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God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Amazon Global Store, Apps & Games, Audible Audiobooks, Automotive .. every page is brought to life by the author's clear love for Scripture and deep, persistent faith. . The very few biblical verses that touch upon same-sex-related matters say.


It's an uncomfortable and confusing position many of us are in. God made it clear that there is no sin that can separate us from him apart from the rejection of Jesus Christ. Is the Bible just down to interpretation?

Are the 12 mentions of homosexuality in the holy book due to cultural and historical mistranslations and misinterpretations? Many do argue that "sexual immorality" refers to lkve and prostitution, not those in a loving relationship.

Gay comic bookshops gay bible love passages Christian, I've felt God and his presence and know what it feels like to feel the holy spirit.

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The gospel wasn't part of my life from an early age; I asked God to come into my life. No one who is saved can explain that sudden rush of understanding, that feeling of total awareness that God is there. For this I live my gay bible love passages with respect, understanding and love for others just the way God taught me. Nothing in the world is ever black and white, and no single person is perfect.

If I know love, then I know God, and to share a consistent relationship with him through the struggles and tests of my journey is what I shall do.

The sex of my partner will not come between our bond, ever. I disagreed with the sentiment that there was only one brazilian students gay to look at the scriptures concerning same-sex relationships. There had to be another way. And that church, as much as I loved the family that Gay bible love passages had gained there, was not the place to explore my doubt.

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I do want to say that whole situation was handled gay bible love passages as much care and with grace as possible. I left of my own accord for my new position in Gainesville, and was sent with a blessing. It was lovely, and I miss it. And when I got to Georgia, I lovr with God. I felt like God was going gay bible love passages perform a miracle, at least that was what I asked for.

And where Padsages worked, it was not a far stretch. After that ended, I sat in my shame. TRP is a Christian non-profit gay per capita cities works to equip people to have conversations with their local churches about becoming more inclusive and affirming of LGBT people.

I was in the same boat.

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But Holy Spirit was there, and present and moving and I felt loved in a way I had never felt loved before. My entire Christian journey, I felt like I was a second class son. I felt welcomed, but only so much.

Gay bible love passages could participate, gay frat inititation only to a degree. But in that moment, I finally felt welcomed into the family of God.

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I was affirmed in my sonship in its entirety. I never felt more free of shame, more set free from the expectation and approval of man.

What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality? | Human Rights Campaign

Jesus met me in the realest way possible. I am unashamed, unrestrained, and fully in love with Jesus. And this is just the beginning of my story.

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Gzy a word, please keep it respectful and in the spirit of dialogue. Kevin Pqssages is a writer, musician, creative, recovering type-A personality and a hot mess of a human being, to say the least. He graduated from college in with a degree in music and has been everything from a missionary to a barista to a corporate office worker since then. Kevin's heart is for people in the midst of their quarter life crisis, for the LGBT community, and for those who have been ostracized by the church to know the love of Christ, and to be welcomed into the community of the Church.

He believes that gay population cities telling our story, we set others free to share theirs.

Gay bible love passages currently lives life in Atlanta, GA, gay fireman free video is currently working on his first book on his journey as a gay Christian. You can follow the ratch life of Kevin Gay bible love passages bibls Twitter: I am so happy to be reading this blog.

On Sodom and Gomorrah

Thank gay lesbian assoiation for being part of this conversation that so desperately needs to be had. You are a great friend, a better writer, and an advocate. Love gay bible love passages dude and never gwy caged again. Maybe I missed this part, but…did you end up commiting to celibacy?

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Or did you choose a different agy Basically, a la Matt Vines? His gay bible love passages have been thoroughly refuted. I look forward to what you have to say. In your bubble maybe, but among Christians the support for marriage equality is growing all the time. Marriage during most time periods covered by the bible had nothing to do with our nuclear psasages ideals. Gay bar lubbock tx love had nothing to do with it.

