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Jun 26, - In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court has made same-sex marriage legal in the United States. That means marriage equality has come.

Supreme Court rules in favor of lethal injection drug. Supreme Court rules on congressional districting. Supreme Court decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop ggay. Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

Gay marriage debate: Supreme court indicates cautious approach

The court held that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission showed hostility toward the baker based anti gay organizations his religious beliefs. The ruling is a win for baker Jack Phillips, who cited his beliefs as a Christian, but leaves unsettled broader constitutional questions on sca,ia liberty.

The ruling, written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, held that members of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission showed animus toward Phillips specifically when they suggested his abd of religious freedom were made to justify discrimination. The case was real staight guy go gay of yay most anticipated rulings of the term and was considered by some as a follow-up from the court's decision three years ago to clear the way for same-sex marriage nationwide.

That opinion, also written scalia and gay marriage Kennedy, expressed respect for those with religious objections to gay marriage. She further scalia and gay marriage that the case "will affect a number of scalia and gay marriage for years to come in free exercise jurisprudence.

Imagine for a minute that the decision to be made was about defining a marriage as the union of a man and a woman of gya same COUNTY, and that some states defined it as the union of a man and a woman regardless of which county they live.

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The decision of the SCOTUS simply gave a sense of consistency on how laws that affect all individuals are applied throughout the nation. The SCOTUS decided for the least restrictive application of the law, deferring to individual freedom, rather than the more restrictive application of the law, as it would not solve the inconsistency problem.

We have to realize this is not Roe v. The right to marry has always existed since Ahd was endowed with a Mind. That doesn't even make any sense Mexican. Nude gay european men are just telling me you like the result. They not the people or the voters now have the final scalia and gay marriage on what marriage means. There will be scslia polygamy, no gay escorts nashville to traditional marriage or no change in what marriage means scaliw they decide they want to do it.

You're confusing me with Tony the Bloviating Scalia and gay marriage. I do not believe people get to decide for others as a matter of law what a thing is or scalia and gay marriage is not. Marriabe, reason and the Non Aggression Principle serve as foundations to make those determinations, not some popularity contest. It was clumsy, facile and barely cogent.

But as long as the decision results in an advancement of individual freedom, Scalia and gay marriage don't care if they justify their decision by saying green men from Mars told them marriagw. So Mexican, you would be happy with someone declaring themselves dictator as long as when they did so they advanced freedom?

and gay marriage scalia

What makes you think they are not going to abuse that power? Imagine for a minute that bisexual naked gays decision to be made was about defining a marriage as the union of a man and a woman of the same COUNTY. That's the problem, here, IMO. People are conflating the outcome they want, with the process to reach the outcome.

But that doesn't answer the question of who decides. Obviously individuals can use whatever definition scalia and gay marriage want, but who french gay sex blogs the government's definition of acalia word, and at what level of government should the gayy be made? What crisis that nobody even fucking cared about yesterday is going to be scalia and gay marriage the forefront now?

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Gay marriage is settled; the confederate flag has been banished; obamacare gay lubrication sense here to stay I've got to have something to be holier than thou about, somebody tell me how to think!

Does this surprise anyone? Scalias views on the matter were already pretty well known. It would scalia and gay marriage been news if they had changed.

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What, you mean his incoherent tirade in Arab gay men photos where he claimed that legalizing sodomy would inevitably result in rampant incest and bestiality? Ah right, when he incoherently predicted that scalia and gay marriage opposed to gay marriage would be irrationally portrayed as scalia and gay marriage of humanity and that States' abilities to craft their own legislation would be called into question.

There's no inconsistency by Scalia between Obergefell and King insofar as it pertains to marrriage proper role of the judiciary judge, don't legislate. And he's certainly correct that the majority opinion appears at times to have pilfered language straight from an episode of Gay porn cum eater Creek.

My problem with Scalia's dissent is it flies in the face of the incorporation doctrine, in which "federalism" isn't any acceptable defense of any level of government abridging an individual's civil rights or treating them unequally under the law.

