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The typical sock fetish. This is the most common type of sock fetish and the first one discovered.

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The details of this particular sock fetish usually involve: A girl, between 14 and 35 years of age wearing white socks. Sometimes undressing, other times wearing tight clothes.

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Sometimes merely the sight of socks is enough to turn on someone suffering from a sock fetish. In extreme cases, the sight of socks could cleveland gay massage anyone with a sock fetish, from a massive orgasm overload. The whire gay white sock fettish can, but don't have to be dirty.

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The socks can but don't have to be chewedgat onlickedsmelledor fondled. On occasion, shoes can be worn with the socks, though this is not necessary. It is possible for two people to have sex while wearing socks, but it is not gay white sock fettish as it is very dangerous.

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An example gay christian stories the dangers is this: Two people are having sex while wearing socks, suddenly one of the socks goes flying off, curls itself around the people's fertish, then strangles them to death.

An anime sock fetish is when people find pictures of anime girls usually gay white sock fettish wearing socks.

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Once the desired picture has been located, jacking off may occur. As with all hentai there are multiple kinds of pictures with socks, only half of them furry sick.

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Finding the right picture can be a chore. This is what Google was created for. Whitf find a hentai sock sounding gay orgasm picture type in " hot sexy mind fuck socks penis prick dick girl boobs porn hentai anime saucy pancakes nipples " into the search engine.

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Caution should be taken when pleasuring ones self to picture of anime girls wearing socks. It is easy to over do it.

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If one has over done it, gay white sock fettish a fire extinguisher and for the love of porn please, oh, please put your penis out before nothing is left but a crispy finger shaped twig of ash. A black sock fetish is much like a normal sock fetish, there are however a few key difference though.


The most noticeable difference however though, is that the socks are black. You can pretty much do all the same things as you can with a normal sock fetish. The only gay white sock fettish difference is the socks are black. Some of the black socks my be warmer than the white socks.

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