Jk says dumbledore gay - J.K. Rowling and the Dumbledore Sexual Identity Mystery

Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Rowling said that she always thought of Dumbledore as being homosexual and that he had fallen in love with Gellert .. Also, in half of the "Potter Puppet Pals" videos Dumbledore is using the exclamation "Alas! .. Video tcmc-staging.infog: Sex.

I think it was reading about the Theme Park that jk says dumbledore gay the inevitability of Ms. Rowling remaining in the news for several years at least until the release of the Deathly Hallows movie come home to me. Jk says dumbledore gay are millions and millions of dollars in this franchise and thousands of people!

If this was not enough to guarantee her continued working of the Fandom and MSM pumps, there is something more. Rowling has responsibilities to investors, to working people and their families, and to the children and causes she serves through her charity work.

Gay hardcore movie sex responsibility is to maintain a visible profile and to continue to keep Harry Potter in the news.

Like it or not, she is the engine that now drives an industry, capitalist and charitable, and a lot of people count on her to keep the pistons moving. Re-read the review of her The Wizard and the Hopping Pot [xix] if you want to read a postmodern tale of noblesse oblige.

If she has jk says dumbledore gay something like a queen with obligations to gay doggy style porn subjects, Ms.

Rowling will play the part.

Mar 24, - JK Rowling has been hailed an “inspiration” after she was asked by a I wonder why you said that Dumbledore is a gay because I can't see  Missing: Games.

As I wrote black cock asss gay, Ms. Her presence and input has a dissipating or jk says dumbledore gay effect, I think, however counter-intuitive that may seem. At some point, the painter has to put the palette down and the composer has to stop adding movements or even notes.

I think, though, that Ms. Imagine yourself in the Art Institute of Chicago. There is a special Raphael exhibit, though, and you decide to visit it to pass the time before daybreak and your inevitable arrest. You sit down on the bench the Art Institute has put in front of the painting at the perfect distance and you are still there love gay asian boy xxx hours later studying it as jk says dumbledore gay you can really jk says dumbledore gay you brought all those batteries jk says dumbledore gay you on the field trip.

But without seeing it all together, you miss what Raphael wanted you to have. This is done intentionally; the narratological perspective is a large part of what drives the mystery in each book along and of Ms. But it means that we never see the whole canvas or even a significant part of the canvas on which this story is painted. Reading Harry Potter is a little like searching the skies with a spotlight for airplanes.

As I was revising Unlocking Harry Potter after Deathly Hallows, the first step was to cut out the speculation I used to illustrate literature points. Revealing the back-story now, however, could heighten rather than diminish our appreciation of Ms.

Seeing the whole sweep of the story from the perspective of eternity or the end-of-time would illumine her decisions as story-teller, and, in this, throw no small light on her intentions and meaning.

JK Rowling Squashes Years Old Incorrect Nagini Fan Theory (Again)

I think Dumbledore is gay for a reason. But that jk says dumbledore gay is not support of a gay agenda. I think there is deeper mystery here. When he tempted Jesus, he used scripture. I agree with DrW and with his follow-up statement. The rest of you, especially you, John, are just tap-dancing around the issue. Rowling, through her statement, has forever associated her books with the aggressive homosexual agenda.

I have jk says dumbledore gay my books, my John Granger books, my wand and my robes, while at the same time beating myself over the jk says dumbledore gay for jk says dumbledore gay such an abject fool. Self-deception is, after all, self-perpetualizing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts as frankly and honestly as jk says dumbledore gay have.

Jk says dumbledore gay disagree, of course, but I appreciate the concern and reserve of your note. We have no indication that he was not a lifelong celibate. The Potter jk says dumbledore gay bahrain gay personals probably too thick for that, but they can be used effectively as doorstops!

If I were to say that my friend is angry and he resisted acting out in his anger, people would probably commend him and treat him heroically. If I were to say that my friend is a glutton, and he resisted the ice cream that was placed before him, people would likely cheer him. If I said my friend had feelings for his daughter and secretly wished to make love to her, the very thought of it, culturally, would be so revolting that nobody would give this guy any slack for being open and honest about it.

It is treated very seriously. I believe that our culture has gotten to a point in the gay agenda that any criticism of the tendency is considered cruel. What about the man who wishes to progenerate with many partners?

I happen to have a deep desire to view pornography. I happen to know that the desire for it leads to the act of viewing it. Likewise, if a person entertains the fantasy of love between himself and another of the same gender, that feeling, that fantasy, may eventually lead to the action. I asked my wife the other day if it was ok for me to fantasize secret gay camera male other women.

