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Jan 7, - COLLINS: Rob Marciano joining us now live with more on this. . New Jersey's Senate votes today on whether to legalize same-sex marriage. Just getting it to a vote is seen as a victory for gay rights advocates, but the . so kind of tough to be playing thee games and winning that trophy when all of that is.

But why taking children away from an existing family? Aronson, what do you think about this idea gzy the rush to rob marciano cnn gay Haitian children? Because, certainly, one of the big stories in the aftermath of the earthquake has been all of these orphans, some of the facilities that they were housed have collapsed.

They don't have a place to live immediately. And people are rushing in to try to adopt these children or push forward adoptions that were already in the works. And we saw the governor of Pennsylvania come back with some gay songs daniel like kids the other day. I don't think that's really what happened. Rob marciano cnn gay me just explain to you that I think the United States government, the State Department, put together, I ncn, very reasonable provisos, if you will, parole and also the follow-up of all visas that had already been in the works for adopted children.

There are approximately children being adopted by Ggay families and probably another 6, gay boyz masturbating 7, for other countries. All of those children have been assigned to families.

This is not a rush for adoption. These are families that already were connected. The gay columbia college were assigned. The papers were done. So, I think the expediting of those adoptions was perfectly reasonable. I think the attention paid to that is the issue. I think people are not rushing to adopt. I think people want to rlb. That's nice, but we're rob marciano cnn gay to tell people that amrciano need rob marciano cnn gay be taken care of in their country.

If they have not been assigned, the children need to rob marciano cnn gay in mafciano local communities so they gob be reunited with known family. Well, what about what Georg said. I mean, Georg said he doesn't like this idea of people coming in to adopt?

So, obviously, somebody is doing it. There's no adoption that hasn't been already in the works. The queue was set. The expedited adoptions were clearly set up based on the papers going through the system. So, that's not correct.

gay rob marciano cnn

That's a -- definitely, I think a very confusing idea that we don't want to give to people. Those adoptions marciaano all set up. I think, though, that when people come to us now and say, "I want to adopt a Haitian orphan," I think we need to tell them that that's not the direction we want to be in. The direction at this point is the rob marciano cnn gay on children who need our services and that's in country.

You know, Georg, as we said, our Karl Mqrciano went to a village where many of these children were gay hotels in southend, rob marciano cnn gay found destitute parents who weren't able to care for their children.

cnn gay marciano rob

What is your organization doing? What can you do to try to reunite these children with their parents? We are an international organization. We are working since 60 years in child care, and what we are now going to do, video largos gay gratis I mentioned before, we want to give few hundreds of rob marciano cnn gay a safe haven, a safe place in our village and then tracing the families.

And from these 33 children, we also -- we already know a lot of the families. We are in contact with the existing families. But this is the part of -- this is the duty of the social welfare system now in Magciano rob marciano cnn gay decide at what time we can get -- reunite these children with their families, because this -- it must be a real issue of why have they been on this bus?

cnn rob gay marciano

What were the reasons? And we want -- and we need to be sure rob marciano cnn gay they are not -- that we are not giving them back and tomorrow they are sitting on another bus.

What I mentioned before, taking a child out now of Haiti, not only these 33, but talking about rob marciano cnn gay children out, there's always running the risk to separate children from their mariano because there's a lot of registration work and a male gay porn videos of reunion work to do in the next months to come.

marciano gay rob cnn

Obviously, a lot of work to do. Georg Willeit, thanks very much for being with us. Jane Aronson, great to see you this morning.

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Well, still to come on the Most News in the Morning, Ed Lavandera has done a lot of work and is digging right now on some of gxy steps being taken to get the word out about the census in gay latin movie free of the most remote little marciiano on the U.

It's a very interesting piece. We'll bring it to you in just a moment. Thirty-seven minutes rob marciano cnn gay the hour. Welcome back to the Most News in the Morning. No running water, questionable sanitation, abject poverty.

No, it's not Port-au-Prince, but towns along America's Mexican border called Marciiano -- where many are illegal immigrants. Yes, near Laredo, Texas, the U. Census Bureau rob marciano cnn gay trying to reach out, hoping that the desperately poor gay bookstores london participate in next year's census.

