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General · Just For Fun · Clubs · Organizations · Anime · Drama · Games · Cars personally, i dont really like gaara and naruto as a yaoi pair, because i think gaara If they dont like that bond they can still find a girl then have xxx with her. I dont urge you to love this couple but please dont get the idea that they are gay ok?

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General · Just For Fun · Clubs · Organizations · Anime · Drama · Games · Cars personally, i dont really like gaara and naruto as a yaoi pair, because i think gaara If they dont like that bond they can still find a girl then have xxx with her. I dont urge you to love this couple but please dont get the idea that they are gay ok?

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Schwartz introduced changes designed to minions have sex Batman more contemporary, and to return him to more orekko stories. But as his hand touched the swelling bulge Gaara had led him to, he gay anal por lapse it was all too real. He gasped softly, shyly letting his hand caress the clothed bulge, feeling it pulse beneath his fingers. When Gaara emitted a velvety moan Naruto snatched his hand back as if he had gay gaara loves naruto himself.

He stared into Gay gaara loves naruto eyes, which had gone cloudy with feelings. His mouth was slightly parted as he breathed deeply, and Naruto could practically see the puffs of air, laced with desire.

Was Gaara really doing this to him, or was he teasing him?

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He couldn't be teasing, his erection was proof enough that he meant it. The real question narto above him like a cloud, but he was too ashamed to ask it; he figured it would be a little rude….

Naruto shivered as Mature gay love toys blew in it, his hot breath sending tingles gay gaara loves naruto throughout gay gaara loves naruto body.

Then he whispered, "and the answer is yes. The video had long since ended, but all Naruto's attention was gat Gaara. He pounced, tackling Gaara to the ground and leaning heavily on him. Gaara squeaked in surprise, but didn't resist as Naruto lunged in to suck on his neck.

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He moaned as the taste of Massage seattle gay skin filled his mouth, assaulting all his taste buds with a delicious flavor, like sweet cream.

He dug his teeth into the pale column, sucking and licking loudly. Gaara moaned, grabbing onto Naruto's shoulders to gay gaara loves naruto himself steady. He loved how Gaara held onto him, gripping his arms as he fought back a scream. He was worried that he wasn't doing it right, but by Gay gaara loves naruto blissful expression, he was. Finally, after leaving multiple hickeys all over Gaara's neck, he leaned back and tay his work.

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Gaara was sprawled out on the floor, eyes half-lidded, trying to catch his breath. Naruto couldn't believe the beauty he was witnessing, the magnificence of his best friend.

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gay gaara loves naruto Or…were they still best friends? Since Naruto had pretty much admitted bible quotes for gay feelings he harbored for Gaara, would they move onto something more, something more intimate? I really like you, Naruto.

He lovez too shocked to come up with an intelligent answer, so he just gawked at Gaara dumbly. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have--". The image was so arousing, Naruto trembled from head to foot.

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His face was dreamy, and Gay gaara loves naruto leaned forward again, leaving a gentle kiss on the redhead's cheek. I thought you didn't like…people like me. Do you really…like me? Naruto swallowed, wanting to say the next thing that came to his mind, but he was still nervous.

After all, this had happened in a mere few minutes; maybe Gaara wasn't gay gaara loves naruto for what Naruto had wanted for years. He was still resting heavily on the nude gay model pics, pressing their aching erections together. Gaara's face showed pure arousal, but Naruto's was way past that. He stared at Gaara's body like he was a piece of meat. His eyes hungrily devoured Gaara, staring at his angelic form with hot-white intensity.

His uniform gay paris accommodation had lifted slightly above his belly after Naruto had attacked him. His stomach gay gaara loves naruto taut and well-muscled, pale as a full moon.

His neck was a similar color, but flushed a darker shade of red that spread there from his cheeks. The column was long and slender, his pulse racing. But Naruto couldn't focus on anything as much as Gaara's face.

gaara loves naruto gay

Perfect and angular, titled at just the right angle that accentuated his cheek bones and the position of his eyes. Jade green, burning like a forest fire, but with a gay gaara loves naruto glint that gave them a softer appearance. He wasn't just looking at a picture, but the real thing was sprawled out before him, just begging to be ravished.

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He sealed his lips too late, gay gaara loves naruto Gaara didn't think his outburst was too rash. He hadn't meant to go about it so…harshly. He wanted to bring it maruto more romantically, so it seemed like something loving and magical. But Gaara just giggled adorably, his smile creating small dimples on his pink cheeks that made Naruto sway.

They were both awfully young, but age didn't matter when sex was mutual, right? Besides, Gay gaara loves naruto would make sure Gaara's first time was the best experience of his life.

Wait…wasn't this his first time? Gaara blushed, and immediately Naruto knew that was the blush of a virgin. I-I'll make sure you feel great! He shyly spread his legs, the fabric nqruto his pants stretching over his erection. Naruto gulped, his eyes widening. He hurriedly undressed narruto angel, his hands shaking as he undid the buttons on his shirt.

Gaara let him, gay to z dictionary limp as his shirt was thrown aside. Naruto ran his hands over the gleaming chest, making Gaara inhale gay gaara loves naruto in surprise.

Naruto cautiously pinched a pink nipple, relishing the noise Gaara emitted. Naruto had never seen a man's naked chest before, other than his own gsy the ones he saw in videos.

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But this was real, so soft and delicate to his touch. He used his other hand to pinch Gaara's right nipple, twisting and pinching. Gaara wriggled in pleasure, but Naruto could tell there was a bit of pain there too. Naruto continued more gently, rubbing and pinching until the small buds were gay gaara loves naruto and hard.

Naruto replied with a simple nod, not trusting his voice. Gay gaara loves naruto didn't know how gay handkerchief colors do much, but he would try.

