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How much of Reginald VelJohnson's work have you seen? Die Hard 2 Al Powell. The Trial of the Bay Show all 53 episodes.

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Show all 6 episodes. Show all 12 episodes. Based on a True Story Merle. Cast Just 3 Boyz.

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Dale Owens as Reginald Vel Johnson. Monk and the Class Reunion Reginald veljohnson gay as Reginald Veljohnson. Everett - Oh, Brother Danny Small as Reginald Veljohnson. Reverend as Reginald Vel Johnson. Chester - The Matress King.

Nakatomi Plaza Video Game Sgt. Philip Kane - Gentle, Gentle Bennett - Daddy's Going to Hell Sinclair as Reginald Veljohnsn Johnson. Show all episodes. Al Powell recedes deeper reginald veljohnson gay his own mind carlton pearson gay creates a safe place in between his two tragic events.

He imagines himself a family man in Chicago, still a reginald veljohnson gay but one where his duties never interfere with a solid, loving home life. And not just veljohnsin pregnant wife, either.


Here he has a wife, three kids, a sister-in-law, and his mother all surrounding him to give him support whenever and for whatever he needs. He's a family man dealing with family matters. He's not Al Powell. He's Carl Winslow, reginald veljohnson gay man never attacked by terrorists or spirits of the undead. Powell's overwhelming guilt at having shot another person -- Karl -- and the implications of what it means for his victim in the afterlife cause Powell to become reginald veljohnson gay new Carl in his own mind.

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Someone who can live out gy peaceful, happy life. In his fantasy life, everything goes pretty reginald veljohnson gay for a while. He experiences the typical ups and downs of a sitcom family.

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His mother moves in, his wife loses her job, and reginald veljohnson gay sister starts to date again after losing her husband. But everything works out for him, overall. Until his hidden guilt comes looking for him in the form of a year-old boy named Steve Urkel.

Urkel has no appeal whatsoever. He's abrasive and annoying, his voice is jarring, and he inexplicably drags Vdljohnson Winslow along on a series of more and more preposterous events as the series progresses. Because Urkel is the manifestation of Al Powell's guilt. His own personal devil, Urkel is the boy Powell reginad, come back in the most obnoxious form possible and completely impossible to get rid reginald veljohnson gay.

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He haunts Carl, because he's literally an angry spirit, which we already know is possible because this is the same universe as Ghostbusters. In the real world, wouldn't any adult, let alone a police officer, have the wherewithal to put his foot down and stop a bothersome pest like Reginald veljohnson gay Urkel?

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But Carl is powerless. And as each horrible torture befalls Carl and his family, his tormentor's cries of, "Did I do that? He killed the boy. And then he shot Karl after trying to find a place where he would never need to fire his gun again, knowing velojhnson horrors of the potential reginald veljohnson gay that could await his victims.

Steve's cries are Carl's cries. His guilt, exploited by the poltergeist Urkel, takes more and more control of his gy life. First reginald veljohnson gay youngest daughter disappears without a reginald veljohnson gay as the character is retconned from the series and never jo frost gay rights again. Then his mother and sister-in-law and her child are forced out.

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It's as if gzy the emotional support he has in his fantasy world is being stripped away as he is forced to devote more and more time to dealing with Steve Urkel. Even his eldest daughter, long the unwilling object of Steve Urkel's affections, eventually softens mature free gay sex winds up getting engaged to him even though she can't stand him. Al is unable to deal with reginale guilt or its spiritual manifestation, and it bores into his life like a TGISuck parasite.

With his fantasy free gay chat glasgow disappearing, Carl Winslow begins reginald veljohnson gay final descent into madness with Steve Urkel in a series of increasingly stupid adventures. There is no escape from Steve Urkel; regunald is no respite from his stupidity. The world constructed in Al Powell's mind to be a safe reginald veljohnson gay from the horror's of the real world in New York and L.

The reginald veljohnson gay power of the damned spirits have fed upon that guilt to drive him to the point of madness, and to drive us, the audience, to the point of changing the channel because the show sucks so bad. No one wants to watch Urkel, man. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see what happened to Carl's wife in The 6 Most Unintentionally Creepy Sitcom Charactersand watch other videos you won't see on reginald veljohnson gay site!

Also follow us on Facebookand pitch us your own crazy fan theories! Shocking but Utterly True Facts! Haunted house movies rarely end with the homeowners suing somebody over all reginald veljohnson gay poltergeist damage.

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Add me to the daily newsletter. Link Existing Cracked Account. Use My Facebook Avatar. Add me to the weekly Newsletter. Reginald veljohnson gay If you count his role as a prison guard in 's Ghostbusters and we doVelJohnson went on to play a cop about a million and reginald veljohnson gay times. Columbia Pictures One day he's tasked with escorting four scientists to the mayor's office gay marriage referendum the Ghostbusters.

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Powell Moves To L. No amount of cream filling is going to fill that inner void.

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This Leads To The Shooting And Subsequent Fantasy Family So shaken is Powell by his experience in New York, he ends up shooting a child in the line of duty, an event reginald veljohnson gay further damages his psyche and gets him put on desk duty.