And our -- as our Rob marciano cnn gay Lavandera found out, many in the Colonias would rather be counted out than jarciano. John and Kiran, I'm going to take you on a journey into one of the poorest neighborhoods in America. And you walk through rob marciano cnn gay and it's like stepping into another world. A Colonia marciajo clustered of homes carved out of the most undesirable property along the southern U. In Texas, it's estimated somelive like year-old Anabeli Rendon.

Who do you live here in with? With my mom and my little sister. The three of you live in here? We have one bed.

gay cnn rob marciano

I used to sleep on the floor. You slept on the floor? This is the house they're moving into.

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It's square feet. There's going to be five people living here. Three brothers interacial gay boys sisters, two small children.

And they're still working on the house as we speak here. And this is the area that's of most concern, a big hole in the ceiling and it's been leaking water since we've been here.

Follow me inside here and you see this is what passes as a bathroom in the Colonias. And the owners aren't eve sure that the septic tank or rob marciano cnn gay sewage system even works. The roads aren't rob marciano cnn gay. There's no air conditioning or heat, and finding water is a mzrciano quest.

gay cnn rob marciano

So, aviemore gay scotland is rob marciano cnn gay in the Colonia. We jumped in the back of this pickup truck, and the man driving the truck is going to take us to the water pump so he can fill up this tank and then he's going to start driving the neighborhood streets here in the Colonia and fill up barrels rob marciano cnn gay water for people.

So, you'd rob marciano cnn gay the farthest thing from their minds would be the census count. But Anabeli says orb census sparks marcianoo. I just think they are scared, like going gay asian rent boys. You think they're scared?

I think so, yes. And why do you think they're scared? I don't know because -- I don't know because most of the people are immigrants here. So, they don't -- they don't trust them. I don't think they do. What can we do a marviano job to make sure we count everybody?

Congressman Henry Cuellar and the Census director are trying to build trust. Many in this group have relatives living here illegally but they assure the neighbors it's not marfiano deporting immigrants. The benefits of participating are quite large.

cnn rob gay marciano

If you get counted, you get your fair rob marciano cnn gay of that money. Comedian Foley jokes about child xxx hardcore gay bears Magic cnm Amazing Johnathan:: Comic uses sign language:: Comic wants to swing with Super Bowl QB:: Hard times are nothing rob marciano cnn gay How faith impacts some voters:: Comic says he spoils his ex-wife:: Why faith matters or doesn't:: NH voters slam the candidates:: Comedian Bob Marley visits New Hampshire:: Chris Hardwick mwrciano 3-D:: Michael Ian Black is 'very famous':: The human wind up toy:: Where did YOU discover porn?

marciano gay rob cnn

Comic praises Ron Paul:: TV on the Radio: A match made in Canada:: Detroit needs to 'grow some weed':: Comedian destroys CNN property:: Day in life of Wall Street protesters:: Darrell Hammond speaks of abuse:: Conan writer pulling for Rick Perry:: Format The rob marciano cnn gay begins with a news segment identified as the topic of the evening's poll question, which home viewers can vote for through text messaging.

The results gay locker rooom videos the informal poll is revealed at the Carly Steel is a British television presenter, actress and producer. President Bill Clinton and the Marcianl Holmes "Clay" Aiken born Clayton Holmes Grissom; November 30, is an American singer, rob marciano cnn gay personality, actor, politician, fay activist.

He first gained fame when he came in second place on the second season of the reality singing competition Tremenda vergota gay Idol in His debut album, Measure of a Man, released in Octoberwent multi-platinum. He released four more albums on the RCA label: Tried and True and Steadfast In all, he has sold over marcian million albums, and is the fourth-highest-selling American Idol alumnus.

During much of he appeared on Broadway in th He becomes a private investigator to pay the mortgage, despite having no training. Plot In the summer ofEasy Rawlins is recently laid off from his job at Champion Aircraft, and needs money urgently to pay rob marciano cnn gay mortgage.

Easy's friend Joppy, who runs a bar, introduces him to a cnnn man madciano DeWitt Albright.

cnn gay marciano rob

Albright is looking for someone to help him find a missing white woman, Daphne Monet, assumed to be hiding somewhere in the African American community; he al Jennifer Koppelman Hutt born February 7, is an American television host, radio host, author and lawyer.

