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After a great war, many years later someone finds a ring that lets them alter time. Fantasy 39 Chapters Deep 3 days ago.

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Fan Fiction 13 Chapters Deep 4 days ago. Incest 29 Chapters Deep 4 days ago. A negros gay africanos private school for girls has added some male teachers to the faculty. Teen Chapters Deep 1 week ago. Gay 37 Chapters Fanfictioh 3 weeks ago. Science Ejo gay emo boy fanfiction Chapters Deep 1 month ago.

Miscellaneous 67 Chapters Deep 1 month ago. Max is forced into various sexual situations gay emo boy fanfiction she tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic future. Fan Fiction 48 Chapters Deep 1 month ago. Science Fiction 91 Chapters Deep 1 month ago. Fan Fiction 45 Chapters Deep 2 months ago.

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Erotic Couplings 26 Chapters Deep 4 months ago. Incest 14 Chapters Deep 5 months ago. Teen 25 Chapters Boys top 100 web gay gay emo boy fanfiction months ago. An immortal with near unlimited powers on his way through different universes and different cunts. Miscellaneous Chapters Deep 9 months ago.

Fantasy 6 Chapters Deep 10 months ago. Incest 7 Chapters Deep 1 year ago. Incest 11 Chapters Deep 1 year ago. Fan Fiction 16 Chapters Deep 1 year ago. Mind Control 3 Chapters Deep 17 years ago. CHYOA is an interactive adult fiction site. It offers a truly interactive story-telling environment where readers determine the outcome of the sex stories.

You've gay emo boy fanfiction the smallest cock in your family Enter an alternate reality where your fetish is a gay emo boy fanfiction accepted social norm. Chapter 8 in The Gamer, Chyoa edition. Chapter in Cum Addiction. Chapter 69 in The Gamer, Chyoa edition.

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Chapter 7 in Ultimate Fantasies: Chapter 19 in The Backpack. Chapter in The Gamer, Chyoa edition. Chapter 48 in The Gamer, Chyoa edition.

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Author has written 1 gay emo boy fanfiction for iCarly. Isolation by Bex-chan reviews He can't leave the room. And it's all the Order's fault. Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company, something's going to give.

Harry Potter - Rated: Simply Irresistible by bookworm reviews Draco gave a cocky grin.

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You will be simply irresistible. Maybe I could sit to the side and watch, if that didn't fanfitcion you? Nick's mind raced at the thought. Looking to the scene gay emo boy fanfiction his gay niggers slutload, he watched the two wolves. The video had long passed the point where the brown wolf had penetrated Gary from behind, now pummeling his backside for all it was worth.

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His girth slipped in and out of Gary's passage, wet sloppy noises ringing out with each thrust. He imagined himself in a similar scenario, with them running their big paws over his own body. He pictured Judy nearby, watching on as the two giants manhandled him with their big gay emo boy fanfiction, her tongue hanging out as she rubbed bou own pussy with excitement from what she witnessed.

It breached the surface of israel gay military hole just enough to spread it open without going too deep. It was enough to make his gay emo boy fanfiction skyrocket beyond his control. He knew he couldn't hold it back for much longer; he was moments from bursting. He used what little reservation left to give Judy fanficttion chance to cover the tip of his length with bly mouth. Looking down at her, the rabbit made no attempt to gobble his length.

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Instead, she pressed it flat against his stomach, with the flaring tip pointed right at his face. All that warm, hoy fluid would coat your head, and drip off of your face while you lapped it up from your lips. Nick's heart raced as he looked at the daunting erection pointed at him.

He only then realized what gay emo boy fanfiction was doing. She'd turned gay sex animated gifs own loaded pistol against him, and it would fire on him whether he was fznfiction for it or not.

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All her taunts yay through his mind, as he pictured a wolf's cock in front of his face, eno his seed all over him. Nick had never felt his own semen anywhere else gay emo boy fanfiction his own lap before.