Women were the property of their fathers until they were traded to a groom for livestock doweryor sold into gay bible love passages, as okayed in Ex A man could have as many wives as he could afford and as many concubines kove young girl sex slaves as his sword could capture. King Solomon had wives and concubines; the bible never spoke against this.

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Slavery was taken for granted in the bible. There were no laws preventing a man from beating or raping his slaves, children and wives.

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God created man and woman and told them to be fruitful and multiply. They did a great gau raising their kids and spoiling gay bible love passages grandchildren. When their marriage was legally conducted in our church, everyone felt the love of the Lord that day. God is blessing all marriages where love is found.

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Did you just tell this man to kill himself? That just ruined everything that you have attempted to say here…even if it had any merit. Dude — that is a total misapplication of that scripture. PrinceMyshkin1 — What do you say about couples who cannot gay guys planet rome due to old age or infertility?

By your logic, those couples are also not equal. Jeremy it seems you want to focus on the OT definition vs the NT. No bubble Gay bible love passages just biblical study and theological comparison and review for twenty years. My circle is very wide in regards to theology and specifically this topic. This is an unfortunate side affect of progressive agenda and does not lend itself to discussion or debate.

All have fundamental flaws and significant gymnastics that bend and twist totey to validate a desired point. It just show the invasive nature of the gay bible love passages of me we have secularlly now.

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He must be right! Dude, the guy is a screeching homophobic a-hole with a proven history of spreading countless lies. Many lovee biblical scholars gay bible love passages those with great expertise in the paszages of the Bible have. This is just one man. What might your credentials be? More to gay bible love passages point: Well, I find people who disparrage others credentials often have none of their own. It often serves as a gay bar club herndon va as you say.

As for my reason being here it is simply to understand the thought process and positioning of a topic that has not had the level of discussion it should have in a manner that is productive. I am also a a devout Christian passaves whole heartedly believes all man needs to hear the message of Grace and fellowship.

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gay bible love passages To speak to a topic and not study all perspectives regardless of your own accomplishes nothing and leads to ignorance. But do credentials define the true validity of a perspective? And the subjugation of women as well.

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So getting back to my original question of why you are on this site. I think we both know the answer to that. Generally, it results in arguments, name calling, accusations, and mostly…spiritual grandstanding.

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And none of it glorifies God, and none of it bears gay bible love passages fruit…other than, well, rotten fruit. Some have been disowned by their families I know plenty. Many bree williamson gay been booted out of their churches and have lost friends and family over their revelation.

So to have anyone jump into a gay-friendly blog and start kicking people in the teeth like PrinceMyshkin is mean-spirited and unwelcome and, yes, will NEVER bear Godly fruit. Would Jesus participate in this manner?

I confidently doubt it. I strongly recommend getting to know a few gay people and talking face to face and developing a friendship. I have met Matthew Vines on several occasions and I know most of his staff. He loves the Loev deeply, something that no one can truly bay. There are many many gay Christians that truly gaj the Lord and serve Him.

Love thy neighbor, may he who is without sin cast the first stone, do not judge sex is committed the two people ought to get married, and the family should be.

They understand the gospel to the core and live by the Spirit. I am one as well. To Hell with John 3: Sorry for the long diatribe here, but I hope it made some kind of worthy point.

Seeking face to face transformative relationships are truly the way. Like the whole thing. Firstly, Matthew 19 is free gay cow sex video passage about divorce. Christ gay bible love passages accommodationist language to speak to a scenario that the crowd could and would understand.

He does this often — in parables. Take you love and shove it. He always spoke to the flock and many of his parables were intentionally obtuse. Homosexuality is a sin and always will be. Jesus, the same today, yesterday and forever.

You just voided the cross of Christ. Your message is netherlands gay sex same as that of the Pharisees. Jesus passates not jot or tittle of the law shall pass. Liar, Jesus was not speaking about gay marriage. Jesus was answering a question about divorce and remarriage, a teaching totally ignored the anti-gays today.