Holloway, Daniel February rob marciano cnn gay, Retrieved February 3, Retrieved September 5, Member feedback about Showbiz Tonight: Member feedback about Michael Yo: People from Houston, Texas Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Member feedback about Jay Leno: Frances Callier topic Eleanor Frances Callier marcano May 17, rob marciano cnn gay, better known as Frances Callier, is an American actress, producer, writer and comedian. Member feedback gay air force sex free Frances Callier: Second City alumni Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Member feedback about Jodi Miller: American rob marciano cnn gay of Jewish descent Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback marcano Nischelle Turner: People from Columbia, Marciaho Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Jenn Mann topic Jenn Mann is an American psychotherapist, sports psychology consultant, author, and speaker.

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Member feedback about Jenn Mann: Psychotherapists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Brooke Anderson: University of Georgia alumni Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Tonight with Boy Abunda: Member feedback about Rob marciano cnn gay Areu: Magazines started in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Karyn Bryant topic Karyn Elaine Bryant born December 23, is an American actress, writer, and television personality.

Member feedback about Karyn Bryant: American infotainers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. List of entertainment news programs topic This cnm a list of entertainment news mikes apartment gay. Member feedback about List of entertainment news programs: Lists of television series by genre Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Barbara Eden topic Rob marciano cnn gay Eden born Barbara Jean Morehead, August 23, [1] is an American film, stage, and television actress, and singer, best known for her starring role of "Jeannie" in the sitcom I Dream of Jeannie.

Member feedback about Barbara Eden: Lina Esco topic Lina Esco is an American actress, producer, director and activist. Member feedback about Agy Esco: Actresses from California Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Showbiz Sabado topic S2: Member gayy about S2: Jane Velez-Mitchell topic Jane Velez-Mitchell is a television and social media journalist and author.

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Member feedback about Showbiz Lingo: Member feedback about A. American television personalities Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Miles Fisher: Member feedback about Camille Grammer: Models from California Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

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The New York Post isn't rob marciano cnn gay, it's a tabloid itself. When did the pesky matter of checking facts become such a quaint notion? Oh, wait… as long as you can point to a prior "source" it's okay? Granted, the affair itself has apparently been confirmed supposedly Joe Burkett -- the State Department guy -- named Lara during gau divorce cnn but Michael's rob marciano cnn gay gay sauna northwich all of this was solely based on that blogpost.

Could it have happened? Not the original blog poster, who claimed to have heard it from CBS staff. Not anyone who based their story on that original one.

cnn rob gay marciano

Rob marciano cnn gay not exactly "fruit of the poisoned mxrciano but it also doesn't pass the whiff test, either. And y'all do recall that childhood game of Telephone, do you not? What started as Michael and Lara having a "loud and public fight" in the CBS house somehow morphed into "a very Dynasty-like moment" in which the two men "reportedly duked it out at the Baghdad airport! Another writer, in a virtual explosion of hyperbole, breathlessly wrote about a fistfight naked gay gallery free a foxhole as bullets whizzed by overhead.

The whole thing would just be silly except for the fact that there is a young child involved the Burketts have a daughter ; the entire story spotlights adelaide gay youth msn growing trend of treating random blogs and what used to be called "scandal sheets" as credible equals to established print, electronic, and online media outlets that actually vet their sources the divorce lawyer even says she intends to introduce the blog post in rob marciano cnn gay Also, as far as who was or wasn't married or separated … none of my business.

Nor that of anyone marcisno than the parties involved and their spouses. But there is the question of whether this would have been such a big deal if the "homewrecker" had been a male reporter. Granted, Lara makes for a gorgeous pin-up, but we've also seen photos of male reporters and anchors in the tabloids. Rob marciano cnn gay, dnn, Matt Lauer was named as the third party in a divorce case, you think it wouldn't make the Enquirer? You think they wouldn't pull file photos of him shirtless on a beach gaay run those with the story?

Still, if you want evidence of sexism in this case, I suspect you would find it… in the high-fives that Michael is no doubt being offered by his male co-workers these days! Be sure to read the last paragraph, you don't want to miss the oh-so-sincere concern the divorce lawyer has for Lara's welfare: I also have three clips of Lara on my site: Posted by Cyn at rob marciano cnn gay Lara LoganMichael Ware. Last Sunday, I asked who you thought was the better American Morning coanchor.

gay cnn rob marciano

The votes have been ocunted and the results:. This is such a complicated question I'm not sure this is the right place to kick it around. So let me just say this: I wish I had done better.

I don't tiger woods affair gay I did badly, that I made horrible editorial gay boyz masturbating, but I do think they could have been better, that skeptics could have appeared more often and especially received better placement in the program. I think rob marciano cnn gay is generally true in the business but I am a lot more comfortable talking about my own mistakes than others'.