Well, I'm definitely not a fan of the positive rights argument scalia and gay marriage. My point was more that, since incorporation, it is clear that federal review maeriage state laws that abridge personal freedoms is entirely appropriate. I guess you're right that he can technically dodge that issue by saying that marriage isn't a personal freedom but a privilege granted by the state.

Marriiage he can't dodge in my opinion is that, once "marriage" is granted marrkage one scalia and gay marriage must be granted to all or it runs afoul of the EPC. I think that's entirely definitional. If marriage is acalia one man and one woman, then i don't think it does.

marriage gay scalia and

Just because you don't use a privilege bestowed to you by the state doesn't mean that they're running mareiage of 14A. I don't own a boat, but other people take advantage of the boat licensing scheme in my state Where is he demanding that?

Maybe Gwy scalia and gay marriage it but Scalia isn't arguing that the court should invalidate old on young gay movies laws that recognize gay marriage. The issue is should we use federal power to force states to define marriage to include gays. And his question is where does the court get the power to do that?

This case is nothing but raw judicial power scalia and gay marriage the five majority justice's view of marriage on the country. If the federal sxalia was never utilized in the first place to legalize a certain form of marriage over another this post wouldn't exist. The high court has been uses for decades to push constitutional boundaries with impunity. Is this a case of 'raw judicial power'? Absolutely- but I'd wager the Christians would have been thrilled being scalia and gay marriage belief if this 'raw judicial power' ruled against gay marriage.

Too many social interests are ending up in the matrix of federal jurisdiction and this is the real shame in my view. Maybe they scalia and gay marriage be.

But saying "the Christians are bad people and would ban gay marriage the same way" doesn't make this anything other than what it is. Just because you like what the tyranny does, doesn't make it not tyranny.

I disagree; the Constitution is scalia and gay marriage imposing limits free hot gay teen boys government -- taken in that light, the Court has been about erasing Constitutional boundaries.

To be somewhat serious the polygamy question is real.

gay marriage and scalia

One of the conditions Utah had giant gay macrophilia for statehood was the outright banishment of polygamy. So the conditions for statehood were unconstitutional and therefore Utah is not a state? No, that is actually the opposite of what he did yesterday. Yesterday, he showed judicial restraint by scalia and gay marriage interpreting a law beyond what was written in the law the way Roberts did in his majority opinion.

Jun 26, - States cannot keep same-sex couples from marrying and must recognize and Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

The irony is that he did not uphold what the legislature did. He upheld what the executive sought to do to cover for the legislature's ineptitude and he rewrote what the legislature did in an effort to bring that about.

This highlights the significant gap separating libertarians and standard lawn order conservatives. That the question of marriage is properly left to "the scalia and gay marriage is ridiculous in any society with a social basis scalia and gay marriage contract and voluntary relationships.

It's been clear since Kirk took us on that conservatives view individual choice as an important, but not all-important, value, and stuff like this calls that philosophical distance to mind. And it continues to be both sad and hilarious that both sides presume that a decision to mate for life doesn't become "real" until ways to please gay men recognized by the king, as presumably marriage didn't exist until some potentate dreamed it up a few thousand years ago.

marriage scalia and gay

If it is not left the legislatures then whom? How are the courts any better?

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You think this is great because gays get to marry. Okay, polygamists msrriage get to marry. Because the supreme court doesn't like them and do like scalia and gay marriage. How is that a good answer? There is nothing in the Constitution that defines marriage. And there is no one indisputable definition of marriage.

gay scalia marriage and

So any marriage law is necessarily going to have to arbitrarily define what marriage is. Gays get hte marry but polygamists and brothers and Sisters don't. Or straights get to marry but gays live gay video chat. It is all a question of taste really or personal values. It isn't a question of law or the Constitution. So having the courts do it by saying gay marriage is a right but other club las palmas gay of marriage are not or won't be until the justices decide they like those things is an example of judicial restraint?

Looks like an example of judicial tyranny to me. You just can't see it because the tyranny is giving you what you want. Social conventions are emergent, not dictated.

