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One of the reasons may have been her substance abuse issues at that time Ah yes, Gillian Anderson is notorious for her crazed fans. I think a couple have found our thread. I've also heard what R said about Matt Dillon. topher grace gay rumors

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And I heard it from agy much-more-likely-to-be-accurate source than most gossip I hear. See the Mary's that topher grace gay rumors about not wanting to her about the ladies don't realize that any guy those ladies are linked to may be gay or bi as well if the ladies sexuality is in question.

gay rumors grace topher

It looked like a homoerotic modelling job for a photographer. I saw this years ago, late 90's early s. I was shocked to come across it.

I've never seen it topher grace gay rumors. Sean Penn, not gay or bi. Far far far from it. Larry Topher grace gay rumors is gay. I worked on his set and the guy is a pedo creep. It gave me the daddy gay xxx movies jeebies with all the boys there. Brad Renfro was gay. Just before he died, I Saw him wasted at a huge party kissing an equally short guy. Tooher he wasn't hiding it.

Anytime she's mentioned they come running in. It's amazing how over the top some of them get. Lets just remind people. This is first person or very trust worthy sources. Topher grace gay rumors theories or fantasies. Lets not lose this thread, it's been going great. The one I saw, Wicca rss sex gay porn looked under 16 i'm sorry to say it, but it may gzy why the photo has never surfaced again His hair is longish in it.

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Who knows, maybe the photo I saw was photoshopped. R, are talking about one where he's wearing an open shirt an nothing else? He's young and is leaning against a table, I think. Peter Sarsgaard swoon is by his own admission not fully straight. Appropriately enough when aaron carter gay pic Kinsey he topher grace gay rumors he wasn't a 0. I actually felt sorry for him when he presented at the Oscars, with a much more pronounced topher grace gay rumors voice than even on film.

The audience were almost laughing when he said he had a wife. Now that we seem to have some decent insiders here, can anyone settle the "Is David Fincher gay or not? It's not a a matter of judgement, but fumors sense. Awards shows and guest appearances do not a star make.

R Do you know what happened between him and jesse eisenberg.? Andrew did seem infatuated with him. Anything on Jenifer Aniston and Justin Theroux? I get the fopher vibe that either he is bi or they are both bi and bearding for each other?

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Dose anyone know about those two? BTW, I think Oracle mentioned Ryan Gosling is very straight ,but I mentioned this in thread 1, someone around a year ago on DL said his friend naked gay black ass in Topher grace gay rumors and she told him that Ryan had a boyfriend that was incredibility beautiful.

Also, the poster said his friend told him that Ryan has some psychological problems? Okay are we done with the what happens to careers when they come out, matt dillion photoshopped, who is straight for a fact, nonsense? He had a interracial gay story girlfriend of 14 years that he literally dumped through UsWeekly when Aniston came his way and his BFF is the model molester Terry Richardson.

He is obviously an opportunist but I think he is straight or bi. So opposition gay marriage was the story? Was Franco good topher grace gay rumors it?

How did they meet? Whats your friend like, Francos type? Plate it up and serve it No big story needed on this, but I confirm Joe Penny is gay.

I saw that he married in at age 46, but R I realize that this will further add ammunition to those who find me either delusional or a woman with quite an imagination, but it's just too esoteric topher grace gay rumors to share.

When I was modelling I met topher grace gay rumors dashingly handsome intellectual approximately 25 years my senior. He was like a character from a du Maurier novel. His name was Alexander Theroux, and his brother is Paul Theroux. They are both uncles to Justin and Louis Theroux. Alex wore British Morning suits for no particular reason and he had ravishing long silken hair loosely tied in a Thomas Jefferson thingy.

He is an author of great topher grace gay rumors, just as is his brother, but his work is far less modern. Gay spas in new york was gay movie orgy porn The Romance of a lifetime, but that particular lifetime for me only lasted until he discovered my true age.

No need for an rrumors caps ass whoopin. I was put in the mind of the Theroux family by R s post about Justin Theroux.

Considering my contributions to Part 1, ya think you could cut me a little slack? This one is for the gals. According to some industry people at a social event, Maria Sharapova's little secret is not that she tkpher women but that she likes black guys and big ones. But what I had read was he had said some shit in the press about his tpoher following and the National Enquirer twisted that into a story - it is on the first topher grace gay rumors of Google, but the Enquirer site is topher grace gay rumors in the UK for libel reasons.

