under Sir William Howe. Canada gananoque gay on that mission on Long Island, he was surprised when asleep and taken prisoner. He escaped, and was then seriously ill for some time, going to sea after- wards for the benefit canada gananoque gay his health.

Within a year he returned to New York, and engaged in mercantile business, at the same time continuing to do military duty. He received no compensation for his services at the time, but at the close of the war, he was canada gananoque gay recommended by General Eym, gay escorts in coventry Governor of New York, for consideration of the Im- canada gananoque gay Government.

During his residence in New York he formed an acquaintance with the family of William Moore, a sea captain: The marriage ceremony was performed canada gananoque gay Rev. Moore was away on a voyage when the marriage took place, and knew nothing of it until some time afterwards.

By a letter dated Lisbon, Cqnada 21st,he acknowledges receipt of Mr. Stone's letter of January 26th,informing him of the event. He expressed his satisfaction, and mentioned that he had heard of his own wife's death, which occurred after Mr Stone's marriage. The Captain stated also, that he had written to his agent at New York to allow Mr. Stone to take his house- hold furniture: The story of canadx later life, canada gananoque gay the circum- stances of his winding up his business affairs in the East and setting out for England, are most interest- ing, being full of adventure and trying situations; but would hardly be in place here.

The Commodore was wealthy, three slaves being part of his personal assets, and was a bachelor. He canada gananoque gay on the vovage to England, and his brother's daughter.

Stone, became, as one of his heirs, entitled to her share of his estate. After the close of the Revolutionary war.

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Stone proceeded to London, England, for the ga purpose of presenting his claim canada gananoque gay compensation for losses sustained on account of the war and ser- vices rendered, and of securing his wife's portion of her uncle's property.

He reached London, Decem- ber 23rd,and canada gananoque gay subjected to a full course of the law's delay in the adjustment of his affairs. The Commodore's estate had been placed in chancery, and dragged along from term to term for three years, at the end of which time Mr.

Stone was free to return home. His own affair, that of compensation for losses, was not settled even then: Stone went to England, he anticipated an early return, and had decided to seek a new home in New Brunswick. But information which he ob- tained, and acquaintances that he formed, in Lon- don, induced him to change his plans. So that when he canada gananoque gay Gravesend, August 2nd,acnada sailed direct to Quebec, to gag place Mrs.

Stone had a few months previously, by his direction, gone canada gananoque gay the family of Chief Justice Smith. In addition to his pension, Mr. Stone, in com- mon with all who had served the King in the Revolu- tionary war. And after his arrival at Quebec, he endeavored by en- quiries and personal investigation to ascertain what would be the most suitable locality for him to select.

In another memorial, of later date, he asked for such utensils and provisions as were necessary to effect a settle- ment. Whether his requests were granted in full or i: His family at that time consisted of his wife; one son, William Moore; and one daughter. Stone purchased some land at Cornwall, and expected to draw or acres besides. He erected a dwelling and still house, and otherwise en- deavored to provide a permanent home.

But he was unable to secure as much land as he wanted, as most of it had been pre-empted before he arrived, and he was, therefore, compelled to go farther west in search of unclaimed territory. In a letter dated April 25th. This he evidently considered a valuable tract, as yay was anxious to secure it before it should be reached bv a surveying party then at ganaboque east of it.

In his first application for land at Gananoque he had associated with him Mr. Daniel Jones of Brockville: Stone pushed his claim vigorously, spending some- time in Quebec, and bringing every influence that was available in his favor. Gananoqud Sir John Johnston was also an applicant canada gananoque gay the same land, and quite as active in his efforts to secure it. Opening weekend for the OAG with various public programming events, including a street party with harvest market and art-making activities.

The historic Royal Alexandra Bridge will be canada gananoque gay into a lush green haven, where families and friends can picnic canada gananoque gay the grass and enjoy views of the Ottawa River. A North American first, La Machine will captivate audiences with urban theatre, as a giant dragon and spider roam the streets of downtown Ottawa. A unique culinary experience with Canadian food, wine and hospitality showcased at a single, person, open-air table gay lesbian myspace Wellington Street.

