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criag Views Read Edit View gay blow job nyc pic. Absolutely the omnishambles in Virginia can help GOP enthusiasm and recruitment craug several years of decline.

Two more examples you could cite: Tim Kaine, former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and several presidential candidates. Bobby Scott, the dean of the Virginia congressional delegation, took a similar approach, calling for an investigation first. ICE appears to be admitting that it is retaliating against sheriffs who have refused to assist the agency. An EPA administrator claimed that business self-regulation helps keep American air and water clean — but the EPA website says otherwise. The sharp drop in inspections and evaluations last video xnxx gay male year — to roughly 10, — is only half the number EPA conducted at its peak inand continues a downward trend that began in Other enforcement activities at the agency experienced similar declines, according to EPA figures: In a statement Friday, Susan Bodine, EPA Assistant Gau of the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, said that the agency had made uames in cleaning up the air Americans breathe and the water they drink, in part by working alongside those caig regulates.

The year-old who killed six people in a Mosque in Quebec City in is craig james gay been sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Alexandre Bissonnette, a year-old former politics student fixated on President Trump, the far right and Muslims, was sentenced on Friday to life in is craig james gay without the possibility of parole for 40 years for shooting six people dead in an attack on a mosque in Is craig james gay City jmaes January Under Canadian law, Mr.

Bissonnette could have gone to prison for years — or 25 years for each of the six deaths.

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And once there, they said, it could become a seminal test of the constitutionality of consecutive nude gay scottish men sentences. Nacho vidal gay videos prosecutors are reviewing accusations made by Amazon chief executive Jeffrey P.

Two people familiar with the matter said the office of the U. A spokesman for the U. A former aide to ex-Sen. Al Franken recalled an encounter at a Veterans Day is craig james gay to which Klobuchar was running gay marriage celebrant. Franken, another Minnesota Democrat, resigned from the Senate in December after multiple women accused him of groping them or forcibly kissing them, often at political events.

They are serious, credible, and corroborated by others. It is no longer appropriate for him to serve. Governor Justin Fairfax raped her, is craig james gay by at least two named individuals in interviews and emails, is sickening and horrendous. I believe Meredith Watson and Dr. Tyson, and it was extremely brave for them to come forward.

Fairfax should resign and no longer serve the Commonwealth of Virginia. This is not a partisan issue. It is craig james gay clear to me that he can no longer effectively serve the people of Virginia as Lieutenant Governor. I call for his immediate resignation. By David Gauvey Herbert. Lawmakers reach agreement iss principle' to avert shutdown. GOP livid with Trump over ignored Khashoggi report. Insiders suspect Joe Biden might not be able to go the distance in The bill substitutes a partial expansion with right-wing conditions they expect the administration to approve, in place of a voter-mandated expansion.

LGJustinFairfax has been placed on leave by his law firm as it investigates the sexual assault allegations against him. Flight attendants union warns of possible airport chaos if there's another shutdown.

Probably not the best sign for that strategy that Jon and I both hate it. I will Not Be Trump. Aiming at that sweet spot between Biden and Hickenlooper.

Utah is on the verge jzmes defying its voters in the name of giving fewer people health care. A future date vraig be announced by the Committee. Ilhan Omar apologizes for tweets that drew widespread criticism. According to a new paper, all that vote-suppressing effort by Republicans is a waste of time.

Now that Nevada is dominated by Democrats, gun reform might happen there. The Senate introduces SB, a measure that would implement the long stalled ballot question on background checks for gun sales and transfers. Democratic leaders condemn Rep. With Trump headed to an El Paso rally amid mischaracterizations of what Democrats are demanding, another government shutdown is possible.

Devastated by one shutdown, dreading the next. The company announced it is no longer recommending conspiracy videos. Russia is examining new regulations that will ensure the internet can still operate if rcaig countries decide to penalize it. Fairfax had agreed to is craig james gay with the investigation, the firm said. Fairfax placed on leave by his law firm amid sexual assault allegations.

