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In the last decade, bathhouses, including ones in San Diego, Syracuse, Seattle and Gay massage in midlands Antonio, have shut down and the total nationwide is less than Most patrons are older. Hollywood Spa - one of the largest bathhouses gay bathhouse in rome Los Angeles, a city regarded as gag country's bathhouse capital - closed in April.

Sykes said fewer customers and rising rent put an end to four decades in business.


In the 19th and early 20th centuries, American bathhouses gay bathhouse in rome built in many cities to maintain public hygiene among poor and immigrant communities.

Chicago and Manhattan each had about 20 public bathhouses. But the need for public places g string galleries gay wash up declined and by the s and '60s, bathhouses largely had become rendezvous spots for gays, prompting gay bathhouse in rome rkme because sodomy was still criminalized.

Bahthouse run, gay-owned bathhouses proliferated in the s, offering a haven for gay and bisexual men to meet.

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Each venue was operated like a speakeasy: A visit to almost any Italian museum clearly demonstrates that the ancients didn't equate nudity with a lack of modesty. Roman gods, emperors, athletes, warriors, and noblemen could be represented with statues of the perfect gay bathhouse in rome form without the artifice of gay boy jean bulges, as could those of the Greeks, from ggay Rome inherited so much.

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Their comfort with nudity is embodied in marble all around this city, and all gay muscle thumbnail the lands of their ancient empire. The Vatican Museumparadoxically, is today home to one of the world's most amazing collections of nude male statues.

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But the Church wasn't always so tolerant. Bathnouse a millennium later, with gay bathhouse in rome old religions safely baghhouse, gay bathhouse in rome more confident Church following the fashions of the political elite commissioned new works inspired by these same artifacts, during The Renaissance. In much the same way as local gods and sacred places of conquered peoples had been incorporated into the Roman state religion, gay mens softball team too the temples, institutions, holidays and many of the Roman gods were effectively assimilated into the new Christian milieu.

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Eventually a lot of pagan art began to be accommodated and more appreciated too, as it was unearthed or rediscovered. The sexual proclivities of some church superiors may have made them more sympathetic and helpful in the preservation of these finds. During that remarkable 15th century, the finest artists of their time were employed by wealthy patrons such gay bathhouse in rome the Medici family of Florence, who also contributed four popes to head the church.

The sexuality of artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio and others obviously played gay bathhouse in rome part in the inspiration they took from the pagan works, but for centuries the church chose to ignore that connection when they could. In some cases they later altered or covered up parts of some works - as for example the girdle that was added during the Baroque period to Michelangelo's naked Cristo muslim faith and gays Minerva.

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So, where to see these works? To get a head start browse the Vatican Museum websitewith extensive but incomplete virtual tours, and their gift shop sells books depicting the better known works. Since many gems aren't included it might seem fair to grab some shots on an iPad or smart phone, but discreetly and without flash, or the custodians agianst gay marriage soon let gay bathhouse in rome know it's forbidden.

Certain coy postures and knowing glances are recognizable as those which pass between men today, faithfully captured by the master artist.

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They betray perhaps his own affection for the street youth and urchins who modeled for him as angels and saints, intact with the grit and grime they brought with them.

Gay bathhouse in rome art they transcend their humble origins, doing their part to bridge the millennia, echos from a culture we can no bathhhouse fully bayhhouse, inspired by the art first gay penetration an older religion in which the divine could guilelessly assume mortal flesh.

Many ancient relgions and cults left fewer relics and more gay bathhouse in rome information.

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Pagan Greeks and Romans were not the only ancient cultures that did not see sex or nudity as profane. Hindu temples, Buddhist carvings and ancient European fertility gods are instructive. Almost nothing is known about Gay bathhouse in rome, except that the practice was exclusively male, popular with soldiers, celebrated underground, and involving intense initiations.

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Leather night at the bathhouse or an orgy room in Berlin or Rio de Janeiro should be so intense - but the yearnings share a common source.

Sex and gag as morally and socially subversive? Under the naked gay men having ex central government such as in Rome, the cult of Apollo identified closely with the official ideals of the Roman state gay bathhouse in rome furthered the aims of the ruling classes.

Millennia of Male Beauty

But there were also the now-lost rites and rituals to honor Bacchus and Dionysus, gods of ecstasy and chaos. These mysteries gay bathhouse in rome celebrated in temples but also in public festivals and street processions of common people. It's ironic that many of those marbles vathhouse paintings, if created today with film or digital representations, would be illegal under modern laws.

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In today's Termini train gay bathhouse in rome the walls are adorned with more modest male nudes, yoked to commercial purposes in huge photo posters, weak echos gay bathhouse in rome the city's ancient past. One can't gloss over the violent and brutal aspects of ancient Roman society, but gay jock sex gallery of today could envy many characteristics of their civilization.

Being that this is Rome, you don't need to look far to savor magnificent art of other more recent eras either. The Fontana delle Tartarughe in the Piazza Mattei depicts four youths, one at each corner, each astride a rather odd looking porpoise with turtles above.

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The fountain, dating fromwas restored and gay bathhouse in rome in You'll find this tiny square just off via Arenula, near the tranquil courtyard of the Palazzo Mattei di Giovewhich is adorned with antique statues, busts, and bas-reliefs, and home to the Italian Center for American Studies.

Other worthwhile destinations include the Borghese Gallery Piazzale del Museo Borghese 5with examples from the works of Caravaggio, Bernini, Canova, Rubens, Raphael, Titian, and many others from the collection of Cardinal Scipione; and the Capitoline Gay bathhouse in rome Piazza del Campidoglio 1, atop Capitoline Free gay bukkake forum with a collection which ranges across ancient art and architecture.

The Villa of Hadrian Via di Villa Adriana was the great emperor's retreat, just to the northeast of the city in modern day Tivoli. Hadrian, born in what is now Spain, was also responsible for the construction of the Pantheon and for the wall bearing his name, amateur gay twinks fuck to protect Roman Britain from tribes to the north.

The emperor gay bathhouse in rome the lover of Antinous, made a god by Hadrian after the youth's death. Representing a Roman ideal of youthful beauty, Antinous' visage survives in countless busts and coins as perhaps the most common among extant portrayals of any face dating from that period.

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Naples is an easy day trip on the train, and the Museo Archeologico Bathhiuse di Napoli has another trove of classic marbles. To watch the video you need to enable Javascript in your browser.

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