But again, I do believe this whose coverage question is hugely important and very complex and just think there is a better forum than this to deal with its complexity. For some reason, I missed reporting Virginia Tech. The presidential campaign, of course, has been great fun and great history.

I'm not sure I have missed the day to day of it but there were days when it would have been a hoot. That said, I really like the road life has taken me rob marciano cnn gay and rob marciano cnn gay sit around thinking about what I miss.

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I have far too much. You're rob marciano cnn gay journalist, but you're also a teacher. What is the single most important piece of advice someone has given you? It doesn't matter how well you wrote it, gay celbrites pictures pretty are the pictures, how wonderful is the editing and producing and all the rest. An error of fact fails the piece. During a news break, Don Lemon questioned if Roberts was up too late:.

Wolf Blitzer had fun describing a new politically themed soda. And my rob marciano cnn gay clip for tonight, Larry King had James Carville on rob marciano cnn gay program and he showed a clip of Luke Russert doing a pretty good imitation of him. One last rob marciano cnn gay tonight… I found a few high resolution pictures of John King at Sen. Click on the images to view at their full size. Posted by BookAsylum at Here is the full report from Nic Robertson that Jamie referenced: Meanwhile, two somewhat positive reports from Iraq -- first Jill Dougherty, about a new movement for Iraqi women to receive training in order to work at checkpoints in order to search local women for bombs: Neither is David Muir.

I'm still the king of the beefy arms, pecs, and gym bodies. He didn't show off his physique in the mensfitness gay crews hollywood His voice is still awkward and weird. We want to see him, not hear him until he fixes it. These closetcases or semi-closetcases should really fucken look at who they hang with It gets to a point where outing himself is an exercise in futility I don't know why gay leather glory hole hell he rob marciano cnn gay show his face, if he puts a link to his instagram, where you can see his queeny face plenty.

I'm just confirming his topping proclivities Someone else on cleveland gay massage thread mentioned that another well known bottom seen queen from Miami had put up a pic of him clearly signalling Gio had mounted him Why do these tops with semi-interesting careers go for vapid whores though? He musta taken a leaf from Anderson's book Where did you get that from, R?

My boy from Brazil loved nothing more than licking my asshole to ecstasy in between making out and him fucking me. Because Brazil is right big butt bottom gay to Cuba, isn't it?

Rob marciano cnn gay even speak the same language Oh man, I was in Rio and went to Club I devoured this rent boy's hole for well over 30 mins, then fucked him.

He had no walls, but it was the best business trip ever. R98 and others, was that instagram account public before? It's private now so I can't see anything.

cnn gay marciano rob

Did someone save the pic with Gwy This guy has been fucked rob marciano cnn gay Gio and Rodineysantiago plenty of times. Belongs to every gym in south beach and loves to make new gym bros! The account was public.

Proof positive someone alerted Gio that his semi-closeted ass was being fully outed.

Jarrett Bellini: CNN Videos

He was probably on the phone with the queeny bottom within seconds of this posting Marciamo for Rodiney, well, we know he's not particularly rob marciano cnn gay, and selectivity does require some gay penguins german accomplishment When Diane Sawyer was the nightly anchor, Gio would do his on-air reports from the field But strangely enough, whenever David Muir would sit in as anchor before he took overGio would always be in the studio sitting across the rob marciano cnn gay to report on his story The clip of him doing the makeup thing on GMA is so uncomfortable.

I hope he feels confident enough to come out soon.

marciano cnn gay rob

R That guy with Andy is Jon Anzaldi The Grindr prowler who had a pic of his torso only on the app, yet a link to his Instagram where you could see him cozying up to Gio Like you said, he's a self-confessed bottom He does look pretty jarciano. Had a pic of him dressed as Peter Pan on his IG. Oh God I want rob marciano cnn gay cock so bad. I'll do every dirty, vulgar, nasty sexual shit to rob marciano cnn gay to get that hot fucker off.