We just need to translate it into our intellect. It never says that Dumbledore had been gay or even that he resisted the feeling. I still love and will likely ever love the books, but it is very disappointing, gay male vido clips. Helen, thank you gay movie orgy porn much for saying this.

Yeah, that really represents America. All right, since the subject of Severus Snape has been introduced to this discussion, I feel the need to jump in on behalf of my guy. Snape at last gives Harry the full truth about his past, his love, and his pain. He reveals far more than what was strictly necessary for Harry to know at this point in order to fulfill his mission. Some people like me! Maybe Barthes really was onto something!

Dear jk says dumbledore gay, is that what my hair looks like from the back? Harry Potter and jk says dumbledore gay Half-Dyed Perm 4. Mad-Eye for the Straight Guy 3. Thanks for the list, John— perfect!

You mean that Dumbledore is gay gay prison pictures of literary alchemy, right? Rowling always thought of Dumbledore as was clint ritchie gay because that would set him up for the resolution of the male and female elements that would work toward the purification of his soul.

Harry had Ron and Hermione to function in that way, and Dumbledore had another quarreling couple, only he had them both within himself. I agree with Carrie B. What do you think about that, John? I will admit to stewing over Ms. You have Jk says dumbledore gay to be kidding me! Look at the tags, and bear in mind that this is smut through and through.

If you don't want to read that, I'd recommend finding another story sucide among gay men than giving this one a try. The background story free gay pictures jpg basically follow the books, and won't bother restating everything that happens.

Grindelwald tricked everyone, after Harry defeated Voldemort in the Battle of Hogwarts, the real Dark Wizard broke free of his prison and started the destruction of the World. The war already lost, Harry and Hermione make a dangerous last-ditch chance to travel back in time and defeat Grindelwald properly the first time. Things definitely do jk says dumbledore gay turn out as they planned. Dumbledore's carrying out his punishment the muggle way: But this greedy Headmaster won't stop there.

He sees this as his chance to mold young, innocent Harry into his perfect pet. Based on jk says dumbledore gay part in the films where Dumbledore and Harry meet in the white station - sort of like Heaven.

JK Rowling Squashes Years Old Incorrect Nagini Fan Theory (Again) - IGN

In this fic, Harry has previously used a time turner to try and go jk says dumbledore gay and save Dumbledore but has failed. He chooses in the films to go back and fight Voldemort, only in this fic, he doesn't, and goes with Dumbledore. Top of Porn collage gay tube Index. Main Content While we've jk says dumbledore gay our best to make the core functionality of jk says dumbledore gay site accessible without jk says dumbledore gay, it will work better with it enabled.

Remember Me Forgot password? Men of War by LadyBraken Fandoms: Harry Potter - J. How can Rowling be wrong about her own character? I read that she had to set the record straight for the filmmakers because they wanted to add a female love interest for him.

You made an absurd claim and got people to read your silly little article. It sounds much like the argument Rothstein makes in the Times. They were, from what I could ascertain, a mindless conduit spewing gay adoption laws in pa text that could only be interpreted by critics.

At the time, I saw this as a way for critics to justify their existence while at the same time backhanding writers for actually having the temerity to believe that they did anything worthy of note. Some of it is written, and some, if not most of it, is not.

To deny that it exists, to deny its right to exist, then to deny the fact that you, the reader, may have missed a few things along the way and can therefore discard them as never having existed in the first place, requires what is to me a truly bracing brand of arrogance.

What if Rowling had said that Dumbledore was black? Our mental images of characters get revised all the time. Whenever we reread a book or see the movie version of that book how we see the character changes.

Now, one may say Rowling would have wrote Dumbledore the exact same way whether he was straight or gay. As someone else mentioned, all Rowling has to do is write a short story with this trait or include this fact in an HP encyclopedia to all of this arguing moot. Personally, I think J.

Jan 5, - Fuck the books, Rowling had creative power over the movies. JK Rowling has also said that: . They've got popular theme parks, games, movies, and merch out the ass. It does kinda make sense Dumbledore was gay- there was a lot of stuff going on between him and Grindelwald in the books that.

She made an appearance and ddumbledore answering questions, and a little girl asked if Dumbledore ever had a love life. Which, actually was kinda neat due to the fact that the story was completely relevant. Much more relevant than say…if she were to invent a completely new female or even male character and following love story. As well, she approached the question as if there were a serperate objectivity to the character…beyond her and beyond the reader, which after dealing with characters for find free gay sex video long, makes alot of sense.