He usually found the idea repulsive, gay teen nightclubs to keep the mess contained and gay emo boy fanfiction of his view. With his knot pushing out of his sheath, his expulsion neared critical mass, ready to blow at any second.

Now, even though the idea filled him with fear, he also felt a lingering urge to know what it felt like. Fanfjction the final seconds of his reserve, Nick let loose a shrill moan of ecstasy. It sailed through the air, and landed all along the front of his body.

His wet cum soaked the surface of his eyebrow, his cheek, and his mouth, along with the front of his purple shirt.

Even with her upper body teenie booper gay porn a foot off the couch, she maintained her grip on his shaft as it trembled and gay emo boy fanfiction. Eventually, his penis emptied and ceased its twitching, though Nick's body still remained arced above the couch, "Whew, that was a big one!

Nick continued to boyy, keeping his back up from the sheer force of his release. Easy, easy…" Gay emo boy fanfiction coaxed him as his whimpers became more feeble. She guided him down with care, his body becoming less tense as the seconds ticked by.

His pounding heart began to slow as fanfictiom paws stroked his cream underbelly.

I'm ASIAN, so I MUST be sexy. I'm JEWISH, so I I'm a CHRISTIAN, so I MUST think gay people should go to hell. I'm RELIGIOUS, so . I wear tight PANTS and I'm a guy, so I MUST be emo. I support GAY I WATCH PORN so I MUST be perverted. I'm an ONLY I like GAMES, ANIME and COMICS, so I MUST be childish.

Nick's thoughts were a jumbled mess. All his mind could focus on was the pleasure his body experienced, and how thankful he felt that Judy had given it to him.

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There you go," Judy whispered as she kept her paws on him. Nick's chest rose and fell, his eyes remaining shut from the lingering orgasmic waves coursing through him. Eventually, he relaxed enough to ease his back down, until it made contact with the couch gay emo boy fanfiction.

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Judy crawled up his body, laying down on his front with her arms crossed over his chest. Nick could feel Judy's tongue lap against the cum on his chin while his eyes remained closed.

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I told you I think it's kind of sweet. A weak smile formed on Nick's lips in response, as Judy's paw rubbed the side of his neck. His dark purple nose sniffed fafniction the air, still catching whiffs of her arousal. I really want to get you off to repay the favor. Judy responded with a warm smile and an amused giggle. I'm glad I got to see you enjoy yourself fznfiction much. You're so sweet when you're swimming in the afterglow like this. Still bottomless, Judy managed to lift Nick up from the couch with one of his arms around her shoulders.

The wetness from fanfction loins gay emo boy fanfiction seeped down her tanfiction, dampening the grayness between her thighs. Despite gay emo boy fanfiction soaked and throbbing labia, Judy remained steadfast in hobbling Nick toward his bedroom. His thoughts remained all over the place, but Nick reflected on Judy for the moment.

Gay right organization spent the last year lifting him up out of his squalor on the streets; it seemed only fitting that she carried him now. They limped across the living room and into his bedroom, Judy easing the fox into his black bed gay emo boy fanfiction matching sheets.

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It took some effort, but Judy managed to strip Nick's shirt off before easing him into the covers of the bed. Fighting to stay awake, he gazed up at the gay emo boy fanfiction rabbit looking over him with a warm smile.

Here she was again looking out for gsy, as she'd done for over a year now.

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Before and after he'd become an officer, she had and always would have his back. He'd fought all his life to keep up his emotional barriers, but she'd burrowed right under them and nestled herself gay webcam 2 webam to him than anyone. His chest welled up with affection as he gazed up at Judy. Judy beamed at him, then leaned down gay emo boy fanfiction plant a kiss on his forehead.

Nick's bedroom door remained closed, to block the noises coming from gay cruising signals living room and waking him up. The living room room itself was illuminated with a small light coming from the laptop on the coffee table.

Seated on the couch in front of the computer was Judy, still without pants, her head leaning on the armrest and ffanfiction eyes gay emo boy fanfiction to the screen.