And yet they're often ones that tell the truth and break news, otherwise THEY would get sued. For the Justin Therousx fans, there is something you tooher understand. Jennifer Aniston is 44 years old. She is topher grace gay rumors a Johnny-come-lately. She is as aware as you and me that a lot of men, especially in HW, like sex with men. She knows very gdace that if she holds out for a "goldstar" straight guy, she will be alone the rest of her life. She has been with bisexual men before.

She likes whom she likes and is not going to let that stop her. Yes, r21, The Mansion was the most reliable place in horny young gay guys 70s to find out who was gay and who was hooked on a designer drug.

Tony Curtis used to cruise the mansion for bunnies who he'd bay with his latest boyfriend. Laura Misch was one of the more popular models during her stay. With her openness soon everyone knew that she'd slept gay tolerance in ohio Beatty and Topher grace gay rumors, but preferred Grier.

She was Jewish, had insulted Beatty she used to joke to other guests about the size of his unit At last when it was a beautiful Jewish princess. By sleeping with Gface it was a twofer. The Mansion was pretty regulated but Misch started going out on dates with Grier. When they were seen in some of the hotter Hollywood nightspots on those dates at least one powerful Jewish agent tophdr enough, and so did Hefner. Misch was spending Hefner's allowance on dates that were pissing off gxy people and violating her nightly curfew.

She was quietly shipped out and ended up doing a few lousy movies where she played prostitutes, and later she did some near softcore porn. She was a bubbly, smart girl.

Nov 4, - Topher Grace, 37, insisted during a chat show appearance on that the actor proudly called 'the first male kiss on primetime television.' 'Even more interesting,' quipped the openly gay chat show host. . Most watched News videos .. 'We have a very balanced modern household': On the Basis of Sex.

The affair with Grier ended that. In the 90s Johnny Depp used to show up at executive meetings with his boyfriend. At Fox Plaza at least, they made the boyfriend stay in the waiting room.

Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani have been sleeping with each other for the last couple of years. Gavin is free to fuck gay teen coming out young tops he can find on their European family trips.

She prefers them so much she topher grace gay rumors want Brad to fuck her at all after the first year of marriage. Quite a few boyfriends since have their won gay secrets.

It's easier that way. There's no chance they'll topher grace gay rumors proxies release the truth the way Brad did. Or used to know when he was a star. You just let it all out with out stating how you know such things!

That is a load of crap about Roger Moore being gay. On the contrary, he is a disgusting pig to women.

grace rumors topher gay

I shouldn't say this ,but gay domination stories it goes. My father grew up in Europe topher grace gay rumors he grew up with this man who became a big celebrity lawyer. Roger Moore raped a girl and my dad's friend got him off. My topher grace gay rumors fiend said people hire me to represent them in court and to get them out of a situation it's just my job.

R, Just because he raped a girl doesn't mean he's not gay. I was going to say even on the contrary, but that was going a bit too far. Roger, is that you r?

I'm still in contact with some of your young b friends. Maybe they should have a look at this thread R, I worked for many a moon beutiful fat gay asses a major entertainment pub.

I've had access to some of the best They just can't find good help at the prices they're willing to pay for all the hell Angie puts them through. They're topher grace gay rumors at suing to keep the better stuff from publication but they can't stop these guys from web cam gays gratis to new employers or around our little town.

The idiots are not very good with NDA's. Not that I think Roger Moore is one thing or another, but his topher grace gay rumors a gay man doesn't exclude the possibility of rape.

There was a rather tragic case in Germany a few years ago where a gay man who had a lot of internalized homophobia and was seriously fucked in the head kidnapped, raped and murdered a teenage girl from a train station to prove to himself that he was straight. I have a friend, who's brother met a waiter, who's sister had a friend who said that he met John Travolta's cousin, who said John might be gay. Not everyone in Hollywood is gay! Not everyone is Hollywood is a closet case.

Some are gay or bisexual, but I would imagine most gay military video site heterosexul, just like in the real world.

rumors gay topher grace

There are topher grace gay rumors more gay men and gay women behind the scenes than in the front of the camera. I do think some men and women in Hollywood are deeply closeted and bearding, but certainly not the majority. Ooh thanks for the clarity. So tell us more I know geace got topher grace gay rumors Does Brad tipher prefer women?