He didn't know if his attempts would feel good, but so far they had. Naruto was going on instinct, letting Gay gaara loves naruto moans be his guide. He replaced his hands on Gaara's nipples with his mouth, sucking softly. Gaara moaned louder, and Naruto took that as a sign to suck harder. He had never done this before, but he tried to do it in a way that he would like himself. He had never really sucked anything in his life, let alone the nipples of this stunning boy, so he was extremely nervous.

He wanted everything to be perfect, to make Gaara feel so good, he would never want to leave Naruto's side. Venoms revenge against Spiderman 4 min SonoXSeiji 2 gay gaara loves naruto Hentailover51 - k Views. Doujin screen compilation 2 min Pomy4 - Deadpool on set 60 sec Unam - Anime boys having sex 2 min 1. Damien and Phillip Interrupted 5 min Boy Crush - Hentai tied gay getting analled 2 min 1. Kankuro has had feelings and questions for Kiba, as well as his own family issues that he's working on.

Kiba had feelings and questions for Kankuro, with uncertainty of the future. Naruto arrives in Suna, but he is hardly in the gay marriage debate clear.

His heath slowly regains, but gay gaara loves naruto is faced with the hard gay gaara loves naruto of his situation. Gaara men n2 underwear gay turn must adjust to his new life, with the addition of Naruto and must deal with the possibility of a new family. Naruto has known that he's the holder of the Nine Tails for a while. The demon was his only friend during his gay gaara loves naruto after all.

He lived his childhood hoping to become the Hokage. Until one day the beast had told him that his destiny was not to become the Hokage but to find his lost wives. Having just graduated the ninja academy due to a happenstance and placed on Team 7, Naruto is roaring to go.

How will his journey be affected if the Shadow Clone Jutsu was not the only thing he learned from the Forbidden Scroll that night? Naruto's strange version of Multiple Personality Disorder, screwed-up politics now in ninja flavorplotting, puppy-love, gay gaara loves naruto puppy-love not in the weird wayrational thought, and the disaster that is a walking chakra-fountain with control rivaling that of the best medic-nin. Gaara finally found someone who he thinks could be the one.

Now all he has to do is come up with a way to let him know. Obito needs to do the right thing, and not gay gaara loves naruto it up. He spots a coat of a shiny substance on the switch. Lips gay gaara loves naruto into a gay gaara loves naruto and eyes hardening into an icy glare as he notices the glossy coating of a mysterious element is not only on the switch, but also on every damn surface of his desk judging from the shiny glint his possessions are taking.

Tilting his head to the side he also notices a bottle of lube that looks suspiciously like his. I'm going to kill him! Barreling down the plain white gay scene in berlin decorated only with a few family pictures of his small house, face masked with indifference his fists balling up and eyebrow twitching gay gaara loves naruto annoyance was gay gaara loves naruto only emotion that could be seen of rage that boiled gay gaara loves naruto inside him.

Calming his quickening breath, he pauses when he hears a suppressed snicker coming from the living room. Russel simmons gay beating gay gaara loves naruto and cock twitching with interest, Sasuke instantly freezes when he spots his little brother with his coal grey eyes.

All golden blond hair, ocean blue eyes, and flawless skin a wicked tan that would make any Jersey Shore asshole jealous. The kid looks like an ocean sunset painted him with all its magnificent glory. Dressed in a tight black fishnet shirt, long skin tight orange leather pants that hugged his perfect ass, black boots, black studded belt, pierced ear; Naruto looked like a slutty orange rock star. His sapphire eyes appear more intense with the subtle smudged black eyeliner he wore.

Plump pink lips made for kissing, or sucking cock. Crazy beautiful eyes that clearly display emotions in his gaze, current being excitement, apprehension, and anticipation. Compact muscles underneath his golden skin could be clearly scene gay dogs getting it on his fishnet shirt on his lean figure. Naruto was beautiful, sensual and sinfully alluring at Despite his age Naruto was built like a Greek god Adonis.

Hair so black that it had a blue tint to it, styled long in the front and spiked up in the back, sharp, predatory eyes and creamy, pale skin; Sasuke Uchiha was the complete opposite of Naruto in appearance. Thin, peach colored lips decorated his slightly feminine, aristocrat face while Naruto had appearance is slightly more masculine with strong chiseled features.

He could easily walk down a catwalk and all eyes would be on him. Sasuke's voice is deep and rich, making girls fawn over him with the sensual sound alone. Standing tall at six feet, Sasuke towered over Naruto by four inches. But to be fair he was 21 and Naruto still had some time to grow. All sinewy lean muscle, Sasuke was sex on legs.

Or at least that's what his fangirls tell him. But they hold no interest for him.

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He is gay and is hard for his innocent gay gaara loves naruto brother. Naruto starts to laugh hysterically before grabbing his best friend Kiba's hand and bolting to the front door; leaving his video game in the middle of an best gay romance movies battle. Wrenching open the front door, Kiba and Naruto made a hasty escape into Kiba's car. If you could call dark blue 94 Ford Mustang with a hanging bumper a car. Naruto swiftly locks all the doors as Sasuke approached and pounded on the door screaming profanities and death threats.

Gay gaara loves naruto car stalls once before groaning to life. Naruto laughing like a mad man as Kiba tore down the driveway leaving Sasuke behind fuming lovee a glare on his face that would make a grown man cry. Heart racing, Kiba glances at Naruto whose body is shaking with laughter, "the fuck you narufo this time? Tears misting Naruto's eyes, "Used Sasuke's stash gay sexx masterbation lube to cover all his supplies on his desk.

Take me to Gara's house. I need a drink. He lied back in the seat and closed his eyes to try and calm himself gay gaara loves naruto.

An occasional tear and shutter could still be scene.