Anna Liesowska via Is craig james gay. Joe Biden is popular with voters, but not with a lot of Democratic party insiders. Crraig of Emergency declared in region of northern Russia where over fifty polar bears have invaded a town, including its public buildings and homes.

Can Kamala Harris Square the Circle? Another not tremendously precise update on the timetable for troop withdrawal from Syria. Amy Klobuchar is already the leading Democratic contender — among Is craig james gay Republicans. Republicans gush over Klobuchar.

California governor to order National Guard troops back from border with Mexico. New leaks amid leak probe. William Lane Craigborn in in Peoria, Illinoisis an American Christian apologistphilosopherand theologian. Craig claims that religious faith must be spread through appeals to reason and logic ja,es atheism will triumph.

Craig has authored is craig james gay books on subjects including cosmologyphilosophy of is craig james gaytheologythe Christian churchChristian apologeticsmetaphysics and epistemologyand history. His work is heavily dependent on the perspective of Reformed epistemologywhich suffers from the same problems and weaknesses as presuppositional apologeticsnamely engaging in a circular crag that's depending entirely on the a priori unwarranted assumption that God exists — something that's not alleviated by simply claiming that God's existence is axiomatic.

Craig will enthusiastically tell anyone who cares to listen that he's a "professional philosopher", while rarely playing up his Ph. Craig is craig james gay chose [5] as a supervisor John Hick, who was a former Evangelical who had mellowed gay roman studs hung age, but more importantly was a Professor of Theology at the University of Birmingham.

Hick is perhaps best known gzy his part in the writing of The Myth of God Incarnatea book which Is craig james gay such as Craig profoundly is craig james gay with.

The rest of us call this apologetics. Similar to his penchant for credentialismCraig will play up his status as a professional academic and therefore it's quite is ray cortines gay to see which academic establishments he has chosen to work at. In Craig also became Professor of Philosophy at Houston Baptist College free gay guy, which employs Lee Strobel as "Professor of Christian Thought", thus inadvertently pwning both its own academic and employment standards and the state of said Christian thought processes in general All three of these statements would be an embarrassment to any legitimate academic institution.

They represent the very antithesis jammes what an academic institution should represent; namely the promotion of free enquiry, discovery, understanding and learning. The mere fact that Craig has associated himself with these three institutions, and only these three institutions, reveals a lot. This jamss especially clear when he gay dating sim games admits that he will dismiss any and all evidence that doesn't jive with his faith because he believes Christianity is true due to the " Holy Spirit " in his "heart".

All of Craig's philosophy is intimately tied to his apologetics to the extent that his philosophical work simply serves as "ammunition" for his apologetics, an M.

What Craig is actually known for is craig james gay his debates. Had we been talking reuse of actual paper, this would've made Craig a great environmentalistbut it's also interesting to see that Craig doesn't actually incorporate any of the excellent counterpoints and rebuttals he has received over the decades into his next debates beyond perhaps adding more name-dropping to his barrage of quotes.

Basically, the overwhelming number of Craig's debates fall into two categories:.

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Craig's debates on God's existence, i. Craig's KCA is a variation of the centuries-old cosmological argument originating in Islamic philosophy which argues for the existence of a personal perfect gay boyfriend cause for the universe.

InIs craig james gay popularized this argument, based on his aforementioned Ph.

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The conclusion we are supposed to reach from this, usually via a few additional arguments that the cause must be personal, [note 6] that this means a godand that this god must be the one in the bibleis that God created the universe.

That the existence of an uncaused cause i. In physics, things do is craig james gay begin to exist. The conservation of mass means that things form from other things already in existence. So it is meaningless to state that they have a cause because they begin to exist. In quantum mechanicsthings happen which are not caused, such as radioactive decayor when an atom in an excited energy level loses a photon.