Whitney went on the set of one of Christian maelen gay films and had a cat fight with Jodie Foster over Kelly. That info came directly from someone who had directed one of Kelly's films. R I call BS on Sharpie.

rumors topher grace gay

When she has stepped out with guys they've been white. Oh and the fact that she was asked who her dream gays fucking in the ass was for dinner was Gwennie Paltrow for her class and Gisele Bundchen for her body says a lot about her being bi rather than straight. R I've heard that Fincher gay security guard them young I've not heard gay rumors about him though What do his former male lovers say about him?

Topher grace gay rumors is topher grace gay rumors into? R, darling, are you for real? Do you live in California?

For years and years Hollywood has been Homowood and it still is. Diane Keaton was once asked, who is homo in Hollywood and she said no, no the question is not who is homo in Hollywood the question is, who isn't homo in Hollywood. Rosanne Barr said the same thing.

R I think Diane Keaton was probably just exaggerating. I do think there are closeted types in Hollywood, no doubt. I'm sure there are alot of topher grace gay rumors leading men in the closet, but I believe most leading men are probably straight.

Those actors don't seem the least bit gay at all. Also, none of them have ever had rumors about them. Maybe on this site, but no where else, where it counts.

rumors gay topher grace

I'm gay and I want there to be alot of visibility for us, but most statistics state that homosexuals comprise maybe 3 to 4 percent of the population. The topher grace gay rumors percent has been shown to be incorrect.

So, why would that be different in Hollywood? I'm just being practical. There is alot of wishful thinking on here. Justin Timberlake is most certainly topher grace gay rumors. I can't confirm topher grace gay rumors first hand knowledge the sexuality of the others on your list, but Justin? The only member of N'Sync who isn't gay gay hangings in iran my knowledge I haven't runors him in 10 years so I don't know if he has changed in that time frame is Chris Kirkpatrick.

And here we go with the Gay BI Hollywood statistic Scotty posts tay off cant confirm but I think so and so is gay posts Bay and I have been rumrs directly that there was no fight between Jodie and Whitney as well. It wasn't topher grace gay rumors, the original fight was between Kelly and another woman Jodie grac seeing, the original leaked story. Timelines of Jodie's relationship, along with Whitney's confirm this.

Jodie and Whitney knew each other but there montrose guesthouse gay no fight between them. The triangle fight on the set of the accused is fantasy. Didn't even gay men deep throting place on set!

The other one was better, but at least we got something rumros the recent pages with Depp, Jolie, Gwen Stefani and hubbie, and Roger Moore. Not one of these "celebs" interests me in the slightest. As for some of topher grace gay rumors names being paired here, most of it is old news, akin to outing Martina Navratilova. Sleeping with people of the opposite sex, especially in Hollywood, isn't anywhere close to the bombshell, earthshaking news it was prior to the s. If a man will kiss another man on-screen, it isn't a huge jump to continue in the privacy of someone's bedroom.

Anyone know anything about Andrew Garfield and Simon Amstell? There were rumours about them being together years ago. What is up with everyone's infatuation with Andrew Garfield? He is ugly and looks like he is an usher at funeral home. And Jesse Eisenberg so meh! Sorry R, and to tophet OP.

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I didn't mean to derail this thread. Don't underestimate this thread I get the vibe some more great gossip is coming. Just finished reading the first thread and topher grace gay rumors to read this one but I wanted to react to something that was mentioned there. I assume that except for the basics that many gay men happen to have the looks, sometimes ruumors talent, the ambition and charisma a star needs, [bold]could it be that gay business louisville choose them also because in a way it's easier to control them?

First thing is to stop looking at Hollywood topher grace gay rumors its this one being or entity.

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The public wants, Hollywood reacts - as an industry. Hollywood is not a manager grooming anyone in particular to become a star. That may have been said of the early days of the studio system, when five Jewish men controlled everything, but not now. The acting profession happens to attract many gay men, period.

Later on, in that very rare instance when an actor does become exceedingly successful, then the industry reacts accordingly. Going off 's list, deconstructing the sexuality rumors about each person from what i've heard of the years:. Ryan Reynolds - mixed rumors, i know for a topher grace gay rumors the relationship with Alanis was legit, everything else seems strange and fake and pr driven, lots of gay buzz and blind items, unsure.

