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What are your views on that, if any? I denver gay male escorts been trained drawinggs by doctors, EMTs, medics and by martial artists about where and how much to squeeze. I am well aware of this risk, as is my girl, and we both as all growed up adults make this choice. What you dirty young twink gays asking about is what's called "edge play" or "risk play" and it comes down to what philosophy of safety gay sadistic drawings gay male twink toys subscribe to in the BDSM world.

There are basically two different schools of thought:. RACK means that if someone knows about the risks involved and still consents to being apart of gay sadistic drawings scene then that is up to them and no one else should stop them safistic it is illegal. So I am not opposed to edge or risk play as long as all parties involved are over 18, informed, trained and consenting.

I have no interest in videoing my scenes, nor does my current partner. I am not an exhibitionist per se so that does nothing for me. I have "shared" scenes by having others watch if gay sadistic drawings are taking place in drawungs public area or dungeon as well as put on demonstrative scenes for educational purposes. You said a few times that you have a line, that there are some things you will not do. Where exactly is that line? What gay sadistic drawings some things you would never do?

And is this merely a question free gay sissies tube principle, or are there also things gay sadistic drawings you would not derive any pleasure from doing, even if the other person was okay with them?

When it comes to BDSM there are normally a number of things that are called "hard limits" that is things that gay sadistic drawings person will never take part in regardless. Mine include a number of things that are not specific to sadism, things like beastiality, rape play, needles and the like.

I also have a list of things that I do not take part of in the realm of sadism as well, such as szdistic play anything that szdistic blood from a sub or myselfamputations, scarification, fireplay. Each hard limit that I have is there for one of three reasons. Either I have no interest in it, I am not skilled enough to preform it free gay birthday cards or I do not want to cross a line that I can not return from.

The last category, is specific to gay sadistic drawings play. I do not ever want to bring myself to a point where I need blood to be excited. I do not saeistic for sure that is what would happen if I were to draw blood from a bottom, but it is not a chance that I am willing to gay sadistic drawings.

Thanks for the quick response. I also gay sadistic drawings thought of another question: Sure, there are things that make my skin crawl. Pedophilia, draaings play, amputation. That being said I am of the mind that as long as it is legal drawinga between consenting adults, draiwngs for it. Just don't ask me to watch. That being said, I have an acquaintance that has told me of a scene where that happened. Are there any porn movie actually capturing what is going on more on your side and seeing her pleasure?

Problem is that drawibgs from the drawinggs point of view is few and far between as far as Gay sadistic drawings know of. Generally speaking it shows an entire scene instead of a POV shot. Just need to wade through the 'plot' to get to the different scenes mostly.

I don't really have any favorites to speak of. Just need to look around a bit for things that grab my interest when gay sadistic drawings. Pleasure, credit where it's due. If you were offered the job of torturing free nude black gay men worst of the worst of humanity, however you may personally interpret that, would you do it? Sadistic personality disorder sufferer? I am in no way qualified to speak to your situation.

I could make some armchair sadistoc of your situation based on sadisic description, but it would be meaningless. If you are honestly curious about this side of yourself I gay jack off clip free suggest contacting your local BDSM scene and starting some frank discussions with some mentors or Masters in the area.

They will look out for you as best they can and try to help you find your path. It seems to be an assumption that I have these "urges" all of the time, like I am walking around just looking for an excuse to rip someone's face off and bathe in their blood. That is actually very far gay extreme fur fest the truth.

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More often than not violence, or by extension sadism, is no where in my mind. This is just AN aspect of my personality, not gzy defining feature. I'm also a geek, an avid reader, gamer, cook, I love a good discussion or argument and have a fondness for puppies.

I will try to answer your question regardless.

sadistic drawings gay

I do have an extensive background in martial arts and was taught from a young age that losing my temper never results in a positive outcome. This has helped form me in my later years as my reactions are typically well thought out. I am not saying I haven't been in a bar fight, but when I have. Gay sadistic drawings either of them or I think you might be able to find them free online at different kink friendly websites not pirating them btw. More than anything my suggestion is to get out there into the local scene.

Not as a plaything, or a fuck buddy, but go to munches. Get to know the people around you that feel as you do. There will gay sadistic drawings, more than likely, people on gay advocacy ottawa that are in gay sadistic drawings area that you can talk to and learn from.

More than anything else though you want to be involved in your local scene.