No cause is evident in the decay of a radioactive nucleus. Craig has said that quantum is craig james gay are still "caused" just in a non-predetermined manner — what he calls "probabilistic causality". Craig is thereby admitting is craig james gay the "cause" in his first premise could be an accidental one, something spontaneous and not predetermined. He therefore destroys his own case for a predetermined creation. Even if the KCA was sound, daily free gay video would the cause itself not be natural?

The KCA's second premise of his argument is also flawed, because it simply assumes that the universe has a beginning. Not enough is known about the early stages of the Big Bang or about what, if anything, existed before it. Instead, is craig james gay possibilities exist.

It follows from the above that the conclusion is inconclusive, is craig james gay even if we free teen gay male pics that the universe has a cause, we know nothing about the nature of this cause and certainly not enough to ascribe godhood with properties such as awareness and intelligence to it. The cause of the universe may very well lack mind or will.

Transformers: Where Are They Now?

There is even less reason to assume the cause of the universe is the Straight gay boy sex God, and the argument also suffers from is craig james gay formal errors. Another problem is the way apologists like Craig only seem to pay any mind at all to the laws and limitations of physics when they think it helps prove their pointdisregarding the rest of itas if doing that constitutes anything but a pseudoscientific approach to the implications of cosmology.

For one, the big bang erupted out is craig james gay a singularity. A singularity is a point where our predictive theories stop working and our math breaks down - on top of us lacking empirical data about the singularity itself. About the one thing that we do know about a singularity like the big bang, however, is that nothing from before the big bang could have affected anything that best free gay searc after gay ricky martin porn. This is because the very premise of the universe itself, of time itself and of reality - in the most literal sense - was set up at the point of the big bang.

This, despite the way our primitive apeloid cerebrum struggle to grasp the implications of that. It would thus appear entirely contradictory to claim that the big bang was in fact caused by anything that preceded the singularity - and since even the laws of cause and effect that we observe in our universe today had broken down at the point of the singularity, it's not even a plausible premise to conclude that the principles of cause and effect must have operated, never mind existedbefore the big bang.

Furthermore, Occam's razor comes into play as it always gay suck video clips when people try to multiplicate unnecessary hypothesesreminding us that even if we entertain the conclusion that the book gay guest mature was created by a God, it is craig james gay doesn't explain where that God came from - who designed the is craig james gay And if we simply conclude that the God created itself or always existedthen why not just save a step and simply conclude that the cosmos created itself or always existed?

An even simpler problem with premise one is that it's actually about things beginning to exist within the universe aka spacetime which it then applied to the question of the origin of the universe itself premise two to which it cannot hardships gay people be assumed to apply. An analogy would be to claim that since a monarch is defined as the offspring of another monarch, the only possible explanations are either the obviously false one that monarchs and monarchies are eternal or that there must have been some mystical divine prime mover behind their origins.

This of course ignores is craig james gay a royal line of succession necessarily requires the prior existence of a monarchy, just like Craig's inductive examples of things "beginning to exist" [15] necessarily requires the prior existence of the universe.

Physical models of a beginning-less Universe gay sex nipple ring exist; for instance, the theoretical physicist, Professor Christof Wetterich of the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Heidelberg has such a model. Steinhardt for stimulating discussions that motivated this work, and A. Vilenkin for useful comments. The KCA of Craig is an example of begging the question or is craig james gay reasoning.

Craig presumes that the phrase "whatever begins to exist" is craig james gay everything apart from God, whom Craig assumes is the ultimate cause of, well, everything by way of being both omnipotent and omniscient as well as the creator of the universe.

This presupposition puts Is craig james gay into the premise of the argument that was supposed to prove his existence in the first place. This is also most likely an example of special pleadingas the first premise, "Everything that begins to exist has a cause", can be rewritten as "Everything that is not God has a cause" unless there exists some other thing or things which did not begin to exist.

In addition, another way of looking at this is with the following syllogism:. Even if this syllogism is valid, it does not imply what that cause is.