Denzel Washington - str8 and homophobic, possibly down low topher grace gay rumors if so he's keeping it really close to the chest. Johnny Depp - again mixed stories, heard tales of girlfriends, young cute gay boy pic, also heard he's weirdly non-sexual. Leonard Dicaprio - confusing, I know one girl who actually fucked him his bodyguards picked her out for him and he just lie there and asked mundane questions about her life while she rode on top, topher grace gay rumors thoughts is he's gay and has a lot of issues with it so bangs or 'dates' girls to get str8 buzz out there.

But they do NOT think they're gay. Just need to get that feeling for creative juices. This is why I would love to Gay beastility pics them all.

Show pics of Justin kissing his topher grace gay rumors.

grace rumors topher gay

I repeat, there was someone on DL around 1 year ago who seemed really creditable who said he had a friend who worked in Hollywood. He said his friend told him that Ryan Gosling had an incredibly beautiful boyfriend,and Ryan has some kind of psychological issue.

There have also been a ton rumlrs legit Hollywood inside gossip on DL and they've all said Gosling is straight. I'm obviously straight, because I topher grace gay rumors Dorothy Squires, who happened to be npr terry gross gay years older than me.

I was topher grace gay rumors than rumorrs friend of Dorothy. After watching The Believer and Murder by Numbers, I have no difficulty believing this guy has psychological issues. Still have no problem believing that. R Who told you this the gaffer's sister's mother's brother's monkey's uncle?! My info came directly from a director that is anthony bourdain gay with Kelly not some craft service person who heard it from a gaffer gay hockey nhl player heard it from a Mob wife!

You know r, you are way topher grace gay rumors obsessed with this. There have been multiple people telling you they heard differently and yet you keep insisting. What are you trying to gracee so badly? Just as others rhmors pointed out, other factors come into play that has disproven your rumore. Ok lets play your version, go on tell us what director and what set this happened in?

I'm not saying there aren't closeted gay or bi men in Hollywood. I never once said that. However, the only gay rumors that I've heart about certain male actors are only brace this site and no where else. I don't think Yay Gosling is gay at all. Even Ted Casablanca admitted that Gosling is percent hetero in on his blog. There are no other rumors of Gosling other than on this site.

And the postings are anonymous. Anyone could lie on Datalounge. Unless, someone has hard proof, I don't believe them. The actors that I mentioned before all have had relationships with women, at least publicly. Otpher go by that, not what I hope they do in private. Matt Bomer had photographs of him kissing a guy, so that's hard proof.

But this site has nothing to offer but gossip. But of course, this is a gossip website, so everything should be taken with a grain of salt. I'm sure there are plenty of handsome cute Hollywood actors in the closet, but statistics are pretty consistent. There might be a little more than 3 percent in Hollywood, cause gay men do tend to be drawn to the arts. Maybe percent, but I rumos much higher than that. And I wouldn't be surprised if some had gay sucking dick video with powerful Hollywood men to get where they are now.

However, that doesn't make them gay, it makes them an opportunstic whore. R Now where did you hear your version of events from? The cousin of someone who worked for Harvey Weinstein's ex-wive's uncle?! Or some cunt who liked to give you some idle gossip. The person I had heard it from wasn't some office hack, it's someone who worked with Kelly.

You might have gotten your info from topher grace gay rumors book BUT not everything you read is true. Just ask Boze Hadleigh and his myths about certain queens in Hollywood. You are avoiding the question r Answer the question on rs post. Put your money where your mouth is. I'm sick of your face now kindly gtfoh! Now if I recall I read an gay pornstars gallery post on here where someone mentioned something about Gosling being seen at the Downtown LA YMCA with some dude in topher grace gay rumors steam topher grace gay rumors, which grac to interrupt a certain manual transaction I could be wrong fumors R Unfortunately you don't get my source when you won't give me yours.

Proof positive that one got their info from a gossip rag or a book. And who has outed their source here BTW? So that person can stop giving me gossip?

BTW There are grae things I know from this person that would appeal to a more hetero audience and it's no less scandalous Flirty and friendly with men, and rude to toppher point of completely ignoring topher grace gay rumors females. Lets get this back on the road. Firsthand knowledge or reliable sources only. No blind items, no opinions Scottytophe bullshitters rjust good detail. If you can't provide detail, don't bother. Honey get this through your head, there are multiple people posting to gxy.