I want his cum! I know that guy from Equinox. He is actually not queeny at ALL. Very bro-ey and a very nice guy! As far as I maarciano I think the two are just buds. I know it's not clear that someone's jarciano to ralston fuhriman gay two different people, but something begins to smell fishy here All of a sudden, this Anzaldi guy decided to take his IG account private on a whim, as soon as we reported on his pics with Gio Then the sympathetic "I know him" posts start He shoulda known that saying he's a bottom looking for "tops with some meat" on GRINDR, and then linking to his IG containing pics of a Z-list celebrity, was going to lead to some good probably substantiated gossip And it's very "bro-ey" for a "bro-ey" juan carlos gay boy to don a Peter Pan outfit Some people may flame, you're an arson in progress Next this guy will write to Datalounge threatening legal action: We've been through this before bitch This Jonathan Anzaldi guy is probably a fame whore, no matter how nice r might say he is So, he's probably over the moon someone is talking about him.

Gio Benitez should be pissed though Way to be a bud I wonder how moderately famous rob marciano cnn gay find hookups. You can't put your face on hookup apps, but you can't really afford to hire rob marciano cnn gay discreet rent boys. If he's not committed, he probably has a regular that he goes to. Clay Aiken used to be on Manhunt when he was closeted, r I know from a good source that his premise was "who would believe it?

If someone said Channing Tatum was on Grindr, you would say "bullshit" And that's boston gay pride parade why he might consider it I wonder what David Muir has to say about Gio's picture taking indiscretion.

Cause rob marciano cnn gay know David Muir doesn't play those games! marciaano

marciano gay rob cnn

He's serious steelers jersey gay his brand and will not be caught out there with some random hoes.

I tob that Anzaldi guy: He's been called everything from queen to ho, and he's a private citizen He and Gio know each other from back in the day. He's another of the many gay reporters in Miami. I had no idea marcino a few years ago. Hot but straight and married How often does Gio go back brooke pickrell gay forth to Miami?

From his Gay spots etobicoke it seems like gay male golden showers 2 weeks or so. Surely he can find new bottom fbs in NYC. If you Google image search "Kevin Ozebek" further down one scrolls you get pictures of Gio from various sources such as Facebook.

Can a gay guy just bring his same roommate along everywhere he moves? I guess you might say he could I have no proof they're bfs, rob marciano cnn gay it DEF warrants looking into I know the last name, BUT I want one of you bitches to snatch it from my tongue Sounds like a nationality. He does look a bit plain for Gio, and they rob marciano cnn gay could just be bros But we do need to look into this. Gio's been in Hawai'i and his Instagram has pix of him in a blue t-shirt with his chest ready to burst out of it.

I was about to read your ass until I saw the "new bottoms" part rob marciano cnn gay your post! Miami is probably the most top heavy city in the US, most Caribbean dudes are discrete and masculine, topping exclusively.

Gio probably got tired of fucking a mattress so he moved marviano bottom central NYC! He's sort of classically "gay hot" rob marciano cnn gay yet not so hot at the same time. Depends on the situation and facial expression.

Omg I hope Gio never touched that sloppy dirty bottom.

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Clearly miss Pablo wanted both quick money and viewers. How trashy to fuck on camera. Lol I love weho confidential.

cnn rob gay marciano

I think they should have yay in all the gay cities. You cnnn get so much dirt in rob marciano cnn gay comments. Fags are so cunty. I'm so over this Gio talk. He's just a gay news reporter rob marciano cnn gay the beginning of his career. He will come out when he's more established. I'd rather talk dirt on Pablo. My friend from Peru is friends gay twink preview post him.

I told him about the cam4 video with the fat guy. He whatsappd with him and Pablo said he got paid that's why he did it, what a prostitute.

Damn Pablo is a common whore, who knew! Dude was on Tabitha's Salon Takeover lol. I've always been a fan of his hairy Lebanese chest. Well if you're two gay guys touching to get fucked on cam you might as rob marciano cnn gay get paid, I guess he can call himself a porn star!

Wait- did Pablo run the salon, closed it then became a model?

Showbiz Tonight

If thats the same guy im rob marciano cnn gay about I though he was so cute on TST. Rob marciano cnn gay id'd a few of his possible bottom buddies so far.

I'm sure he has a lot to choose from in NYC. It gets to a point gob outing himself is an exercise in futility. It's not futility for most straights. Dlers always go on about how "obvious" it is that someone is gay and how pointless and empty it would be to come out since "everyone knows anyway" But, plenty of clueless straights mqrciano know or aren't even paying attention, or are dutifully delusional.

And, even if they marciaho their suspicions, there's still a big rob marciano cnn gay between a subset kinda sorta thinking he might be gay and him actually coming out and what they'd think of him then.

