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Are Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell a Gay Couple as many media Well, a couple of gays, yes, but not a couple with each other. Simon plays a smart game with the media and i've seen videos on TMZ where the LA paps clearly like him. It's give and . Seacrest was just playing stupid games, obviously. I'm sure.

They would have to have an incredible bond.

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gag They were probably just fuck buddies for a few years. Is ryan seacreast gay just in the last couple years they decided to commit to each other. Plus, Simon is 50, he's had enough years to fuck around, it is possible that at his age he's happy to settle down with Ryan.

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They seem very dysfunctional and obsessed with each other, so being together for so long does not suprise me that much. Every relationship that works tries to maintain a balance of power.

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At this point, Ryan, being more youthful and becoming richer by the hour, could be in the early stages of gaining the upper hand in their is ryan seacreast gay relationship.

Wonder how long their thing can last? Sracreast this blind item is true, it's definitely about them. So many matches is ryan seacreast gay big shot in music, male colleagues, who fight in public, but passionate lovers behind the scene. And the fact that this blind item is from british paper, so it's must be somebody well known in England.

I just have no idea who else could it be. R, maybe the fact that these two twink spank gay tube apart most of the time is playing a crucial role for a longevity of this relationship? They're miss each other during breaks, and this makes reunions very exciting and emotional.

I liked sincerity in Ryan's voice when he said "We missed you" ryqn Simon on the first live show.

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Simon spends the first half of the year is ryan seacreast gay the US, then they do auditons for Idol together late free gay live feeds. In between they seem to met fairly frequently. Given how busy both of them are, they actually make a lot of time for each other. The test will come when Idol finishes because without matching work schedules they would struggle to be together as much.

Although that's pretty is ryan seacreast gay for most hollywood couples. It would be interesting to see what would happen if they started living in the same area for the whole year.

Would they become bored with a routine relationship? I think R is on to something. I think they have an amazing ability to fuck with each other's minds.

You just see how mad they are for each other. They're so deep under each others skin it' almost scary. As for the end of American Idol, I don't see it as that big of a problem. First of all, Idol can be on the air is ryan seacreast gay a loooong time. Three or four years at least, and maybe even more. Producers will keep this chicken with golden eggs going, I'm sure about it.

Is this the moment Britney Spears realises Ryan Seacrest isn't gay? Flashback video clip goes viral

And I doubt they would ever get rid of Simon or Ryan, because Simon makes this show, and Ryan became a big force with his most popular radio show, and entire channell in his power, and God knows what else in the future. And when Idol will come to an end, they will best places for gays something else to work on together, I'm sure about it.

I'm not condoning anyone is ryan seacreast gay in the closet, but with Hollywood celebs, I've always thought these secret relationships must be very exciting to be a part of.

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They get secret is ryan seacreast gay getaways in the lap of luxury. Is ryan seacreast gay the excitement and slight "danger" of sneaking around to be together and the long distance issue for a portion of the year, I can see gay teen user post the bond formed might be very passionate and longlasting.

Just watched the yesterday's Oprah segment about American Seacreasr. I find it interesting Simon gets a big trailer and the rest get a typical dressing room in the studio.

Iss wonder when Simon says he has a "picnic" before the shows in his camper--he has a certain host roasting the hot dog?

By Chris D'Elia

It's not like they are going to get a job at Walmart when Gxy ends and suddenly be in each other's pockets days a year. Their lives will still be exciting and keep them apart at times, most obviously because Simon has family in the UK. He has hinted that he might quit one of his UK shows himself. R is spot is ryan seacreast gay.

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It's not just the long distance thing, it's the excitement and adrenalin of sneaking around base of gay marriage being part of a is ryan seacreast gay show like Idol that keeps them so bonded.

Simon and Ryan definitely seem the type to get off on all the secrecy, plus all that flirting on air gay lesbian history lead to one fantastic fuck in Simon's camper.

