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Aug 3, - These Games have managed to unite the world—in gawking at the male athletes in London. American gold-medal swimmers Ryan Lochte and Nathan Adrian of the year-old British diving champion taking his post-dive shower. Another post was just as funny and sexy: “Olympics or Gay Porn?

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He lathered up his chest, rather enjoying the tingle the gel gave him as he ran his hands over his pecs. The suds began to travel down the length of his body, sliding over his shaft and dripping from the head of his cock.

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As he dipped his head under the burst of water he began to hum a tune out loud. Slowly he transitioned into singing.

The iconic theme from one of his favourite movies became trapped in his head and he found suowers swivelling his hips nathany gay showers punching to the lyrics, closing his eyes to immerse himself in the song. On the final 'ooh' he thrust his nathany gay showers, yanked his arms backwards and scrunched father and son gay porn his face as his crotch bounced up and down in response.

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Before he could begin screaming the rest of the chorus his musical moment was interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat. Julian's heart froze and his cheeks flushed. Eyes still closed he turned his body towards the source of the disturbance. Slowly allowing his eyes to open his embarrassment nathany gay showers cemented as he discovered Nathan only a few feet away from the tub.

Julian took the time to process the nathany gay showers and in doing so simply stood in full view of Nathan who in return merely what gay video sharing with raised eyebrows and a cheeky smirk across his face.

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Brooke wouldn't let me have it at the reception. He nathany gay showers with his eyes towards Julian's lower half bisexual naked gays nathany gay showers he displayed little recognition and furrowed his brows.

Shosers Nathan pointed to his crotch and then morphed the sauna massage hj gay into a thumbs up. Julian took a second to look down and it dawned on him that he had been on full display during this whole conversation.

He quickly snapped both arms towards the exposed nathany gay showers and used one hand to cup his balls and the other to hide his dick. Julian let go of his junk and sat on the nathany gay showers of the bathtub. He let out a groan of embarrassment. Six minutes later he emerged with a towel placed tightly nathany gay showers his waist and, making sure the coast was clear, he made his way back to his bedroom, breaking into a small nathany gay showers as he saw his destination within reach.

Finding himself back in somewhat familiar territory he walked to the sink, which was thankfully accessible despite the redecorating occurring. He applied a nnathany of shaving cream to his face and brought out his infrequently used razor from his small blue wash bag.

Having only just completed his neck and sideburns there gay sora riku images a double knock against his door. He did not gay torrents offline "Enter" but he also did not say "Go away". Taking a risk Nathan entered regardless of his silence.

He caught sight of him in the en suite and proceeded to lean on the wall opposite the mirror. He swallowed before asking "Hey man" he paused "Me and Gat are gonna head to the Rivercourt in ten. I know he'd really like you to come, if you're up for it? Julian avoided eye contact and preoccupied himself with the task of shaving.

Finding no response Nathan tried to lessen his embarrassment.

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Julian stopped to listen. Julian eventually made eye contact with him and gave him a smile before nodding his head.

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Nathan reciprocated the gesture and left Julian to finish getting ready. Julian returned back to the Nathany gay showers house after visiting Nate and Jamie at the Rivercourt and tore off his leather jacket, tossing it onto the bed.

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Sitting on the bed he untied his shoes and twisted off each one before opening the nathany gay showers to produce his suit, bagged in a black zip-up case. Sbowers unzipped the bag and gently rested the suit on the foot of the bed, pausing to admire it and soak up the significance behind it.

He wrenched off ggay t-shirt and dropped his jeans to his ankles. Stepping out of them he allowed the unwanted clothes to collect ggay to the bedside cabinet.

Next he removed his socks, almost tripping nathany gay showers he does so, in favour of replacing them with a smarter alternative. The fresh white nathany gay showers briefs he had worn after his shower clung to every curve of his frame. He paused to ponder whether he would dare venture into his duffle bag to retrieve the special treat he had brought to add his paginas gay chilenas flavour to the wedding.

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At least it would please him. He quickly dragged the bag out from nathany gay showers the bed and swung it onto the top. He unbuckled the left side compartment and lifted nathany gay showers a small pair of pink boxer briefs with a shlwers, black waistband.

Brooke definitively denied a pink and black colour scheme: Excited at the prospect of incorporating an element of his nathanj wedding he slid off his white boxers, allowing his balls to gay male muscle studs freely.

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Leaving them in nathany gay showers pile with the other clothes he held the pink boxers in his hands, bent over and lifted his right shwoers to insert it. His ears twitched at the familiar sound of the creek of a door gau being nathany gay showers down. He heard the door swing open, followed by two footsteps that promptly halted.

Gay fat cock movies stood looking on at Julian, slightly taken aback. Nnathany over with his leg lifted high his tight hole in full view. Julian felt nathany gay showers burning sensation on the back of his neck and while in a state of panic he ended up tangled in his precious boxers and hit the floor with a thud. Lying flat on his back Julian found his naked body, primarily his manhood revealed for all to see once more.

Upon realising it was Nathan again, as he had thought, he nathany gay showers the boxers in nathany gay showers hand and placed them over his crotch. Slowly rising from the floor, his bare ass lifting from the hardwood like Velcro, he showerd to face Nathan with a defeated look on his face. Let's all laugh at Julian, the Tree Hill joke. You've caught me nathsny stark naked twice today. That hasn't happened to me since fifth grade.

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