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Would you believe that I was entrapped super chubs gay porn Central Park xentral I turned a strangler in? The young jerk was a graduate of the Sliway School of Law Enforcement and didn't know he was arresting the police department's park mole. I had him taken off the force. I just got a copy of my conviction record from Albany-long story-and have included it in my soon to be published manuscript.

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Pearly, would you believe it, I've been arrested too? I was standing for elected office on nude rights.

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My arresting officer was also young and I don't think he liked the idea of an openly-gay man coming towards him in a teeny-weeny black number! Report abuse April 26,6: That's written about in my hot gays wrestling also.

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And there's two Ramblle and no A in Perley. Report abuse April 26,8: Yes, Perley, our spelling errors got us into trouble before.

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Report abuse April 26,9: Perley, just to clarify, the strangler was a policeman? Thank goodness you had him taken off the force! Max, it has everything to do with central park ramble gay "arrests". It may be argued the arrests occurred as a result of homosexuality being viewed as an abomination.

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Now, my history in touch gay magazines me we were first viewed as abominable in the bible, the jewish bible at that, and here we have sections of the jewish community continuing to call us that while they're abusing children. Aren't they the real abomination? Report abuse April 27, No, the strangler was a rramble patient from a nearby well known hospital.