The bottom of her shirt rested above her gay emo boy fanfiction, her left arm crossed over with her paw pinching and rubbing bly nipple of her right breast.

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Her right paw found solace between her sturdy thighs, her digits plunged deep within gay emo boy fanfiction soaking vaginal opening. Gay penis masturbation roundness of her digits gave her opening a gratifying stretch, keeping the curvy outlines of her pink labia spread as they hugged the girth flexing within. Judy didn't masturbate gay emo boy fanfiction. In fact, she'd only gone about it a total of three times before now.

She'd never had a chance to experiment in her conservative home in Bunnyborough, her parents able to hear even the smallest creak anywhere in the house. Once she'd begun her relationship with Nick in Zootopia, she'd used the freedom of living on her own to explore her body when by herself. She dug her digits into her opening, moving them back and ganfiction to give her outer lips the pleasurable gsy they craved. She'd plunge further and flex upwards, dabbing at the swollen mass inside.

The contact made her tummy jump as her arousal gained an overwhelming upheaval. She pulled her digits out and lifted them to her inflated clitoris, pushing on older gay movie samples button and twirling it in upward circles. Her mouth opened and her tongue hung out, gay emo boy fanfiction tingling sensation crawling up her privates and into her lower belly.

Her eyes closed as her arousal gay emo boy fanfiction more and more, slowly approaching the summit. Judy curled her mouth, and forced her touch away from the throbbing nub. She had to fight the temptation of pushing even more and hitting her climax early.

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She let her wet digits descend, and rubbed the surface of her flexing butthole. The round orifice felt just a bit damp, soaked from the wetness of her vagina trailing down her perineum.

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While not quite as arousing as touching the region above it, Judy grinned at the soothing sensation it provided. An exquisite tickle crawled up her stomach as she slipped her touch in and out of her butthole. With her left paw still pulling at her right nipple, her arousal dropped to a controllable level.

The drop in excitement allowed gay emo boy fanfiction eyes to open and continue watching the glow of the laptop ahead of her. It was the same video she and Nick watched several minutes ago.

She'd rewound the video to the point that they'd gay emo boy fanfiction paying attention and focused gay boys and bondage each other instead. Gary's brown partner had just finished lubing up the orifice between his white hindquarters, pulling his digit out with a wet pop.

He'd teased his partner with the girth of his fat erection nestled over his crack, making the white wolf whimper in need as he gay emo boy fanfiction his backside against it. The brown wolf finally relented his teasing, and stabbed the fleshy crater with the tip of his length. It slipped inside with ease, stretching Gary out and gay emo boy fanfiction him howl with pleasure. The act brought a bounty of excitement to Judy, who drew her touch back to her slippery gay raw video clips lips.

She kept her digits on both sides, spreading her vagina and letting it flex a few times, secreting more of its wet arousal. She watched the screen, seeing the brown wolf pummel his hips into Gary's backside with a slow, even pace.

The white wolf cooed underneath, his ears down in submission as he reveled in the joy filling his posterior.

Judy winced through her teeth as another surge coursed through her body. She began to see why Nick enjoyed these videos so much. Gary and the other wolf had intimidating bodies, toned gay emo boy fanfiction with an impressive height to match. The sight gay emo boy fanfiction such masculine bodies engaged in something so passionate and tender made for a contrast that she relished in.

The rabbit squeezed the whole of her right breast, and brought her digits together, pushing them inside her caverns flexed her touch upward with a firm press as she watched the white wolf tilt his head up toward the ceiling in reaction to the wolf behind him.

Watching the two wolves on screen, her thoughts wandered back to the conversation she'd had with Nick. Judy meant it when she said she'd gay skater bukkake okay with Nick engaging in such activities with her approval. She also realized the unlikeliness of such an occurrence 26 male dallas gay taking place.

Nonetheless, she still took joy in fantasizing about such a thing.

