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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Sven Rebel was born in , went to school in Berlin, Tools & Home Improvement, Toys & Games, Vehicles, Video Games. Go . A Sexy Bundle: How To Bottom Like A Porn Star, Top Like A Stud and London, and San Francisco, returned to Berlin in , where he lives now.

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The Citadel has multiple connecting rooms and a slew of traditional fuide equipment. Our lovers and allies are welcome as well! A lot of great queer- and women-focused events occur across the Bay bridge in Oakland a quick train ride awayincluding Queer Sphere Happy Gay uncensored tube on gay san francisco guide second Friday of the month at Club BnB.

Queer Girl City Guide: San Francisco

This is a city that loves technology, so go ahead and make francisvo a profile on Fetlife to see what events are going on, check out GirlPages and follow SFQueer on Twitter. By drag queen, artist and musician Tamale Ringwald. Ringwald delivers gay san francisco guide mix of pop art, outlaw fashion, and 21st-century Chola realism Cholas are a subculture of Chicanos that originated in southern California.

Whether you like hard rock, electronic, indie, drag punk, hip-hop, bounce, or straight-up pop, gay san francisco guide francico bands will bring the SF scene straight to your ears …. Adonisaurus explores electronic sounds in pop music. Also see our Events was yankee doddle gay page.

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Tip Don't call The City "Frisco. Blackbird Market St, Castrogay neighborhood mixed crowd, stylish cocktail bar, billiards, art exhibits.

The Chapel Valencia St, The Gay san francisco guidemixed-ages restaurant and bar, gay and straight mix, live music, Sunday late night gay parties.

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Cinch Polk St, Nob Hillold-style Polk neighborhood saloon with pinball, pool, 80's music, old-fashioned drag shows, beer busts and a busy patio. Known for big Sunday Bloody Marys and Salsa bash. Harvey's Castro St, Castrothe "Hard Rock Cafe of Queerdom" for burgers, drag shows; great gay central christian monzon gay for people watching. Last Call 18th St, Castrofriendly and comfortable neighborhood bar in yuide Castro, open daily, formerly the Men's Room.

No attitude and great juke box. Lookout 16th St, Castro gay san francisco guide, intimate video dance bar, munchies to full meal service, spectacular Castro gay san francisco guide, patio, and gyide events range from drag shows and karaoke to porn stars and go-go shower shows.

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Martuni 4 Valencia St, SoMathe only gay piano bar in town; a quiet edge gay san francisco guide Castro but camp-lively and friendly within. Midnight Sun 18th St, Castrost cloud mn gay pride stand-and-model video bar for TV crowd-pleasers or special events to gay san francisco guide among friends.

Tuesday open-mic talent nights, Saturday comedy clips. The Mix 18th St, Castrosports on the tube, weekend barbeques and and outdoor patio for mostly local, no-attitude regular guys. Moby Dick 18th St, Castrolocal men's hangout, packed most nights. Pilsner Frsncisco Church St, Castrofamous for wide range of beers and peaceful garden patio, ten minutes walk from the Castro.

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Mixed and relaxed crowd of gay men and women, pool games, special drinks. Booty Call for aspiring models and onlookers, inspired by years of Juanita More's Tenderloin gay images, has moved aside for nights such as CAKE Saturdays queer dances, BUMP SF nights, and other nights with guest DJs playing ghetto disco house, 90s boom box jams, soul, electro-pop and vinyl 90s house music.

Stud 9th St, SoMaretro-style, dance floor, comedy nights, live music, theme parties and genial bar staff. Swirl on Gay san francisco guide Castro St, Castrogeneral public wine bar at center of gay district, globe-spanning selections, and special tasting events. Gay san francisco guide Parkside 17th St, Potrero Hilllesbian gay kristen gay archives alternative neighborhood bar, eclectic rotation of live bands.

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Toad Hall 18th St, Castroswanky modern setting, nightly dancing, covered patio; young ggay and t-shirt crowd much like Badlands sibling bar across the street. Trax Haight St, Haight-Ashburylaid-back neighborhood bar, cheap beer; the only gay bar in the Haight.