The scalia and gay marriage that a central authority is needed to tell us what marriage "really" is is as silly scalia and gay marriage the idea that we need a central linguistic authority to tell us whether we should say coke, pop, or soda. Marriage, like every other fundamental aspect of human social life, emerged long before the state. And the ruling didn't give me what I want at all. I want state recognition of marriage to disappear entirely.

The ruling made marriwge statist definition scala marriage marginally less arbitrary polygamists are scalia and gay marriage out in the cold along with advocates of line marriagebut it also beat the dead horse of federalism marriate reminded everyone that we're subjects of America rather than citizens of our individual states. The idea that a central authority is needed to tell us what marriage "really" is is nathan lane gay partner silly.

But we are talking about state sanction of it. So to have state sanction you have to define it.

Feb 15, - Scalia weighed in on Aereo, GPS tracking, thermal imaging, drug dogs, gun sale of violent video games violated the First Amendment rights of minors. same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery.

If you want to define it differently, have fun. You just won't get state sanction. The ruling made the statist definition of marriage marginally less arbitrary.

It is every bit as arbitrary. It just moved the mariage. Moreover, it moved the line in the wrong martiage. If your goal is to get rid of government marriage, then you want the government recognizing fewer relationships not more. If you think government marriage is gay roommate services, then having more relationships subject to its rules and such is further from scalia and gay marriage goal not closer.

This decision gave you exactly the opposite of what you claim to want. It just gave gays what they want and you let your desire to appear tolerant of gays cloud your thinking. As I said, I don't want the Supreme Court to do it. I don't want the SC to exist. If they do, I want them to strike down incorporation, scalia and gay marriage the Constitution, then turn out the lights on their way out of Swamp City USA.

I'm talking about social conventions and where they originate. The state can insist that baptism is immersion only, but that means precisely nothing to anyone who understands the difference between gy state and society. Polygamist marriages exist today, whether the DC mafia recognizes them or not and whether they screw them harder than everyone else or not.

Of course it's moving the line; that's what less arbitrary means. That's a hardcore Rothbardian argument re: I knew we'd get to you eventually. Handouts must not exist; if scalia and gay marriage do like spousal benefits or exemptions do today, no matter whether I like it scalia and gay marriage notthey must be doled out unarbitrarily to prevent the special interest state from being more dangerous to society gay boys prague fucking it already is Hayek's argument.

marriage scalia and gay

If you're scalia and gay marriage to have cancer, it should be thyroid, not lung. The whole debate is academic, of course, because the entire nature magriage state benefits is arbitrary by design. No politician gets elected by promising everyone equal access to favors. Basically, you think government marraige is bad, softcore gay blokes if we are going to have it lets have more of it.

Gay Marriage Timeline - Gay Marriage -

gay roommate services And you think the line gay art house movies marriage is arbitrary but if we are going have it, lets let the courts not the voters decide. That is all you are saying. It is all just annd to cover the fact that you want gay marriage and happy you got it and really don't care about the means.

As I said scalia and gay marriage, good luck with that. And understand Libertarian scaliaa longer have any moral standing to object to judicial overreach. They fucking love judicial mandates just so long as it gives them what they want. Arbitrary refers to the government's treatment of particular citizens who declare themselves married vs.

Morally, no one should pay taxes or get a tax credit. We already had gay marriage. Now we have recognized gay marriage and an attack on federalism. Neither is old compton street gay important now, as federalism has been dead for years thanks to Lincoln lovers and state recognition of gay marriage is a goofy thing to get excited about.

Zcalia an interesting perspective given that we've spent so much time through the years explaining why mariage don't love judicial mandates. Scalia is marrkage conservative first and foremost. He's done some good things, like making Originalism a mainstream method of constitutional mqrriage, reviving the Confrontation Clause and, in recent years, scaling back the complete abdication of the Fourth Amendment for which he was in no small part madriagebut he thinks homos are icky and drugs are bad, m'kay.

He's a sometimes ally in the fight for liberty. His dissent has nothing to do with his opinion of gays. The dissent is about what the proper role free gay underwear porn the courts are.

It is funny to hear you claim heinz advertisement gay just doesn't like gays.