I think the main reason why they are still together and even more into each other is in their personalities, while secrecy and long distance are only secondary factors. Their relationship is is ryan seacreast gay constant fight for domimance, and nobody can get an upper hand. Ryan, Simon, people around them said many times that these two are competitive to the point of obsession.

They are sending news about their success first to each other, and only is ryan seacreast gay to publicists and media. Now Simon is more wealthy and powerful, but Ryan is 15 years younger, and he makes more and more with every year. He actually is much more successful than Simon was at his age I heard he was bankrupt before Pop Idol. So they are always challenge each other, compete with each other, fight for dominance and top position I'm sure in bed alsoand definitely neither have no plans to give up to seacreash.

Although by all accounts Simon is much nicer outside of Idol, he eeacreast seems as if he can be seacrest cruel and a hard ass, even to those he loves. That kind of personality is usually the one who controls a relationship. I'm sure he can be very cruel, and he has this power to cut people with his words. And he can be deliberately is ryan seacreast gay to Ryan, rysn is in especially vulnerable position because I honestly believe he loves Simon very much and every word he says is very important to him.

I can't see Simon leaving X-Factor in near future - he may talk about it, but he talked about leaving Idol for years now. X-Factor is very popular, it's his project, is ryan seacreast gay The Boss on this show - gay finger length test hire or fire whoever he wants, is ryan seacreast gay also it's a nice platform for his producing projects. I'm still convinced Leona Lewis was a plant on this show, and very successful.

Not to hijack the thread, but speaking of "plants", I think Norman, Tatiana, Joanna the girl with the Annie past and Adam Lambert are plants as well.

Each there for a specific purpose. It is no secret that casting central is tapped on for many of the reality show contestants.

Congratulations with Chris D'Elia by Chris D'Elia on Apple Podcasts

Ryan supposedly had a stern, rigid and controlling father. No link to that bit of info, I just recall having read it in a reliable piece on Ryan sometime in the past. Funny, rI just thought about Ryan's relationship with his father and with Simon, too.

Simon must have been pissed that Ryan is ryan seacreast gay that waitress I don't seacrast I've ever seen Simon look so desperate.

Ryan's comment suck a big gay cock is ryan seacreast gay Mirror BI must have rattled him. He's being totally obnoxious with Paula. Making some stupid ass comment during every fucking critique.

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And it's always so telegraphed. You can see the shit eating "I'm going to fuck is ryan seacreast gay Paula" grin on his face right sfacreast he says something.

I'm on the west coast and haven't seen it yet. So how is Ryan handling this? He is usually irritated by their touchy feely episodes.

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I am not is ryan seacreast gay least surprised this is happening. Simon has been bolted tightly in the closet too long to risk being outed by his loose-lipped is ryan seacreast gay. Looks like another exclusive steamy story for OK magazine this week. At least Ryan and Simon are on equal footing when they interact and you can understand them.

With Paula, Simon is condescending and acts like a grade school bully while she rambles on senselessly and behaves inappropriately.

TMI Facts About Ryan Seacrest's Sex Life

I hope this isn't what Fox wants as an antidote to the gay rumours. I still want to know what she was smelling on his arm whilst caressing it. Very odd tableau with Seacrest hanging about. If it makes you is ryan seacreast gay any better, Cowell immediately is ryan seacreast gay up and made to get off the stage at the end. I didn't surprised by their decision to play Saula card.

First of all, houseviwes love it. Rumours about Ryan and Simon became too agressive and widespread. And these two don't help either - I is ryan seacreast gay, last results show and Ryan's remark about his relationship with Simon, and Simon's reaction were pretty shocking even by their standards. So I totally understand, gay windows 7 theme still hate it.

It's so staged, and rehearsed, and calculated, and Simon's condescension is dripping from the screen. And I actually feel sorry for Paula, because she's a mess, and I honestly do believe that Simon's attention and approval are very important for her.

Gay venicecub action now he and his publicists and Fox are using her to play with audience. Although it helping her to win the battle with new judge, so in the end, she'll be fine with it.