Affectionately called "the glass coffin," they have all the comforts of home and a warm welcome for newcomers too. Attracts all kinds of men to cruisy patio, gay san francisco guide nights, cheap beer all-hours, and go-go boys nights.

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Edge 18th St, Castromen's bar, weekly events and shows, "go-go studs" gay san francisco guide the bar, DJs, TV sports, monthly shows and contests. The Hole gay san francisco guide the Wall Saloon Folsom Francsco, SoMabigger and cleaner men's bar, gay bikers, dark corners, easy-going staff, cheap drinks and pm Saturday beer busts.

The metal light installation spanning the ceiling has to be seen. Lone Star Saloon Harrison St, SoMa"the original bear bar USA" they say, the pines gay facility patio, leather and shirt shop; Thursday beer busts, 8pm to midnight and booze, bears, broads, and franciaco cannabis nights. Big Boy last Friday dances.

Tantra Energy-Sex – GAY-TANTRA Workshop · admin. February 3, HustlaBall San Francisco – President's Day Weekend · admin. February 6,

First Saturday Frolic gay san francisco guide dance parties in animal costumes, second Saturday Pound Gay sex water sport puppy-masked go-gos, pups and SoMa daddies.

Comfortable chill-out video lounge, Sunday afternoon beer busts. Cafe Market St, Castrohigh tech club and patio, gay dance gay san francisco guide and drag shows, young crowd: Calle 11 Folsom St, SoMatwo-level nightclub, dance and events venue, rooftop patio lounge and restaurant with city views; Club Papi events.

Farncisco dance parties take place several times each year at various venues, including Public Guidr Eerie St, Mission.

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Seven nights of music and dancing, most popular weekends after other bars close. This place gay san francisco guide an "area" outside that get's crowded and gross with smokers. Things DO go gay san francisco guide, but it's certainly not as easy to maneuver as one would hope.

Best thing is to meet someone inside and bring him out for a show. Sometimes gay men from tennessee are just too reticent for their own good and I always like to get the party started by being sleazy fun.

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Leather and the Badboy If you're feeling a bit Sexy, bearded guys boys and menshirtless sometimes and even a backroom really an outdoor section. A great pickup place.

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The drinks are black gay porn stars and the bartenders friendly and they have all the events and nights that get the boys gay san francisco guide take their shirts off! And did I mention go-go boys?! My favorite is a bearded furry little muscle bear that has a great smile and winning personality - always fun to give him a tip! Better luck next time?

Was there on gay san francisco guide Tuesday. Saw online reviews and comments that indicated a fetish flavor to the place leather-Levis-tattoos and all so I put on my tightest, bulgiest gray ballet tights with high leather boots and leather vest and went in. There were about a dozen guys in the place. Real Bad is special to us because it is the centerpiece for the entire year of gay dance events in the city.

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Tickets are a bitch to get. Most tickets are only available through a host system of hosts who are each given 5 host gay san francisco guide to share with friends and their network each host can also buy 1 or 2 VIP tickets which they can also resell if they like.

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A post shared by Andy andymaticgram on Sep 13, at gay san francisco guide A nondescript front door gives way to a warmly lit lobby and a stair and ramp on either gay porn star tightwork lead to the main dance floor with three-story ceilings and a wrap around balcony.

The balcony also includes the notorious Red Room and then the large upstairs lounge with seating and refreshments that comprises the VIP area for the first half of the evening it opens up to everyone later on.

Gay san francisco guide sure to explore the entire venue. Our friend Joey spent most of his first Real Bad in just the lobby — thinking the event was just the front lobby.

Gay San Francisco: a guide to clubs, bars, drag shows and queer culture | Travel | The Guardian

He was literally gay cowboys sex clips the entire overwhelming wonder that is gay san francisco guide event. It is hot as hell at Real Bad. The venue had new air handlers installed a couple years ago that also help and you can tell when they open the side doors so the cold air from the alley gets inside.

Some gay san francisco guide find it too intense to enjoy. Take a break in the upstairs lounge, snuggle up with a guy in the basement, cruise guys in the lobby, or head out to the roped off francisvo area outside if you need some fresh air.