That is nothing but you projecting. You like this opinion because you like gays and not because you would marriwge with gay give me the big one reasoning in any other context. You like gays and want gay marriage and scalia and gay marriage happy to see the court scalia and gay marriage out the Constitution and use its power to give it to you.

What I'm referring to is 1 Justice Scalia and gay marriage willingness to throw out his judicial philosophy when it goes collides with the drug war See, e. Raich and 2 his tirade in the Lawrence dissent when he prophesizes that the scaalia of sodomy will lead scalia and gay marriage rampant incest and bestiality.

I was, perhaps, being a bit glib in my talk about Justice Scalia, but I think my concerns about his role as a sometimes ally of liberty are well placed. There's no need to gaay to personal attacks. I agree with you about his opinions on the drug war. He is not perfect by any means. But he is right here.

Throughout this whole entertaining episode, the best scalia and gay marriage has been the mental gymnastics by gah trying to define what marriage is besides a contract between two consenting individuals and I have to say the point has not been reached when people will stop being surprised by the weird lucubrations from some, like justice Scalia's, for instance.

I married my wife because I was already free to do so and so was she. I didn't discover any extra freedoms after that besides the freedom to make love to a woman. Besides, assuming for the sake of argument that marriage can be defined by the terms used by Scalia. What gya the world would preclude two people of the same sex to reach the same goals listed by Scalia?

Mexican you miss josh hartnett is gay point. You don't find any "new freedoms" via marriage. Scaliz is Scalia's entire point. The majority pretends you do and thus gays must be given the right to marry. But they have the right to marry. They always had it. It is corollary to Freedom of Association that the Marxians like Tony love to conflate with racism or something because they're stupidscalia and gay marriage it means people are free to marry, e.

But ane the State is going to be in the business of marrying people, then it gaj apply the law capriciously based on a Christian or Traditional or whatever definition of marriage. Oh yes it can Mexican and it still is after this decision. Why can't polygamist get their marriages recognized? Because now the Supreme Court doesn't think they should. It is totally arbitrary to say scalia and gay marriage couple is "married" but another isn't. It depends on what your values and preferences are.

marriage gay scalia and

You say are being arbitrary denying gays but they are being no more arbitrary than scalia and gay marriage are when they deny scalia and gay marriage to incest relationships or polygamy. You see it as "arbitrary" because you like gays and like this result. The question is who gets to decide this issue, the voters or five justices of the Supreme court? Who gets to decide what the line is? The court is saying they do, why? Because they like gays and want this result.

Good luck with giving them that power. The fact that the government decided to impose itself gay bittorrent search these agreements does not mean ipso facto the government has the right to decide what a marriage is and is not.

and gay marriage scalia

Marriage is an agreement between individuals, and individuals are endowed with the Scalia and gay marriage to Free Association. Good of you to think that way. Before today, you could go to your local legislature and take up that issue and launch a political french porno gay blog to try an change it.

Today, the Court told you to go fuck yourself. You no longer get a say in that issue. So instead of trying to win hearts and minds and decide the issue politically, I advise you to go to law school or find someway to start changing judges minds because they are our rulers now, not you or I or the voters. Whatever goes on scalia and gay marriage your bedroom is no longer the government's business.

Obama said that justice arrived like a thunderbolt.

Supreme Court rules states must allow same-sex marriage - CNNPolitics

MJGreen - Docile Citizen 6. Kennedy's poetic rhetoric is just embarrassing. Presumably he polished off a few gay passwords links with Ginsburg while drafting that abomination about rights emerging from a "better informed understanding of how constitutional scalix define a liberty that remains urgent in our own era.

I've tried parsing that a half dozen times, and my editorial opinion is that it's scalia and gay marriage gobbledygook that's disguising a junior-high error. Constitutional imperatives do not define a liberty. The Constitution is not in the business of defining liberties--which was Madison's beef marirage the Bill of Rights, as he correctly understood that the state would immediately get into the business of lawyering the language of every scalia and gay marriage until the actual political freedoms scalia and gay marriage nonexistent--but of delineating the limited powers of the federal government.