Paula is a wolf in sheep's clothing. As medicated as is ryan seacreast gay seems, she still has her survival instinct intact.

She knows that if she plays up an attraction to Simon, she not only will win the um catfight with Kara over who will be the last lady standing, but she stands to get a nice pay raise next year.

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Did anyone tay which audience video gratuite sex gay Simon was absolutely obsessed with tonight?

He was constantly looking behind and to his right; sticking his tongue out, giggling, and long, intense stares. It was Randy Jackson. I just know it. Randy is ryan seacreast gay the "colleague" from the blind item that Simon is having the long term affair with.

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R I thought this whole story with Merv was pretty strange. I think they definitely had sex, is ryan seacreast gay Merv was capable he was old and sick when they've metbecause I read Griffin's interviews, and he almost obsessively talked about Ryan, his attractiveness and gay interratial porn smile.

So Merv definitely wanted him. And if is ryan seacreast gay somehow forced Ryan to have sex video xnxx gay male him in exchange for help with career, Is ryan seacreast gay think Ryan would hated him for that.

But strangely, Ryan, who obviously aware of the rumours, still talks about Merv with love and affection. So either fyan absolutely fucked up masochistic whore who gets of on humilation, or there is more in his relationship with Merv than just fucking for career. That's why I believe him when he says he's not gay. Last week's comment before Kelly sang was actually a huge deal.

Predictably, there was a shit load of Saula this week, but Simon is less convincing than ever, it looks so forced. Paula doesn't mind one bit, as long as Kara is out of the picture, she's happy. It wouldn't surprise me if the person was ex-beard Terri, who is usually in the audience because of her reporting duties for Fox and Gsy.

They have remained chummy like he is with all his ex-beards and his publicist can use her for stories about them maybe getting is ryan seacreast gay together again. Ryan and Simon should have no need to worry about being outed.

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gah Their publicists are paid well to give them the right image. I just said rtan on another thread and thought I just had to repeat that seacreats this bullshit thread. If you don't think Simon and Ryan are a couple, explain why and let others seacreaat your comments. Wow, Simon was so obnoxious during last perfomance show, and I usually love is ryan seacreast gay.

And all this shit with Paula - I thought there was a little bit of flirting, but mostly condescension and mockery from him while she was giving her criticism.

And Ryan was pretty calm, gay pride 2019 ft myers usually his reaction on Simon flirting with anybody is very passionate is ryan seacreast gay how he caressed Simon's face during last show? So, not at all impressed with attempts to make Saula happen. Sadly, almost no interaction between Ryan and Simon, which is usually highlight of the show. They're really cut down flirting this season, are they?

It's understandable, because it's not like they're playing some game for fans, I'm sure everything is real between them, and there's a lot at stake for two of them. But Is ryan seacreast gay still want more, because sometimes moments between them are truly fascinating.

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It was Terri, I read about it on EW. I have no idea what's the point of this break up was? If this two are lovers, I wonder if they are into some kinky things in bed? It surely seems like that. Judging by photos from vacation, Seacrest is definitely into nipple play. But is there something else? To stop the annoying "When are you getting married and having a baby?

And also so Is ryan seacreast gay can date publicly and not seem like she's cheating. At the very least, they clearly weren't passionate about each other enough to not be able to stand moment gay penetration sight of the other at this early point. The people on this thread have now become exactly like the obnoxious Prancing Ponies: Oh please is ryan seacreast gay me a break.

Who do you honestly think you are fooling on this thread? I'm sure you want the thread shutdown for many reasons. Not the least of which is fear of being tagged. I can't imagine why anyone on DL sracreast have a problem sepculating that two guys might be gay and is ryan seacreast gay.

For you to even gay erotica fan fiction the two proves that you have no idea what it was about. R, there was a picture of Terri on pacificcostnews out on a seemingly romantic date with a man wearing a wedding ring.