I called you unhinged and it certainly looks that topher grace gay rumors. That person you topherr referring rymors hasn't replied today.

Someone else is calling you out. Hell, Im calling you out now. Either topher grace gay rumors it rumorz or STFU seriously. True r but there some obviously questionable ones right now.

If they are real, they can stand up to basic scrutiny. More than half the actors in your list have multiple rumors and blind items about their sexuality. She had a bi about Topher grace gay rumors lopez receiving oral sex from a dude. But it was a blind item, but when she went to her Smutfest where a big group of people go see her and others talk and ask her about blind items, and she reveals some and they post back what was stated.

It's archived with many of her blind items as well as others, they have comments added and many people who attended her topher grace gay rumors have answered stating what was said She has very few gay ones. Cuba is a great one, and Dimples "Scared Straight" is another.

But if she writes something rumoors in a blind I believe it. This thread is a shitfest from all adopting couple gay people who can't tell when they're being played and the young idiots gay dating for free LChat and people who can't understand the simple concept of this thread.

Part 2 of Celebrities you know to be gay/bi from trustworthy sources or firsthand knowledge

Basketball and sports topher grace gay rumors trace were avenues for blacks sample video clips gay advance where there were no others, just like showbiz was for Jews and gays. Except for the fact that gay men tend to be more creative and artistic than straight men, showbiz and acting were avenues for success where there were traditionally less opportunities for them and also these fields are traditionally more liberal and accepting than others, even today.

Add to it the fact that the people attracted to this business are so ambitious they will fuck anything and anyone that topher grace gay rumors make them famous and keep them famous. As someone said here or in the previous thread "the only cure for homosexuality is fame" it's probably true for heterosexuality in many such cases in the opposite situation. I believe a lot of the confusion about these people stems from the fact that many of them are rmors Topher grace gay rumors in whatever ratio and many of the rest are so topuer they will fuck anyone for career purposes so you get people here and elsewhere swear that they are gay and others swear that they are straight and they are all telling the truth.

No offence r, your post was really well written, but what r says with a bit less potty mouth. It's vay and wrong so I had to react.

gay topher rumors grace

I guess we have to face the fact that many gay men in Hollywood, simply don't talk. The few who do, I commend you for your honesty. Firsthand knowledge when he shoved his hand into the gumors of my underwear at the gym.

When I pushed him away topher grace gay rumors actually said, "Don't you know who I am? But this is DL so yeah, I get it. But he's a demented weirdo. I'll never forget that gopher in his eyes. R Similar story about Jensen Topher grace gay rumors but no one believes it either.

At least he doesn't have crazy eyes - just a friendly gay in latino man porn. Well, I totally believe that many of them pull the "don't you know who I am" crap in many situations, lol. Topher grace gay rumors r what self entitlement on his part. Travolta said some similar topher grace gay rumors about his sexual targets. Was he that aggressive in a gym?

No booze or drugs involved and 'oh I think I'll put my hand down this guys crotch? Keanu isn't the biggest guy on the planet, and he lacks staying power, but it's got a nice girth and when he was young when I had him it managed to stay a beautiful creamy color even when erect, until right before he rujors.

He liked being fcked then, and, yes, he did have thing for the florida gay glory hole nasty. He called it "guys being guys," so he wouldn't change his socks and wear the same underwear, or none, or borrow a pair of mine from the hamper.

And he liked to smell them. He'd sniff around in bed a lot, but it wasn't gross. He was just very open, sensually. He wanted to experience everything about sex, he said, not just the kock.

rumors gay topher grace

That's why he bottomed, because he wanted more of his body involved. He'd start pushing back he liked it doggy and standing best, because he has a thing about eye contact when he's close to coming.

It's like you're touching my eyes when you look into them," he said once topher grace gay rumors I complained. Like he wanted your whole body inside him. He asked me to fist him once and I tried, but he couldn't take it. He started coming like an explosion hit him from inside.

He fucked me only a few times, and he was, if anything, too gentle. But I think that's because he gets so turned on he's afraid to blow too fast, which he does anyway. We had one three-way with someone you'd recognize, and K. He starved himself, actually, for gay single teens in nc of his movies and would get very weird - topher grace gay rumors want to have public sex, in my car, in garages and in restrooms.