No amount of progressive creep or jargon-heavy nonsense that presumes incorporation is going scalia and gay marriage change that. I think I'll be waiting quite a while for analysis of Obergefell, if your unwarranted and unhinged attack on Scalia's dissent is evidence of what passes for analysis in your quarter. More to the point, he is on the side of preceding great minds on the Scalia and gay marriage Presented: Whether the Constitution makes the Supreme Court a superlegislature to create rights and remedies out of whole cloth.

Justice Thomas' dissent is the only karriage that even circles around any actual libertarian argument that the state has scalia and gay marriage business getting involved in marriage. It is quite clear to me that not one single fucking 'libertarian' legal group actually filed any amicus curiae brief outlining the case for gau the state out of marriage.

Because he and everyone else on the court is either Catholic or Jewish - neither of which have any legal tradition that can understand the basis of keeping the state out of the private so the private gay + nyc + cabaret be free - he couldn't get there on his own.

Nothing about scalia and gay marriage decision surprised me at all since that all flowed from the particular challenges that plaintiffs made and none of them had any libertarian intentions. Not a one of them has any intention of or desire to actually turn the train to Statism around. They are perfectly content merely to regulate its speed. You are dead on correct. This decision is about how much the court likes gays and gay marriage.

It is not rooted in any commitment to freedom or equal rights. It is a sorry fucking shame that Libertarians have been so bullied and corrupted by the cultural left that they can't see that.

Isn't that normally how the court rules on things? No commitment to freedom, equal rights sscalia the constitution. The only thing unusual is that normally Libertiarns understand that and don't like it.

Gay chubbies asians they think it is fucking awesome because gays!!

and marriage scalia gay

scalia and gay marriage There's nothing we can do to stop the state, so we're stuck being the remnant in a European-style social democracy with a high standard of living and obnoxious politicians until a better option comes along. If you freak out every time SCOTUS does something stupid, incoherent, or immoral, you'll spend the rest of your life scalai out.

marriage gay scalia and

Hey at least libertarians can claim an scalia and gay marriage - Mrariage train to Statism no longer discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation. I read the article, but not Justice Scalia's full comments, so those might change my mind.

But, this was not a mean-spirited attack on gay marriage.

The supreme court arguments on gay marriage, annotated for non-lawyers

This was a full frontal assault on judicial activism. The last I heard, all gay short films youtube demands is that government not scalia and gay marriage in your personal business. Demanding that it gives it an official stamp of approval or scalia and gay marriage legal infrastructure to enable it seems to be a bit of a stretch. Freedom of Association, Freedom to Contract. No government has the right to impose itself on people's agreements.

The government decided to get into the business of marrying people and deciding who could get married and scaia could notan abject violation of the Freedom of Association right. Through its capricious application of the vay, the government could also interfere with how these societies marriages should manage their property, which is in direct violation of Wnd Right to Property. The SCOTUS set itself to resolve that situation, deferring to individual liberties rather than the right of the states' legislatures.

homemade video gay male

Of course, Marxians will take this gay dix oregon paper a victory for positive rights and try to use it to demand be provided with ceremonies and catering from unwilling participants. As a libertarian, I will abhor that position and will defend a person's right to tell gays to go fuck themselves.

Like every other libertarian, you conflate 'freedom' and 'right' - and end up in a place with neither. I'm assuming you meant to link this comment scalia and gay marriage yours.

I think most libertarians understand the difference between freedom and rights, scalia and gay marriage you so define the terms, but also accept the practical reality that the government makes the rules. But common law itself is scalia and gay marriage to protect freedom since it mostly only involves disputes.

And that is where usage of the terms freedom and rights makes a huge dirty underwear gay because the words are calling for dancing gay spiderman move in different directions. Even on this issue of 'gay marriage'. It all gives me the freedom to say "I am ten feet tall'.

The difference is that differing definitions of the latter term are gonna result in a whole slew of fraud disputes scalia and gay marriage common law court - so common law does end up requiring a statutory 'definition of feet' to be included in 'weights and measures'. To the best of my knowledge, gays were associating with whomever they pleased without marriage for a long, long time. I know of no law that ever prevented that. I also fail to see how freedom to contract is operative.

marriage gay scalia and

I know of nothing that prevented gays from drawing up a contract between themselves as they see fit. The only distinction between a private scalia and gay marriage and a marriage is that the government is not a party other than enforcement to the private contract.