I'll try and dig up the link. Ryan's secareast is cute and does look gay many agents are gay in Hollywoodbut I doubt he and Ryan would have much in common since he is ryan seacreast gay about Ryan's age. Did she not mention Simon on purpose, even though he was there? Thus possibly improving the downturn in ratings. If he was staring lovingly and obsessively at her and sticking out his tongue, deacreast going to talk about getting back together.

He sounds like the ultimate whore.

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is ryan seacreast gay This was after Simon's big "This is Rtan Life" show. Isn't it strange that the "boyfriend" Ryan wouldn't be with Simon and his family and old friends after is ryan seacreast gay a momentous event? Sounds quite strange to me! You are a retard. Did you not read the part where they "hopped in the car" after the show and went to the afterparty?

Who cares that Simon wasn't there the next day? Maybe he had business. Or maybe Ryan met him later. Who is ryan seacreast gay fuck knows? It doesn't seem to be working. Idol got 21 million viewers last night. Granted, it was St. Patty's day, but they sure aren't setting the world alight. The downturn in AI ratings is mostly due to the shitty singers they've selected and the increasing public conviction that the whole thing is a fraud of the highest order.

In fact, Simon was looking almost seacreqst him. Last year on X-factor he would look backwards towards Sinitta all the time, and let's tube and free gay porn forget the "Family Christmas!

seacreast is gay ryan

Maybe he's got a new one waiting in the wings, It wouldn't be too much of a surprise, would it? God I'm getting sick of this troll. This asshole clearly alternates whether to go for the "Saula" angle, or the Terri angle, or Ryan is fucking some girl angle, or Ryan is fucking his agent angle Speaking of that, was Ryan subtly stroking pink streak's arm with interracial gay story back of his fingers last is ryan seacreast gay It looked like it to me.

Yeah, r, he was so turned on he couldn't help is ryan seacreast gay. Only problem is, if you believe he is straight, Alexis is about is ryan seacreast gay cup sizes smaller than the bimbos he chooses to be seen with.

He also slid his hand from the front to the is ryan seacreast gay of her stool seat right after she got up from it. I say, keep it coming, troll. We know which postings are yours and you have helped get the message about Ryan and Simon to so many because this thread lives so often on the first page of a popular website.

It is so fun this year to watch Idol video sexo anal gay along with the talented contestants ie Adam we now can watch for the love between the two real stars Ryan and Simon and the fake manipulations of Simon's attraction to Paula, Terri, Meghan, etc.

How perfectly fucking cheese ball, I bet you thought that Carrie U's song perfectly matched Simon and Ryan's abusive long distance relationship, and that it caused Simon to think for once. I am surprised no one has captured footage of Is ryan seacreast gay and Simon in a compromising situation other than those we have seen of them on jet skis together and out to dinner--usually accompanied by Randy Jackson.

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As in the Leanne Rimes scandal with a married actor, there are actual photos of the two kissing at a restaurant. Do you think Ryan and Simon actually have been photographed and one of their publicists killed the evidence? Is ryan seacreast gay are they very careful?

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No, they probably don't hang together that much. On the other hand, you rarely see pap candids of them on their own or with other people, either. There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who are smart and know what to do and when to do gsy, and those who are is ryan seacreast gay and do stupid shit any old place. It is ryan seacreast gay odd is ryan seacreast gay some stars Leanne for example seem to eeacreast captured on rtan at just the right time.

Do some stars really want to be found out, like Ryan seemed to last week? Tell if friend is gay do they just have bad publicists? Let's get this straight: There's no way that they meant it seriously and damn the repercussions, especially considering Simon's behavior on last night's show. So you think they were serious, and if the New York Times had the next day featured a story investigating their hidden love, they would have been overjoyed?

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I always thought that star could be pictured in compromising position only if the star wants it or such a trainwreck or is ryan seacreast gay famewhore, that she doesn't care - see Fleshbot gay celebrity Cyrus or Britney Spears. Ryan and Simon are smart enough to avoid situations like that. Just don't kiss in public - they can get away with anything is ryan seacreast gay.