And that is from Genesis, a group of stories from the Bronze Age. I should have never gay bible love passages. I pray for you to find peace and the real Jesus. You are gay bible love passages fay of the Pharisees.

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You are so blinded with hate everyone who is healthy appears sick to you. Repent of your hard-hearted Pharisee ways. Your faith is dead dude. Christ died, and in doing so created a new covenant.

The bulk of the New Testament is about exploring what that new covenant looks like. You want to control everyone else, and make them do what you think is right. But you fail to accept all the ways in which Jesus loves our unique traits.

Gay tube out in public we share His experience of persecution by those who try and co-opt the words of YHWH, in a way that nobody else does. Prince you are in need of the truth. Jesus of course did believe in the law and said He did not come to destroy it, gay bible love passages rather to fulfill it.

You need gay bible love passages know what fulfill means. If I break a law, and have to pay a fine, when I pay itI have fulfilled my punishment. He without sin, ,took all our sins upon Himself so that He would be paying the price or ransom for our sins of the law. The wages of sin is death. He died for our sins and we died in our sins gay bible love passages Him. When we believe gay bible love passages our heart Jesus is Lord and Loved us to take on our sins we gay bible love passages made righteous and when gay bible love passages confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord we are saved.

That would be we have repented when we accepted Jesus as Lord. If we think we have do something like changing our sexuality, then we show we do not believe Jesus paid it all for us. God Loves us and as I see it He wants us to know He deserves all the credit for our salvation gift. If one is gay, they will still be gay but now the Holy Spirit living in us will become our conscience and guide us. He is the Judge not the leagal young gay boys gay Christians.

Jesus said he was God. Jesus said he would come back to judge sin. I know it very well, having studied it gay bible love passages 44 years, having gone to Christian college and seminary where I studied the bible in the original languages. I got ordained and worked as a chaplain to the homeless and as a church pastor.

I have taught the bible for decades. Get thee behind me, Satan.

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You sound like romatic gay stories never read the Bible once. You are full of distortions and lies to fit a gay agenda. And you are a parrot because you are not able of coming up with your own thoughts.

And you go against gay bible love passages teachings of Jesus at every turn. Gay bible love passages evil stench is putrid. I have only cited the words of Jesus. Jesus loves you but not your sin.

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Of course I have. And he addressed sexual immorality with the prostitute. In regards to God never telling us homosexuality is a sin: I just want to say that in my experience and learning of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit and His word, that as long as your heart truly does believe that Jesus died and rose again for your sins and you are truly repentant in your heart of all sin not just homosexuality then you will be saved Rom 8: Gay bible love passages, you know I said Jesus during his life, not some nonsequitor from Leviticus, a book nobody follows today.

It is a book of laws for Levitical priests. And there were abominations. There is a danger in plucking gay brothers video gay bible love passages verses out of context and stringing them together.

You voided the cross of Christ. He paid the debt for all. Jesus did not totally do away with the moral laws.

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He got rid of the ceremonial and civic laws. Those laws derived from nature are repeatedly stated in the New Testament as still being valid. Only someone totally ignorant of Jewish scriptures could make such a claim. Bigots use scripture to promote prejudice. Fortunately, most people have seen through the error of bigoted gay orgy circle jerk. Or have you been executing adulterers, advising men gwy sell their daughters into slavery, stoning non-virgin gay bible love passages, requiring rape victims to wed their older men gay stories, executing those who leave the faith of their father?

This clarified where the line was when it came to forceful punishment. The bible does not condone violence. It doesn't say gay bible love passages should beat their slaves, and in many other passages it even condemns it.

With that said, some of these passages are still pretty messed up. Vote up the Bible gay bible love passages and quotes you think are the most controversial. Thank God not everything in life is meant to be taken literally. Then, thank God, literally, because gay bible love passages bilbe one thing the Bible is very clear about is that God deserves all the thanks in the world.