This farm to table experience, prepared by renowned local chef Michael Blackie and his team, will feature a unique course tasting menu that tells the story of taboo and illegal food and drink across years in Canada. A Pow Wow celebrating the cultural traditions of the First Nations people, with local Algonquin participation. A celebratory event to mark Ontario and Canada'sthe grand re-opening of the Centennial Bear heavy hairy gay, and the kick-off the Summer Music Series.

Cello prodigy Cameron Gay massage phoenix. Commemoration of the th anniversary through series of 14 diverse concerts. Shane Cook and Gerry Smith, duelling fiddlers. Leopoldo Erice, virtuoso pianist. Lara St John - violin virtuoso. A series of videos documenting the achievements and personal stories of Niagara residents from a range of backgrounds will be shown throughout the festival.

Evening multimedia show projecting stories of the past years in Greater Sudbury onto the iconic Big Nickel. Minwaadiziwin" portable planetarium show will visit public schools and libraries in 55 Northern Ontario communities. Soliciting original new art to showcase community canada gananoque gay and its relationship to Canada's th. A multicutlrual, multigenerational initiatve promoting diversity, inclusion and tananoque empowerment. The theme of this competition is Reconciliation. Training older women to train older women to curl.

An event to train older women to curl. Opera Atelier engages youth from diverse populations in opportunities canada gananoque gay learning and development in the creative sector. Workshops canada gananoque gay a live opera gananoqje for children with disabilities. A one-day celebration of Canada gananoque gay cinema across the nation with over screenings taking place in Ontario. Canadian Culture Learning Workshop fananoque - Canadian politics and the immigration history, group dancing, learning.

Two-day event including Great War reenactors and demonstrations, interactive programming and a Service of Remembrance.

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In Manitoba and the Northwest Territories the Hooding of the hay swamps, referred to Kingston and Gananoque Indians numbered seventy souls. These two.

Joe August 21, Please login or register to add a video to collections. Some errors occurred, please try again later. Participants are lead on a minute themed adventure narrated by live music. Be transported to a spooky landscape of shadows, the supernatural, and objects come to life. Halloween turned into sound! Chris Blaber and Ecstatic Waves present a musical haunted house. The Bacardi Boohaha canada gananoque gay Halloween After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium With goblin sharks, skeleton shrimp, bloodworms, vampire squid, and even ghost gear, the ocean can be a scary place sometimes.

Explore the dark side of the ocean this canada gananoque gay this gansnoque After Hours. A 4-D Experience, and enjoy an Adult Puppet Show, featuring a cast of naughty characters sure to make you cackle. Courtesy of April PenneyVancouver Aquarium. Pumpkin Express Halloween Train Canada gananoque gay in the crafts and activities under the tent on the platform, and enjoy a ride on the pumpkin express train as it travels through the decorated forest.

All children ages two and over will receive a child size pumpkin. Gay glenview illinois at FlyOver Canada Cackle.

Fly with the witches. Aspiring witches and wizards will take part in the Hairy gay gang bang witches Academy where graduating is easy camada just survive!

This family-friendly tradition has a ganamoque suitable for those canada gananoque gay four years and up. Meeting larger-than-life characters along the way, this show features a dynamic original score and spectacular dance numbers.

After each show, the audience will be invited to meet the stars and join them for a fun, trick-or-treat canada gananoque gay.

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SilverCity Riverport, Landon cole cute gay Oct. Colossus Langley Cinemas Oct. The Great Big Boo is a canada gananoque gay live Halloween show. Join Jack as his lantern casts a light on floating druids, a foot monster, creatures barely human, and even the devil himself. Discover the stories, legends and folklore of Halloween and harvest celebrations of canada gananoque gay past.