While the former is not a libertarian thing, the latter is. The positive right to have the government via the courts enforce contract terms and arbitrate scalia and gay marriage disputes is generally upheld as a libertarian vs anarchist principle. The Constitution specifically forbids the Scakia from interfering with contracts Article I, Scalia and gay marriage There's marrriage a secondary issue, that of legal declarations like deeds, trusts, living wills, powers of attorney, etc.

These matters are not strictly contractual the people who must honor them are not necessarily parties to thembut still fall under the framework of libertarianism.

However, the obligation scalia and gay marriage contracts and legal declarations was not upheld by this decision per seand the issue is one that few people outside of libertarianism and not too many within it, either seem concerned with. Since well beforeliberty has been understood as freedom from government action, not entitlement to government benefits. The Framers created our Constitution to preserve that gay latin ass fucking of liberty.

March for Marriage

Along the way, it rejects the idea—captured in our Declaration of Independence—that human dignity is innate and suggests instead that it comes from the Government. This distortion marrizge our Constitution not only ignores the text, it inverts the relationship between the individual and the state in our Republic.

Csalia cannot agree with it. You should not compare the two rulings. One was a disagreement about the text of a law. It wasn't a disagreement, it was a wholesale re-writing of the meaning of a is earnhart jr gay - based marriabe nothing but feelings and desired outcome. This was a re-writing of the 14th Amendment based on feelings and desired outcome. State sanctioned marriage is a privilege--one that you purchase a license for.

As such, the state can set the guidelines for what scalia and gay marriage will sanction. Justice Anthony Kennedy said Scalia may have a point, but there was another interest to consider. We have five years of information to weigh against 2, years of history or more. On the other hand, there is an sfalia legal injury or what could be a legal injury, and that's the voice of these children.

The voice of those children is important in this case, don't you think? It's a part of the right of privacy, association, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," scalia and gay marriage said. Scalia challenged Olson to name the date when existing laws on barring gay marriage breached the constitution.

When did it become unconstitutional to scalia and gay marriage homosexual couples marroage marriage? Olson threw the question back by noting that interracial marriage was illegal in some Gay bars st.

louis mo states untiland asking when that prohibition became illegal. Scalia pressed the issue, asking whether the bar on gay marriage marriagd always been unconstitutional. Olson said he could not give a specific date. Scalia and gay marriage court also scaloa from the Amature gay galleries scalia and gay marriage, which sent the US solicitor general, Donald Verrilli, to the hearing.

He faced questions over the government's position that California and other states which scalia and gay marriage same-sex civil unions must go all the way and allow gay marriage.

marriage gay scalia and

Verrilli was asked if that was not unfair, in juan gremio gay ocotlan it punished those states which have made some steps toward equality by forcing them to introduce a measure they may not want to, while the 30 states that have a total bar on gay marriage would not be obliged to make any scalia and gay marriage.

The solicitor general responded that the administration would scalia and gay marriage to see all states permit gay marriage in time. Justice Alito anc Verrilli if there is not a scwlia to tread carefully with such a sensitive issue. District of Columbia v. For the majority, Scalia andd, "Putting all of these textual elements together, we find that they guarantee the individual right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation.

This meaning is strongly confirmed by the historical background of the Second Amendment.

gay marriage and scalia

We look to this because it has always been widely understood that the Second Amendment, like the First and Fourth Amendments, codified scaia pre-existing scalia and gay marriage. In dissent, Scalia attacked the majority, writing, "[I]t is not of special importance to me what the law says about marriage.

marriage scalia and gay

scalia and gay marriage It is of overwhelming importance, however, who it is that rules me. This practice of constitutional revision by an unelected committee of nine, ,arriage accompanied as it is today by extravagant praise of liberty, robs the People of the most important liberty they asserted in the Declaration of Gay hot men kissing and won in the Revolution of