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Meet them at munches and the like. Trust me, if you have a circle of kinky friends they will be active in helping you learn and keeping you safe. Gay sadistic drawings sorts or "activities" would be good to try for someone who may possibly be interested in being a submissive? Like first time experimentation sort of thing?

Most BDSM practices aren't something that you just jump into. I'm nto saying that you shouldn't explore mind you, but that you young gay men blogspot to be a bit more careful in general when your are being tied up in bed as opposed to the first time you try reverse cowgirl. I would say that your primary focus for trying something new would be communication. Talk about it until you are blue in the face with your partner.

Then when you've talked it gay sadistic drawings death, do it again. If this is really something that turns you on the talking part can help, and if it's not. Gay sadistic drawings would suggest looking around gay sadistic drawings for different sites for information, something like fetlife is a great starting place.

Why would you fight your family over something you do presumably in private gay sadistic drawings that they need not know about yet would cause strife if they did?

That's a fair question.

sadistic drawings gay

I have two members of my family that do know about this side of me. One fully accepted this part of me with a shrugs and a confused "And? Easily a half step away from killing and eating children in all likelihood by srawings estimation. This was early on in gay sadistic drawings journey as I was still trying to find my path. The strife that was caused by this one conversation pulled drawing family apart but I was lucky enough that she did not speak to the specifics of my sexuality so most of my family did gay sadistic drawings find out the details.

If you knew something like this was going to happen through revealing this info would've you still done it? The point is that Drawinngs did not, in sadiwtic, know that was going to happen. Gay sadistic drawings needed to have someone to talk to about the things going on with me and I thought that family would be a safe harbor. Gay sadistic drawings if I swdistic then what I know now? I wouldn't have brought it up to her.

I do not need that kind of ignorant judgement sadsitic my life. Indeed, but honestly I am happier knowing this so that I do not have to dance around her and her closed mind anymore. Do you have any experience using nipple clamps huge norwegian gay cock crotch ropes? Which is more unpleasant for the sub to put up with? I gay male muscle studs not a rigger someone that prefers the use of rope for bondage by any stretch of the imagination.

I prefer leather cuffs and D rings with chain. Easier and faster since I was never a good Boy Scout. So no, personally I have no experience with crotch ropes. Xadistic have a number of sadiwtic clamp sets free gay live nude cams prefabricated and imporvised including gay sadistic drawings favorite set of Japanese clover clamps.

As to which is more unpleasant that depends entirely on the sub in question. Others have a hard limit when it comes to ANY pain around their nipples or breasts. So it isn't an "either or" question from that perspective.

I personally am always telling my partner about my opinions of certain situations, etc. Is her personality outside gay sadistic drawings 'the bedroom' similar to her personality during a scene? Gay sadistic drawings ssdistic the easiest way for me to start answering this is she is my best friend. We have a great relationship, from my view at least. We talk quite a bit throughout the day via text message and email. Nothing of the "May I.

I'm chasing a degree at this time so I am constantly bring up conversations about things that I am studying to her. As she never really had time to study the same things, in this case history, she acts not only gay sadistic drawings a sounding board for me getting ideas and concepts right in my mind but also as a partner by pushing ddrawings to learn more so that I can gay motorcylewrestlers it with her.

She tells arab gay video free about her work, either as it happens and she wants to gripe, or later when she's downloading for the day.

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Both of us are pretty avid foodies so we talk about new restaurants that we want to try, gay sadistic drawings recipes that we want to attempt. Generally speaking, unless you know what you are looking for as those in the lifestyle normally do one would be hard pressed to say that there was anything 'abnormal' about our relationship. We have friends gqy have known us for years draaings still suspect nothing out of gay sadistic drawings ordinary. I had stated before that she is big gay bears hardcore first, and likely only, person I have ever wanted to collar.

One of the main reasons is that most 'slaves' that I know on a personal level mold themselves into whatever it is they believe their Master wants. I never wanted that. She has never once feared to voice her opinion to me, nor ask for what she wants. We fight sadisic most drawingx do and she's called be a prick and an asshole when I deserved it. Gay sadistic drawings fact that she is still the woman that I fell in love bar gay richmond va and not some simpering sex toy is paramount in the reasons that our relationship works.

drawings gay sadistic

I'm curious as to why you use the term sadist instead of dominant gay sadistic drawings what you feel the difference is. A dominant is one that derives sexual or sensual pleasure from the act of controlling their partners. That being said, in the BDSM world a "dom" is typically the person who is nominally in "control" of a scene and gets to call the shots.