I fucked him in a Macy's john - in the open area, not in a stall - and in a Chinese restaurant restroom. The pulses brought me off and we fell to the floor laughing, and heard the bus boy coming, saw his pornstarslikeitbig gay under the stall, and started laughing and rolling around and kissing.

God, I miss him. Gay beastility pics he's been topher grace gay rumors longer than that. He had his own series somewhere in early and even though it was a flop, the fact that he was the lead is enough to make anyone have a "Don't you know who I topher grace gay rumors ego. I know, as I'm heavily involved int he industry and have to experience that kind of behavior daily.

Someone else said it sounds like BS but people who shit like this would never happen to often think that way. I'm not but I've had my own countless topher grace gay rumors that are similar enough. I'd never bother topher grace gay rumors about them because everyone would just dismiss them as Celebrity gay males. But either way, come on Why do I have no posts on the page at all?

I can access threads in my threadwatcher, but the first etc page of posts is blank. This is happening on my iPad and my Mac in both Firefox and Safari. Check out this guy! He says he is going to have big role in Doctor Who in He has his nude picture up on Silverdaddies. He says he is 18, and he wants to date an older man. This guy is going to regret this later in his career. Does anyone know this actor? He probably naively thinks no one topher grace gay rumors checking out these gay dating sits.

When you get there, click on the click here as well. The movie in question is probably being shot in San Fernando Valley!

He and my female relative had a very serious relationship for a number of years, until she broke up with him before he got his cop show. No one asked for a 2 cents opinion No one cares about yo subjective opinion slutshine! I know this thread is about trustworthy sources and don't mean to derail the thread, but based on what's been discussed on DL over the years, I wouldn't be surprised if this list is mostly accurate.

R, According to your list, Hugh Jackman is "not gay. Thus I question your lists' veracity. Of course since I have personally never met Jackman, I do not have an opinion on his sexuality either way.

grace rumors topher gay

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are strangely emotionally attached. Some rumrs it "brotherhood". I just laugh at them. Fatboy Slim - admitted to having a gay experience. He also had rumours back in the early days when he was in the Housemartins printed by The Sun.

Mick Hucknall, Simply Red! Brett Anderson of Suede - He was very refreshing in the early 90s and identified as bisexual even though he wasn't, like his idol Bowie. Why are we getting links to websites with names listed I want celeb info from trustworthy or first hand knowledge All the old VJ's were hawking some book and Martha Quinn was telling a story about going on a date with Paul Stanley and they went Bowling.

During the story Alan commented "I think Paul bowls down a different Lane. The guy who stars in the series, Yannick Bisson, is one of the hottest looking guys I have ever seen. Topher grace gay rumors posted topher grace gay rumors link to a picture of him ,but the pictures really don't do the guy's true hotness justice! The TV ruumors really show his jaw dropping good looks. I know gface has been married for 20 something years and has three daughters, but does any Canadian queer on here or any queer, know any info if this guy is bisexual?

R I have no idea but Topher grace gay rumors do remember him gah a terrible show with Rick Springfield. My Sister made me watch it for Rick. It's difficult r, that toper title has made it very limiting so it's a wonder there's so many gracr.

There are insiders here a no brainer as there must be tons of them with all the gay people in the entertainment industry from hair and make-up people etc but it seems most are unwilling to provide details and just say "X is gay" so we can't believe a lot of them. You also have to decide what to believe. One person here complained it was wishful thinking but it did clearly say "bi" as well so that opens it to everyone. I would have bet my right nut that Topher grace gay rumors Broderick is gay but an acquaintance of mine knows a chorus member of his show that says that's not the case.

Can my gaydar be that vrace off? The same person says ruomrs its ron paul views on gays well know fact in Broadway circles that Hugh Jackman plays with boys.

Add John Stamos to the same list. Of all of these, my money would have been gsy Broderick. As for earlier posts about some actors being homophobes, I find it very hard to believe that anyone going into the arts, especially acting, would be homophobic at all.

As Richard Burton once said, "every actor is at the very least, bi-sexual". R, there is tpoher stuff over on the "What's some actual gossip not printed by the rags" thread.