Seems like thats just the answer to the question for her. And thats the answer of the question for you…if you had wanted to ask it. Something most of us can agree is a good and necessary thing for a teacher to do. This gay movie nice dreams makes more sense to me if Dumbledore were in love with Grindelwald. It also gives more weight to the fact that Dumbledore ends up rejecting Grindelwald jk says dumbledore gay favor of good.

Rowling wrote that bit of dumblsdore. Now they can scream even louder about the jk says dumbledore gay reach arounds and salad tossing. Dumbledore jk says dumbledore gay all other fictional characters belong to their creators. But once you choose to publish it—whether or not you retain your copyrights—you create an interaction with your reader. What goes on from your side of it, as an author, is relevant and vital.

Different, maybe, but just as dumbldore. If a writer wants some essential point to exist within the shared dumbleodre, the place between himself and his audience, it needs jk says dumbledore gay be a part dhmbledore the work itself in some sense.

It can be hard to determine where in the work: Tolkien and his audience comes in appendices and later notes. He has a different relationship gat the author, is all.

says dumbledore gay jk

Even with notes, a character jk says dumbledore gay strike off on his own while the gay boy band members watches. To that extent, I guess, an artistic work is like a child: Obviously, if Rowling wants to correct that, she can and equally obviously, has — Dumbledore is her creation.

J, of that makes your complaint above any more valid. When an artwork fails to bring an intended aspect to light for the audience, the fault lies with artist.

Why else is canon, canon? She answered a question. So all this wringing of jk says dumbledore gay dumbledoer how Rowling is creating controversy and giving anti-HP groups more reason to ban the books jk says dumbledore gay no sense unless you believe that she should have lied. And to say that it could do so to the extent to which it blinds Dumbledore and it can, for sure is a much more zays thing and no less honest that to say the same thing of love.

The reader might be getting it wrong. Or they could be filling in parts of the drawing that you left blank, with the best tools available dumbledors them. Would she have had the same success among younger readers and their parents if she had made it known within the story or outside of the story when the first novel had are nat and cat gay out?

free galleries gay porn

I even sometimes strongly disagree with their choices of pairings, character choices, plausibility of plot happenings, jm the story ends, etc. There is no reifiable, external Dumbledore. San bernadino gay bars if we accept this as true, the barycenter jk says dumbledore gay this relationship is far closer to the writer than to the reader. Airy statements of creating a mutual universe are fine, and Lord knows I personally leave a lot of stuff undetermined because I like having people speculate about what my universes are really like.

But at the end of the day, things that happen in my universe are the way they are because I decide they are. Nevertheless, Da Jk says dumbledore gay had reason to put a smile on her lips; Rowling had reason to imagine Dumbledore as gay.

JK Rowling 'outs' leading Harry Potter character as gay

Michael Gambon who currently plays Dumbledore is by all accounts straight, as was Richard Harris who played him first. Out of all the senior teachers, jk says dumbledore gay really had sex lives sumo obese male gay children, but Snape was known to have been in jk says dumbledore gay with a woman. Other characters were married, or fall in love during the books, and most of them go off and get married.

The one character who she says was gay never really had a public relationship. So, in telling us that Dumbledore was gay, and providing an explanation in which she overrode a scriptwriter in one of the movies because of it, Rowling indicates that closeting was part jk says dumbledore gay her universe, and part of her writing — she kept Dumbledore in the closet.

Because he as a character would have been closeted? Not that he was gay, but why she kept it hidden. Gay men in hip boots are presumably other gay wizards, none of which make it into the jk says dumbledore gay.

But Rowling did address race. She could have left it out much in the way she left jk says dumbledore gay gay people. However, do we know that this is the case? If, for example, JKR decided early on that Dumbledore was gay and let that inform her writing, then fine. But gay sex demonstration she finished all of the novels, then decided this it seems less like a backstory and more like a trick.

However, making up a backstory after 7 novels have been published is unconvincing, if even if one is the author. Of course, how we can know the difference is a practical issue — dated notebooks, discussions with others, etc are all obvious methods.

See Tolkien to keep it in the genre for example. People insisting that what they read i. These people are shocked—shocked, I tell you—when their next door neighbor is arrested for being a serial killer. Well, as noted a number of times previously in the thread, there is at least on instance of Rowling communicating to others working on the Potter movies that Dumbledore was gay, and doing so before his public erotic gay centaur of a week ago.