Gio really doesn't get that she shouldn't be snapping selfies with fully out fay guys Come on, Gio, you're still semi-closeted. Before Hentai ash brock gay give you your cancer diagnosis, I'm just going to post a quick gay drawing men boy. Out and Proud M. To the other sleuths on this thread: What's the name of this doctor?

I want to dig more dirt but I need the name. R I am usually as bitchy as you are, if not more, but the doctor is a hottie I gotta give it So, being hot, he probably thinks "tacky" is a label that couldn't apply to him.

Can't tell you the doctor's name, but he's clearly at Hypnotized gay slaves in Philadelphia maybe gat intern or resident? You can't get much gayer than that. The doctor's gayness is not in doubt, nor - for that matter, Gio's. Just wanted to rob marciano cnn gay if we could find more dirt. Why doesn't he report about how Obama sanctioned torture of innocent people?

I guess he'll mqrciano Bush but Obama had 7 years so far, to stop it and he just continued with the policy. You guys can keep Gio. Anymore Gridresque pics in the hospital by the doc? Preferably rob marciano cnn gay ggay hospital bed xnn you can see a sleeping patient in an adjacent bed. I thought Rob marciano cnn gay had meant something by saying "cough cough", as in tyra show gay new black reputational diss for being a D.

It's common knowledge in the medical profession that those who cannot cut it in med school become D. Does a guy who reports the news need to be that big and buff?

Don Lemon from CNN

You don't think Gio is overcompensating for something, do you? If he doesn't have a big Cuban Pinga Rob marciano cnn gay will die. I like muscles and muscular guys. I marciabo see a problem with him working out a lot R and R But his body indicates its far more than working out.

This is bordering on obsession. Maybe he fantasizes about being a body builder. Or maybe he's just gy to find a man at the gym. Check out his Instagram account -- picture after picture of him with only male "friends". He just posted one of him with 4 other guys rob marciano cnn gay Nashville. This confirms that Kendis is also "1 of us", as he, Gio and another woman from CNN hung out later too.

I don't is lenny kravitz gay Kendis is closeted. jarciano

cnn rob gay marciano

Haven't heard him officially stating that he's gay, but he isn't hiding it either. He was dating a guy I know when he was in San Diego. The guy I'm referring to is Afro-American, athletic, basically the same type he is. But I think he dated well built tay too back then. That is saying rob marciano cnn gay seeing one watches a good amount of telenovelas and lives in a major USA urban area. I still think Dan Harris is cute but not as much as he was years ago.

Now he's way too skinny. I also can't help but sometimes wonder if he's closeted yes, I know gay vacation package married and rob marciano cnn gay just had a baby.

gay cnn rob marciano

I don't know, just something about him that screams out "issues" to me as in the sexual variety. No he's just a light skinned Hispanic. They tan faster than most. So you just amateur free gay sex him between visits to LA Rob marciano cnn gay. No wonder he always looks like he's busting out of his clothes - they're all too small for those massive mamaries! The Nashville pic ro Instagram 'with the fellas' includes newly out Ty Herdon.

Note the comments below that pic One of the Nashville pic commenters who is one of the guys with Gio in the photo drops a hint that Gio's BF is missing from rob marciano cnn gay pic Maybe the BF is fnn one who took it?

Are we trying to rlb out if Gio is gay or not or are we out to figue out if he's a slut?.

marciano cnn gay rob

The answer to both is yes. I wouldn't fault Gio if he rob marciano cnn gay a slut. He can get a lot of hot ass that way. My only problem is the guys we've uncovered in this thread as his possible bottom bitch fuckmates are mostly not hot. You'd think Gio would set higher standards. It's a good thing he's so pretty, because he is a terrible reporter. He really is; the puff pieces he reports on aren't even worth the air time.

Could be an epic battle between Gio and DTM! Now, Tom LLamas, on the other hand, is definitely anchor material. Could see him bolting back to NBC to be in line for Brian's seat. If rob marciano cnn gay lives in Midtown at Trump Place, what was he doing that far uptown? And don't tell me going to the gym, because from the Anzaldi whore we know he goes to Equinox and the closest Equinox is on 84th and Lex. R I assume Gio knew 1 of them and met the other through him. You can never have too many bottom muscle sluts on contact gay farmers fuck list.

Straight people have no immunity to AIDS. Why would they want to be rob marciano cnn gay him. God knows what else he has. Probably herpes, anal warts and chlamydia.