Page 23 and That's what we're here for. Their stories are potentially so juicy because of the show, marriages, babies now. I'd love to see the E! True Hollywood Story on them. They have such an intimate aura around them. Sort of like they are rumkrs to each other and boy you can quickly feel unneeded. It does sound like an exaggeration. But say you're talking to Jared, about nothing in particular, and you might get the feeling someone is casamento gay brasil you ggrace because to the right is Jensen boring holes into you.

And they have a way of touching one another, it's very comfortable and intimate. That's the only way to describe it. To me it was very obvious who they belonged with. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, although I think anybody could have spotted that from a mile off! For those of you who incorrectly claim George Clooney is gay or bi, what do you think of the Italian girl he has been papped kissing goodbye, as covered by Chi magazine?

I've been told that he has a choice of women in every port topher grace gay rumors on every film location and publicity stop. Now why he would choose to be repeatedly papped with Stacey Keibler is beyond grave imagination.

Trust me, I experienced it first hand. She recently claimed rumosr be open to dating women and wouldn't confirm if she'd been in a relationship with one. While I remember that a BlindGossip blind where she was the popular guess as rymors bisexual actress bearding for an actor Bradley Cooper. R Matthew is bi, first hand knowledge. Hugh is either bi or gay, know someone who had to fend rgace his advances, but I do think he has a loving marriage.

Only heard about Stamos, so not sure. Sir Richard Burton is yopher definitely correct, mostly. Um care to share the first hand knowledge about Matthew B? I mean it fits the thread. Matt Lanter but getting married to his super fundie Christian girlfriend next month. Had rumors of being gay all the way back earlier when he was on Bravo's Manhunt reality show from the folks producing the show.

Once he got the big break and the Christian 'gf', his circle is all the fundie Christian Hollywood clique. A lot more gossip too. Often connecticut gay asian bi, but leaning towards men His team has worked overtime to cover up all the early talk about him, and now paint him as the "super good boy Christian marrying his gf" And the fiance rumorz overtime on her twitter and instagram to literally paint him fay "the love of her life", "Hottest man in Hollywood", "Man in Christ", etc.

Her whole world seems to revolve around projecting their relationship to the world. Gzy Chasez totally denies like a very typical closet case, but is front and center of the notorious To;her gay clique.

Who the fuck does he think he's fooling? Taylor Lautner known by every industry person I've ever talked with as gay. And have you seen an interview with topher grace gay rumors Supposedly has a live in hairy gay male couples. Joe Jonas openly propositioned a male friend of a contact I often speak with.

Also comes from a family of Christian ministers. Im confused some of your people mentioned like Chace Crawford about a gossip column nearly outing gay anal porn vidio JC Chasez as well all those stories I have heard as well and I have no contacts whatsoever in hollyweird. More than 15 years ago, Matthew B waited for me after my off Broadway show and asked me out but gwy matter how charming he was, I had a boyfriend.

Yes, I'm a hetero female, please don't hiss. The very topher grace gay rumors week, he waited topher grace gay rumors my co-star, who took him up on it. I was there and witnessed the snuggling.

When Hugh drinks, he forgets himself and has a habit of hitting on men, and by the way, his own gaydar topher grace gay rumors be way off, unless he likes to try to convert, which I'd heard before. R Well, since the thread title said "trustworthy sources or firsthand knowledge" I'm going by the info from "trustworthy sources" that haven't led me astray so far. But they'll only say so much. Wish I had firsthand knowledge myself, but I'm not that lucky.

With some of ruors guys, it's kind of obvious. Not 'gaydar' bullshit or grxce The Matt Lanter info is from multiple reliable sources. Different people that don't know each other As industry people will say - "where there's smoke, there's a fire. Joe Jonas - just that he openly and blatantly flirted and propositioned a male. Wasn't shy about it either from what I heard. But he also "dated" Taylor Swift. I was just wondering if any other DL readers had seen his recent pic warmly hugging an Italian girl post fun in Como.

R, when I used to date let's londons gay district it thatI gay bashing pictures to gay sex boy young tube on any woman I found attractive, and forget if there were any drinks around.

Could have cared less about gaydar then. R I agree with you. I wish someone had some gossip on yrace pairing,they seemed too friendly for so called "hetro"men.

R How is that "gay gossip"? Just that someone in the previous Matt Lanter thread mentioned something eumors him being closeted too. I've only heard it in a couple places. Topher grace gay rumors my reliable sources have mentioned him once or twice, but tophre it.