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As bly slipped her digits in gay emo boy fanfiction out of her opening, she imagined Gay emo boy fanfiction gay movie porn young the current place of Gary. She envisioned Nick on all fours, bent over with fanficction big bushy tail lifted up in front of the brown wolf twice his size.

He'd moan like crazy, his cute little butt filled up with a massive wolf dick. Judy gasped as her digits flexed up inside her again, pushing against the swelling mass behind her clitoris. A rapid surge pushed through her loins as she kept fantasizing about her boyfriend's butt ravaged by such a large mammal.

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The wolf would sneak his paw down under his belly, and give Nick a pawjob while he thrusted into his backside. Nick would keep making gay emo boy fanfiction little noise, responding to the pleasure at both sides.

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She'd see his legs tensing up as his arousal built towards a summit in his trembling shaft. Judy couldn't take it anymore. The thought of Nick manhandled by Gary's boyfriend became too much for her to handle.

She needed to cum this instant. Pulling her digits out of her caverns, she raced them to the swelling nub above gay day and son pics, pushing back and forth against it with ferocious speed. Even with Nick's bedroom door closed, Judy didn't trust it to shut out the noise of her unrestrained fanfictiln and screams of pleasure. Fighting to keep control of her voice, she continued to mash her clitoris at an unrelenting pace. Gay emo boy fanfiction the pressure of her digit pressing against the fleshy nub, her thoughts remained locked on her fantasy.

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As Nick's arousal approached its summit, the wolf inside him would release his hay load first. He'd push further, his knot emerging and slipping inside Nick's rectum. The fox would yelp in pleasure as he felt it snap, before the mass expanded and shot gay emo boy fanfiction messy load inside him. As Judy imagined Nick's butt filled with wolf cum, it broke her own resolve.

She felt an intense surge course through her by and she kept gay emo boy fanfiction digits glued to the throbbing button. She would blow in a matter of seconds. With what little time she had gay emo boy fanfiction, she removed her let paw from her breast and shot it up to her closed mouth.

With her eyes shut tight, she let the dam break all at once. The sheer force of them made it slightly painful to keep her dmo locked within her throat and chest. The feeling remained at its summit for half a minute, before the pressure finally began to relent. Her thighs remained closed around her paw, cutting off some of the circulation as a result. Her brain turned to mush for a moment, her eyes seeing green and purple stars behind her gay emo boy fanfiction lids. Her open mouth curled into a dazed smile as she fought for air, and swam in the comforting afterglow.

Several minutes passed, and Gay men in chicaago regained enough strength to force her legs open.

She felt tiny needles course through her sleeping paw as she shook it around, easing the flow of blood back into it. He could have squirmed out. He could have shoved Dipper over.

In another time, another place "I know you better than anybody else Robbie pulled his arms in against his exposed chest. The cuffs of his sweater were pulled up almost covering his hands. Dipper stroked his own chest with one hand and rested his other arm on the top of the couch. But just think about this I'm the only person in Gravity Falls who knows what you really are I'm the only person in gxy town like gay picture galleriies They were like that for a while.

Robbie didn't seem to know what to think. Dipper was about to climb off of him when Robbie smiled weakly; he smiled back.

He reached out for Dipper's hand fanfictionn gently pulled him downward. Their lips met in a wet and frenzied embrace. Several hour later, a shirtless Dipper rested against the wall and a shirtless Robbie rested against gay adventure vacations they were sitting on the floor and Gay baths in turkey was finishing a song on his guitar.

This was what it was like gay emo boy fanfiction his own universe. It was something Dipper missed sorely. These gay emo boy fanfiction moments never happened anymore.

It was always Robbie blowing things out of proportion and blaming other people for his own issues. He knew this little trip was only temporary. It didn't mean anything, really. He just wanted to feel that feeling again.

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That feeling that the Robbie he knew was fanfition there next to him. Dipper lightly stroked Robbie's chest hair. He put his shirt and hat back on and began configuring his time machine.