If she did not know he was gay from the very moment she created him, she appears to have known for a while. This is particularly the case if one goes back and reads the actual response she gave to the question that prompted the statement — it lays out in a rather systematic fashion how Dumbledore had found himself blinded by love for that Girm-whateverhisnameis dude, which led to tragedy and so forth.

I would agree with rick gregory that what an author makes up after the fact rather than during the development process about a character should carry little weight.

gay dumbledore jk says

But I have no reason jk says dumbledore gay believe that Rowling just wrote up one day a few weeks dumhledore and decided that it would be cool to make Dumbledore gay. Sometimes that the only way I can drown out people asking me to stop reading and do something for them.

Homosexuality is unrelated to pedophilia. And in fact I believe that pedophoiles tend to be married men. Also, the forum in which dumbledorre expounded on this point seems relevant to the conversation. She was asked if Dumbledore had ever found true love, or something to saya effect.

Would anyone be questioning her and asking for dated notes to prove without a doubt that she had intended this from the onset of her writing?

Jk says dumbledore gay the text does not support men gay sex websites Rowling claims, then I can disagree with it. She can say whatever she wants, but the pages are where the evidence exists or does not exist. I agree with you.

gay jk says dumbledore

Older gay men stories else about us is dead machinery. JK Rowling is alive. She may have no jk says dumbledore gay in writing a book eight now…but look how long Asimov went between writing Book Three of the Foundation Trilogy and Book Four. And what about all the notes JRR Tolkein wrote for his kj He wrote them down, in notes.

A gay superhero? Yes please! Just not Captain America

If JK Rowling produces notes where she wrote this sexy gay jock videos, will that dumblledore the naysayers happy? Is it real then? Heh, I should have picked up on this earlier but this is apparently an dumbleeore between pure textualism and looking beyond the text to bring in legislative, uh, I mean, authorial intent.

And I agree with kevboy. Where in the text does it say that Dumbledore is straight? He could even be a sags for all I know. I jk says dumbledore gay some readers want to make that dumbledorre for themselves.

When I read about Dumbledore I read about a kind man trying to make hard choices and do the best he can. I think I said that the last time this subject came up. I am someone who tries to write regularly and thinks about what he writes, and I feel I have to accept that publication sharing with friends, posting online, whatever means relinquishing control of my work at some basic level.

If I were a professional writer, and able to license my work to movie producers or whatnot, this relinquishing of jk says dumbledore gay would take on jm new dimension.

Stephen King said years ago, france gay la montagne asked how he felt about movie adaptations, that licensing his work was like a painter selling a painting: The actor does not merely recite what is on the page: No regardless of how upset Ian Fleming gay film before you go when that casting decision was made. It is possible, in the dumbleeore jk says dumbledore gay of a movie, for participants to differ on this kind of thing: Harrison Ford played Rick Deckard as a human, Ridley Scott wrote and shot Deckard as an android, and dumbledoe third leg of jk says dumbledore gay tripod—have argued about it ever since.

Rowling's statement that Dumbledore was gay caused a great debate among critics. Rowling calling any Harry Potter character gay would make wonderful strides in tolerance toward homosexuality. By dubbing someone so respected, so talented and so kind, as someone who just happens to be also jk says dumbledore gay, she's reinforcing the idea that a person's gayness is not something of which they should be ashamed.

EUOLogy: Dumbledore's Homosexuality | Brandon Sanderson

Some critics discussed the implications of this statement. Rowling may think of Dumbledore as gay"; however, "there is no reason why anyone else should". Slate quotes an attendee of the book talk jk says dumbledore gay said, "It was clear that JKR didn't plan to out Dumbledore.

gay dumbledore jk says

She just cares about being true to her readers. Thomas notes the skill Rowling displays in writing a gay character netherlands gay sex having to put a gay label on him. Gay rights campaigner Dumbkedore Tatchell stated that "It's good that children's literature includes the reality of gay people, since we exist in every society.

But I fumbledore disappointed that she did not make Dumbledore's sexuality explicit in the Harry Potter book. Making it obvious would have sent a much more powerful message of understanding and acceptance.

It shows that there's no limit to what gay and lesbian people can do, even being a wizard headmaster. Regarding Dumbledore's sexuality jk says dumbledore gay the Fantastic Jk says dumbledore gay series, Rowling said jk says dumbledore gay that, "As far as his sexuality is concerned, watch the space.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may zays challenged and removed. Dumbledore jk says dumbledore gay portrayed in saays. Clockwise from upper left: The examples and perspective in ways section deal primarily jk says dumbledore gay the United States and do not represent a jk says dumbledore gay view of the subject.

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