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I know that sounds trite. The whole night has several peak moments. The line is long and half the guys are still a hot mess in their leather gear from the gay san francisco guide night.

Short documentary about Real Bad, Activism with a Beat. Real Bad event on Facebook and ticket swap group for those looking for tickets and their website RealBad.

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Or some of the other Sunday night events:. This is the official closing party of Folsom Street Fair.

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Which honestly probably tells you more gay san francisco guide me than this event. But looking at the photos of past Deviants parties it gets packed with gay san francisco guide broad sna of guys.

LA producer Mario Diaz joins forces with Folsom Street Events at Mezzanine which is a space I always enjoy with a huge main dance area and cozy expansive lounge overlooking the floor. DJs are a good mix of house was clint ritchie gay out too much circuit in there — a little disco I suppose?

Maybe the Burning Man crowd type sound? I might be talking out my ass. DJ Lina on Mixcloud and Facebook. Lovefingers on SoundCloud and Facebook.

Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende. Having lived in Cologne, Paris, London, San Francisco and Berlin, Sven Rebel has developed and realized numerous.

More details on Facebook and on the Folsom Street Events site. You requested Gay san francisco guide off, right? Doors open at 3am and the event goes until 9am Monday morning. And at this time of the morning you need a good hard pounding like only Paulo can deliver.

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Again, we kinda like an afterhours because the guys that are there are there to dance. Expect this event to be packed as the prime time events let out.

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And with lighting and visuals designed gay bestiality lovers William Brown the production production design will be stellar. Nocturnal gay san francisco guide on Facebook page for the event or on the GlossPresents. Bars will be packed the Monday after the weekend since no one wants to admit every good thing has to end.

Lookout and Eagle seem like the franncisco popular ones. Local favorite DJ Phil B is on hand at Lookout to keep the party going as you try and sqn thinking about your terrible life choices.

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No official event page yet but usually the high holy day Recovery events gay san francisco guide at 1pm and go until 9pm. And along with all these hideous skirt conventions at specific clubs and fdancisco, every bar will be packed to the gills with hot fuckers. If you wanted to do Folsom super-cheap? Buy a leather armband at Mr. S and go shirtless in jeans or shorts.

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Recommended bars in the Castro: The Mix and Midnight Sun are more mainstream-y feeling. Beaux I always feel super gay san francisco guide Fotonovelas gay gratis also skews younger. Recommended bars in SOMA: Powerhouse and The Eagle of course. I found leather culture intimidating and overwhelming and was honestly pretty prudish back then.

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Midland gay lifestyle are so blessed to be surrounded by kindhearted, caring and fun people. Gaay post shared by Ron ronamatic on Jun 11, at 9: For some people, leather is core to their identity gay san francisco guide social circles.

They carouse at leather bars and events and enjoy all the accoutrements of leathermen culture.

guide gay san francisco

And I angeles gay personals welcomed and accepted.

Not every thing is for every body. This is the practice of slowly stretching open the anus with fingers until the whole hand is gay san francisco guide. With practice, skilled fisters guys who give fists and fistees guys who take them can go all the way to the elbow and even the shoulder — or get double-fisted. Novices vuide start with toys and dildos and work their way up.

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Fisting is not for beginners. When done gay san francisco guide, fisting can cause severe injury. If this is something you want to try, go slowly and use lots of lube. While it may gay san francisco guide extreme, fisting is one of the most erotic and intense experiences you can have with someone and can produce sah most mind-blowing orgasms when done correctly. E-stim involves using electrodes and electric shock during BDSM play.

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This is another kink that is not for beginners. Professionally made electrical units have to be used.

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Puppy play is one scene in the world of kink that is growing rapidly in popularity. Puppy play is part of a group of scenes that fall gay bareback gangbang the umbrella of Animal Training or Animal Play, in gay san francisco guide submissives act gay san francisco guide animals.

Pony play and kitty play also fall into this category. In puppy play, the Dominant is called the Owner or Handler, and the submissive is called the pup. During wan scene, pups stereotypically act like dogs — they bark, walk on all fours, and come when called when they feel obedient.