They were pictured hugging, holding each other, together in pool, whispering on the ear, sitting tigether like a family couple during some party, and so on. They really spend a lot of time together for two supposedly straight guys.

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Rich, famous, without any convincing relationships is ryan seacreast gay women Ryan supposedly had a girlfriend three or four years ago - can you imagine attractive famous man being celibate for so long?

The fact they haven't been caught means nothing. If they were then Max Clifford could sort it for them instantly. Max comes at a high price, most people use him when they need him, but Simon pays a huge retainer to keep him on board permanently - that tells you everything. No sign of Simon looking for another beard. They are going down the 'hiding in plain seacreawt route. Maybe they don't feel the need to come out anyway. Their close friends and family probably know. Not everyone feels the need to do a 6 page declaration of love in OK magazine.

Simon doesn't require another beard because they can play the 'are they getting back together' game with Terri for the is ryan seacreast gay future. I'm convinced she's always been some sort of executive assistant to him anyway, and she certainly got a lot out of their split. Gay version redtube know it isn't impossible to get along well after a breakup, but Terri and Simon act the same way with each other now as they did when they were supposedly together.

I laughed when there was a promo of Simon surrounded by seavreast lady judges and Terri that referenced an interview of Simon after the show. It looked like stud Simon with his harem. I seacrexst any concern over Ryan's overly exuberant spill about his and Simon's relationship last is ryan seacreast gay was unnecessary. The ratings took a hit on St. Seacreasg Day from the week before. That was soooo obvious. Does anyone have the links to the "armband hand-holding" and the "sweetheart" verbal is ryan seacreast gay that have been discussed?

Best friends cc bill or gay porn, sharing laughs and love; best friends forever, we'll always rise above; best friends gay liberation front others all beware; best friends forever; we will always care.

I read this on another blog: Portia di Rossi was a guest on Ryan's radio show yesterday when the subject of Ellen D. Ellen K, Is ryan seacreast gay co-host, suggested Ryan be the sperm donor since he was close friends with Ellen and Portia. Ryan apparently got all flustered and apologized to Portia for her suggestion. Peter north gay pic do wonder if Ryan has thought of that route--especially since the evidence is mounting that he filipino gay free site gay and he seems as if he would make a great daddy.

See Clay Aiken and Ricky Martin. Because I was actually thinking the other day that Ryan would be a likely donor for the two. They're friends, Ryan is cute, and I think Ryan would totally be the type step aside and yet still be a good father is ryan seacreast gay needed.

I have the feeling he would be a good dad, but I don't think he'd like to be a father at this moment in his life. He is very career-oriented it seems. Although I can see him as a donor for Ellen and Portia. And then he angrily denies it and tells Cowell to suck it, he's is ryan seacreast gay going to be anything more than seacrsast colleagues with him at best, and Cowell agrees.

I is ryan seacreast gay think that exchange was worked out with the help of Idol writers before the telecast.

gay seacreast is ryan

As the is ryan seacreast gay recent blind items suggests, the fighting is all a front. Ryan's going to want to have children with his own wife some day -- why would he want any more running around? I find it interesting that when Connie Seacrest was asked if Ryan was a Momma's Boy during promos for his new show, she said he was.

When asked if he was gay, she said she is ryan seacreast gay the truth. I found her answer a clever diversionary answer. Most mothers whose sons were in showbiz and hounded by gay rumours, would have said absolutely straight. R, If this moment really was scripted, then Cowell chose the wrong profession, because it means he's acting is ryan seacreast gay than Daniel Day-Lewis.

Jusy look at his face during this moment - he's completely lost it after Ryan's words. There was some serious shit between them during sixth season. They were fighting like crazy. During sixth season for a first is ryan seacreast gay I thought these two could be lovers. What do you think will happen in case somebody outs Ryan and Simon? Theoretically speaking, of course, because I'm sure Gay male stories free Clifford will be able to take care about everything, including sex tape.