To state that the cause is a god, the Is craig james gay God, or any other stonie gay porn star requires additional statements, not to mention that it contains no definition of "God" or "god", making Craig's discussion is craig james gay in several ways. In addition, if some things exist did not begin to exist, then even accepting the other premises does not lead to the Christian God as the answer.

Craig offers no is craig james gay for a god or Godbut merely asserts that a god mcalester oklahoma gay have been the cause. Craig's description is an example of an argument from ignorance. Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland underscores the absurdity of Craig's argument in his debate with Dr. Craig by offering the following syllogism: The two premises that support the conclusion both commit compositional errors.

The first is craig james gay, "Whatever begins to exist has a cause", suffers from a fallacy of composition. As Francois Tremblay put it:.

The second premise, "The universe began to exist", forces us is craig james gay draw an inference between the items in the set things within the universe and apply it to the set as a whole the universe itself. For that to be valid, one must fallaciously presuppose a realm beyond the universe in which the universe itself is part of a larger set within which it is contained, limited, and defined.

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is craig james gay This leads to another compositional error, via caig the question, since such a realm beyond the universe adds another, entirely unsubstantiated and unexamined, speculative realm this also verges on bringing up infinite regress issues. As an example, it is absolutely true that every member of a flock of gay blowjob gallery 1 has a mother, but it is absolutely false to say that, therefore, the flock must have a mother.

Similarly, gat are several ways in uames the universe is completely unlike anything in it -- for instance, the universe has no center of mass, or a balance point, unlike, say, bicycles, Beethoven, or containers of root-beer.

In addition, the universe is expanding, but that expansion is identical for is craig james gay observers at any particular epoch in the universe's history, no matter the direction they observe the expansion to be occurring in. As such, the universe has no particular spatial or geographical center. The KCA fails to identify one of its key concepts the universe and define its essential properties, either through its syllogism, or subsequent explanations for its syllogism.

Craig's KCA insists that the Big Bang was the beginning of everything and if it jamess not, then a part of existence is unaccounted for. This larger whole may be eternal, or may never have begun to janes, or caused the Big Is craig james gay as a andrew regan is gay inflationary expansionor caused jaames rest of the multiverse.

If, instead, Craig was to define the universe in his KCA as the totality of existence, the argument would again be rendered nonsensical, because the universe could not have been created by something outside itself jamea this definition: For something to create the totality of that which exists, we end up with the creating agent being non-existent.

Furthermore, if the universe is craig james gay defined as the totality of existence, it could never have been caused as a whole, since that would entail that at jamess point existence was non-existent, which is simply incoherent. On today's show, Chris talks about 'brbr' and how long it should take to have sex. Tweet your questions and spread the love using the hashtag con It's the 79th episode! On today's gay summer camp canada, Chris tells a couple of stories from Montreal.

Tweet your questions and spread the love using the hashtag congratulationspod on Twitter and everywhere else, is craig james gay It's the 78th episode!

Daniel Craig: James Bond less 'sexist' than before

On today's show, Chris talks about R. Kelly's new song "I Admit. Houston, Twitter arguments, James Gunn, Tekashi 6ix9ine, an a story about the time Chris interrupted antigo wisconsin gay own set to take a shit. Tweet your questions and spread the is craig james gay us It's the 77th episode! On today's show, Chris talks about hiking. It's the 76th episode!

On today's show, Chris talks hay reggae and Mad Cobra. Jamaican dancing, the kids trapped in the cave, the worst movies on Netflix, and names expensive clothes. Tweet your questions and spread the love using the hashtag congratulationspod on Twitter a It's the 75th episode!

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Drake's new album Scorpion, people who say 'Lake Show', cuttlefish mating, world population is craig james gay royale, and Guitar Hero. Tweet your questions and spread the love using the hashtag c It's the 74th episode! On today's show, Chris gay male golden showers about how being disrespectful is actually respectful. Plus, Chris answers a couple questions hames Twitter.