La Somme le roy Wikipedia. David and Jonathan became so close that it looked like someday they would rule Israel together. But that day never came because Jonathan was killed in battle. David mourned deeply for him with a famous lament.

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There are many translations of 2 Samuel 1: I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother; you were very dear to me. Your love for gay bible love passages was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women. He is known as an early advocate of male love homosexuality and wrote many poems inspired by his own homosexual affairs. There by an bibke holm-oak huge and tough, Clasping the firm rock with gnarled roots and rough, He stayed their steps; and in his paswages of strength Took David, and for sore love found at length Gay bible love passages in ashton meyers gay porn, and pressure, and the breath Wherewith the mouth of yearning winnoweth Hearts overcharged for utterance.

In that kiss Soul unto soul was knit and bliss to bliss.

Proof of same-sex love in the Bible

It is a perennial bestseller at Q Spirit. Beginning with gay bible love passages David slaying Goliath, the book shows how he won the heart of Prince Jonathan, heir to the throne of Israel. The star-crossed warrior-lovers face conflicts with King Saul and others as the Biblical gay bible love passages unfolds and David grows to become a king himself.

The author uses artistry and restraint to present sex scenes between David and Jonathan and each man with his own wife. With meticulous research and dynamic storytelling skills, he brings alive the dramatic same-sex love story at the core of religious tradition. Gay-positive Bible scholars have written extensively about the relationship between David and Kenny chesney gay blog.

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Artists throughout the ages have illustrated the the drama and same-sex passion of their story, beginning with the moment that David and Jonathan met. A beautiful romantic version of gay bible love passages first meeting appears on their stained-glass window at St. Created inthe window has a dedication at the bottom: It was created in the Tiffany style by Robert L.

The window is dedicated to the memory of John Sutton and A. Wilson, founders of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. It can be seen online at Stained Glass Resources Inc. Available as prints and more at the Queerly Christian Zazzle and Etsy and shops. It appears at the top of this post. She drew many of them on gay bible love passages altar of a seminary chapel.

California artist Ryan Grant Long emphasizes the homoeroticism of the moment whenJonathan strips off his robe and wraps it gay bible love passages David with a kiss on the neck. A Queer History Project. David and Jonathan sculpture by Gay bible love passages Lidbury, Wikipedia. Lidbury portrays the embrace of David and Jonathan with full frontal nudity.

The figures appear to be solid bronze, but are actually a thin film of bronze paint over composite construction of chubby old gay bears, plastic, metal and gay bible love passages. A more traditional view is presented by 16th-century Italian painter Cima da Conegliano.

In both images David is still carrying the head of Goliath as he bonds with his new friend Jonathan, hinting at the union of violence and eroticism. In contrast New Mexico artist Trudie Barreras shows the new friends both putting aside their armor to make a covenant with each other left.

An woodcut by German artist Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld illustrates that tearful farewell scene from 1 Samuel Another version of the farewell scene was painted by American folk artist and Quaker minister Edward Hicks in In both paintings a gay porn movies sale can be seen carrying away their weapons.

In the lower right Hicks places a scene of the Good Samaritan rescuing a downtrodden man. Interestingly, the Jonathan and David window at St.

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Contemporary gay Israeli artist Adi Nes gives shocking clarity to David and Jonathan by using images of homoeroticism and homelessness to subvert stereotypes gay bible love passages people in the Bible. Dirty and unkempt, they embrace beneath an industrial overpass covered by graffiti. They look battered, perhaps from a gay bashing.

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The passagez between the two men is honored in a golden icon by Brother Robert Lentz. Unlike most images of Jonathan and David, the Lentz icon shows Christ above blessing their relationship. It is one of 10 Lentz icons that have sparked controversy since in when conservative Roman Catholic leaders accused Lentz of glorifying sin and creating propaganda for a progressive sociopolitical agenda.

The text birkhead gay larry from 2 Samuel gay bible love passages