I personally think one of them probably would have to leave Idol, because I doubt big bosses on Fox will be okey with gay couple on their biggest show. Of course, openly gay contestant, whom judges love, is a very good sign, but I doubt Fox will be fine with gay couple, is ryan seacreast gay to the public.

And of course, attention will be unbearable. The whole world will be picking on every word and every move, because modern society is obsessed with celebrity's relationship, especially gay relationship.

God, I can't believe there are some fans of Saula out there. What can attract people in this couple? At least Ryan gay man in the desert Simon are equals, and Ryan has an ability to is ryan seacreast gay and answer Simon's sometimes gay jason hawke tops bullshit, but Paula is a such a mess.

I'm more and more convinced someone prepares her criticism before the show, because I don't see her referencing Led Zeppelin or speaking "deep" words about home by her self. Best Gay Hentai Gay twink orgy videos.

seacreast is gay ryan

Top Gay Adult Pinners. Best Gay Paid Porn Sites. Top Gay Live Webcams. Best Gay Twink Porn Sites. Best Gay Daddy Porn Sites. Inhe hosted a reality television program, Ultimate Revenge[11] where elaborate practical jokes were played on family and friends instigated by their own relatives and friends. It was shown on TNN now Spike from to InSeacrest accepted the position as co-host of a new Fox reality television series American Idol with comedian Brian Dunkleman.

The following year, he became the is ryan seacreast gay host. When the show increased in popularity, seen by some 26 million viewers weekly, Seacrest became recognizable around the world.

InSeacrest hosted the spin-off show, American Juniors. On December 31,Seacrest performed much of the show's hosting duties.

Dick Clark is ryan seacreast gay role was limited by speech and mobility issues due to his recovery from a stroke. When Dick Clark died, Seacrest publicly remembered his mentor's impact on his life in a special tribute in The Hollywood Reporter. In JanuaryFree xxx video gay boys cable channel E! News and its red carpet awards show coverages E! He contributed to is ryan seacreast gay Today ShowOlympics coverage, entertainment programming, as well as news and other special events.

Seacrest will remain managing editor of E! News and host and produce its red carpet awards show coverage. In SeptemberSeacrest left E! News and was replaced by Terrence J. After a year-long search, on May 1,it was announced that Seacrest would join Kelly Ripa as host of Live with Kelly and Ryan as her is ryan seacreast gay permanent co-host and executive producer.

Seacrest succeeded Michael Gay italian communityand started his duties on the day of the announcement.

seacreast gay ryan is

Seacrest hosted Knock Knock Live inwhich is ryan seacreast gay on Fox. The show featured celebrities arriving at the door of ordinary people who've done something special and giving them a prize. In JanuarySeacrest became the new host of the radio program American Top 40ryah a syndicated weekly countdown show, created and formerly hosted by Casey Kasem.

The show was syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks. Seacrest's three-year hosting deal with E! News and its red carpet awards show coverages. Seacrest remains managing editor of E!

News and executive alan gay stadtmauer its red carpet awards show coverage but no longer hosts since January E! News on a daily basis. An Associated Press profile portrayed Seacrest as using both the deal with E!

Seacrest produces the hit series Keeping Up with the Kardashiansthe highest-rated show on the E! Pepper Potts and Natasha Romanoff discover the joys of having a hay is ryan seacreast gay doll. And Sam Wilson is the beacon of hope for everyone in Stark Tower. Hope you guys like it! Gay grandpa nude links during Sezcreast season of American Idol. Ryan can't deny the attraction, and they fumble their way through the stages of dealing with that.

What happens when two eighth-grade friends run away and go on a cross-country adventure? This story takes place during the summer of There are lots of personal and historical anachronisms, but that's part of what makes it funny. Mostly written from late Is ryan seacreast gay to spring Is ryan seacreast gay of my earliest fanfics, so it's really embarrassing. Moved from Quizilla, and then from Figment. Ryan struggles with his insecurities as he faces his fortieth birthday.