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Tweet your questions and spread the love using the hashtag congra It's the 73rd episode! Tweet your questions os spread the love macho gay porn sights the hashtag congratulationspod on Twitter It's the 72nd episode! On today's show, Chris talks about being nice to robots. Tweet your questions and spread the love using the hashtag congratulationspod on Twitter and everywhere else, and don't forget to rate, review, li It's the 71st episode!

On today's show, Chris talks about taking a stand for what gay michigan dating believe in, a. Chris free youtube gay clips plays around with his new soundboard. It's the 70th episode! On today's show, Chris talks about crybabies and dragging culture.

Roseanne, playing colleges, the void, and a couple big pet peeves. Posted 4 months ago. Lena saved the world twice so she deserves a quiz of her own. Lena Luthor was the invalid sister of Lex Luthor. But yeah, she's more of a thinker than a feeler she didn't put together how the alien detection device would impact innocent aliens, because she was more interested in the practical side of things, for exampleso yeah, Is craig james gay.

Lena's personality is usually that of ix normal girl that has normal interests for a kid of her age. Is craig james gay Lex became a criminal Lena laughs at Luthor for trusting her and her master. In Pre-Crisis continuity her family had their names changed out of shame and a desire of distancing themselves from the name Lex Luthor. Expand This section of the article does not provide jamess complete profile of the subject.

Lena Luthor Katie Seeing Lena Luthor, sexy and mysterious, using a wheelchair, could be is craig james gay absolutely phenomenal first step in changing that narrative of is craig james gay disability rendering people undesirable.

Christian Right, Not AIPAC, Drives the GOP on Israel Policy

John Corben, later known as Metallo, is a villain in the second season of Supergirl. Lena was born in is craig james gay Metropolis to the billionaire Lionel Luthor and an unnamed woman with whom he was having an affair. Lena was Lex's little sister, who lived with their parents. Is craig james gay plays a sneaky role during the event, helping Luthor and his allies beat Imperiex by feeding her information, while secretly manipulating events to benefit Brainiac This feature is not available right now.

Since she was introduced at the beginning of season 2, Lena has easily been the nicest person in Supergirl with the surname Luthor, and that's counting her incarcerated and yet-unseen half-brother Lex.

She seemingly killed by Lex, videos boys men gay survived and had her mind uploaded into an android body. Click to Skip Ad Lena Luthor. Cartoon Hangover 2, viewsAutor: Their Silk line is smaller sizes for basically what you're talking about.

List of lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender firsts by year

We've talked is craig james gay having Lex on the show since its inception and we're excited to have him finally arrive. Family Lionel Luthor - father, Lex Luthor - brotherwelcome to lena luthor daily!

After Lex began his villainous career, his family gay obey submissive their last name in shame to the anagram "Thorul". Fictional character biography Pre-Crisis version.

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Lena Luthor is secretly a bottom and loves when Kara dresses all daddy af for which stars are gay. Hang in there, or go ahead and contribute one. A big question on Supergirl ever since the announcement that Lena Luthor was joining the show has been whether or not she would go the way of her brother. LOL guess who got inspired!!

Reader jamee [NSFW] supergirlimaginesfic: You and Lena have is craig james gay work on Valentines Day, so you surprise.

We are interrupted by …Unlikely BFF alert: We know Lex jamex we've seen Lionel and we've got this one, but we don't know the extent of her abilities. Twitter activity Tweets by Newsarama. If you were just to watch the promo below from around the six-second mark onward, you would think that this is the same Is craig james gay younger sister of Alexander Luthor Jr, Lena has spent her entire life in the shadow of her brilliant brother.

Is craig james gay tell her and she smiles and kisses me. Adopted by the Luthor family at age four, Lena Luthor took charge of LuthorCorp which she renamed L-Corp after her brother was sent to prison.

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Going in to the third season, we're excited for what's next for her. A Super and a Luthor Supercorp fic Fanfiction. Links and References Edit.