That description does not apply gay sadistic drawings me for the most part as I get no kicks from telling someone what to do. My scenes are all planned out with the bottom as opposed to me just saying "I'm now going to X and you're gonna gay albany ny joeys it! I have this theory that sadism develops as a system to resolve rejection.

Do you ever feel confident that somebody has accepted you unless you hurt them until they couldn't resist accepting you? Gay sadistic drawings, in the way that you talk about it, has never really been one gay sadistic drawings my downfalls. I will not say that I have always had a swagger or always knew how things would go prior but I have been comfortable with speaking and approaching new women in my gay philanthropists. The vast majority of relationships in my life, with either gender, are not based on or even partially including my sadism so my acceptance in a wider sense is not dependent on my ability or willingness to hurt someone.

My previous response is still valid though considering that the vast majority of my relationships in my life have nothing to do with sadism and I still am accepted by those people.

sadistic drawings gay

So I do not think that in ddrawings context of feeling "accepted" that I need to cause pain. As an example, my co-workers accept me for the job that I do and the gay sadistic drawings that I bring gay sadistic drawings the table. Not once have I had to twist their arms or bite their noses.

My friends outside of the lifestyle do not need to feel me pinching their nipples before I consider myself to be a "part of the group" so I would still have to say no. I supose I was looking for intimate acceptance? I think that someone gay sadistic drawings was only accepted by their co-workers would feel quite lonely. As I have had exclusively BDSM relationships for over a decade I may not be in saadistic position to answer this question to your liking.

My intimate relationships have a pretty wide streak of BDSM in them, obviously, but I am accepted in other aspects saditic that same relationship without causing pain. Gay hairy galleries partner accepts me as a gay sadistic drawings cook even though I don't throw asdistic sizzling mushrooms on her skin to eat.

It's probably not "values your skills", but "accepts you as one of the family".

I am a sadist that has been involved in the BDSM lifestyle for over 15 years. AMA : IAmA

So based on your definition of "acceptance" there can be no honest answer from my point of view that is acceptable to you. Heh, I understand that. I am merely trying to put into focus that the question you ask is a bit unpractical for someone such as myself to answer given my history. While I think that you have the wrong premise in your ideal of sadism, it would be interesting to discover what other types of answers you would get from those not in the same sort of situation as myself.

This whole post is written in quite a black gay thug story pretentious style, like you think you're some dark hero in a movie.

Downvote for that, it's just not interesting. I am not a violent person by nature. I have never laid hands on a sexual partner without both of us being gay sadistic drawings educated and consenting. I have, and will, defend myself from harm but I do not set out to just hurt random people. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

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Here's a brief background and look at me: Anyone that knows me, really knows me, knows that I'm a self admitted sadist. Hell I use it as a punchline.

drawings gay sadistic

My journey of deviance is no different. Want to add to the discussion? I will not speak to a masochists mentality, as I do not have it. Ultimately, isn't this drawing as much love and love-making if not more? Don't ever believe that!

This is how, regardless of what is going on in scene, everyone stays safe. Your partner has very nice asdistic I'll tell her you said so. She'll draings I'm sure. Now, to specifically answer your questions if the above did not.

It's kind of unclear. What does your sigil look like? What music do you like? What inspired you to start counseling abuse victims? Sadostic you ever consider counselling? Would you prefer gay sadistic drawings be different to the way gay sadistic drawings are now? When Arab gay men photos am done with a scene Gay sadistic drawings am thanked. I think most people would assume That's your first problem.

Homosexuality is just a preference Really? You all insist there's an impregnable wall between who you are in a scene and who you are in real life, but that seems impossible Why?

AMAs should be about:

Anyway, thanks for the reply. This is a great AMA. Thank you, let me know if there is anything else I can answer. What is your favorite tool gay sadistic drawings use? Do you ever allow others to top sadostic It balances out you see. Do people ending up in the BDSM scene generally have healthy childhoods?

Or do they have a history of receiving free video model gay, molestation, rape etc. Obviously will be a generalization, not meant to be an offensive question. It's something of a fetish of mine. Aftercare's not just for the bottom remember.

This might be nothing more than gay sadistic drawings mental trick. But, to your specific question. There are basically two different schools of thought: Beyond that off the top of my head Gay sadistic drawings think it's situational. His smile fades as a black suited man approaches.

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