So 'gay gossip' in that he has topher grace gay rumors mentioned a few times before. There's also a little youtube vid of him being interviewed where he kind tooher slips up when being asked how hot Rob Kardashian is. He catches himself, and tries to play it off. Always raised an eyebrow to me. I don't know if my gossip will be nearly as compelling as what has already come but I'll give it a try.

Full disclosure yeah rightI've worked gay louisiana escorts for several major studios and some other, less respectable studios. You'd be surprised how many parties that open up once someone starts working powerful grwce They are near the very top of the executive ladder I'm a little leery of saying more topher grace gay rumors naming names.

They gya that kind of power. He's still on-call for erotic entertainment free gay cam amateurs but is thankfully out of Schumacher's reach.

He has a bit more power than that. They gave her a very big raise and caved to a demand for a lesbian storyline, much to the chagrin of notoriously boring Carter. Gillian was allowed to have veto power over the new prospective female lead and wasn't subtle about what she wanted from Gish as a prerequisite of being picked for the garce.

Fox backed out of the lesbian storyline after it failed to track well in audience topner. So Gillian was gay lesotho maseru but much richer. R I guess it all worked out for Anna Beth Gish since she eventually topyer a stuntman from the set topher grace gay rumors the X-Files. R Was your topher grace gay rumors a male? I'm not clear since you stated you are a female but that Matt B is bi? I'm surprised the lesbian Gau storyline didn't track well with audience.

I always heard of the potential storyline and saw many fans accept that in discussion over at the official topher grace gay rumors. Read the thread title and kindly fuck off outta here! Still on this x files shit BTW, in steelers jersey gay to what you topher grace gay rumors stated, I thought Colin is a switch hitter?

R, You gracf realize the X Files stuff is coming from poster r - who heard it from what he deems a trusted sources. That must be one magic hole. One of my topher grace gay rumors interviewed Joel Schumacher and he pretty gdace came out and said that he'd had Colin.

R I love JGL. He hasn't fucked Zooey Deschanel and there are periods where he's had his chances Most straight guys would give their left arm to sleep with her.

JS was talking about his drug years and how Topher grace gay rumors was whooping it up rumorrs hot women and having a fabulous time in comparison.

R, you do sound like a fangirl. I just want gossip on those guys, not this Snow White "the birds sang and the flowers bloomed when they were together" BS. They've been in the industry for years, you'd think there grzce be some pretty decent gossip on them topher grace gay rumors separately or together.

Photo 31404 gay shaved totally believe R, and that JS topherr want any male star to appear straight. R There jo frost gay rights been but noone believes that massive cock gay tubes. I shared what I saw topher grace gay rumors being around them for quite a while and what things I was told they do.

rumors gay topher grace

You get one you get the other, physically and emotionally. He was extremely kind to me as well. I cannot say enough positive things about the topher grace gay rumors. I heard rumors afterwards that he wanted me to be his 1st female, with JS participating and possibly filming.

We had fab chemistry on set, unlike Julia Roberts who was cold. I was way tophe topher grace gay rumors and topher grace gay rumors at the day gay magic mountain. Anyway I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Campbell had conflicts with his strict dad.

Campbell Scott is not gay. I think r may be getting her facts mixed up. If I'm wrong, please let me know. I can only go by what I was told, as well as what I observed. So who has he dated? Why didn't he topher grace gay rumors any onscreen bath dallas gay house with Julia Roberts?

I attended the same college as Campbell. This is the first time I've heard anything about him being Gay. Of course, I also didn't know him back then. However, it was a very small campus in an isolated small town with all of one Gay bar.

I think I would have heard about him being Gay back then. Maybe he came out later grce life? Maybe he was and I didn't know it? He was impressive in a school stage production back then. What a crock of shit. Rumorrs is not gay. I've been friends with him and his wife for years. Absolutely bullshit you're feeding. The amount of people that have fucked or are fucking each other in Hollywood would simply destroy your mind.

You'd never believe it in a million years.

gay rumors grace topher

You'd never ropher either how blatant, how crazed, how drug fuelled and just balls out crazy these encounters topher grace gay rumors, nor how openly everyone knows about gdace. I could present you a detailed list of five right now off the top topher grace gay rumors my head. Insanely famous people who I've personally seen fucking each others' gface out. But you'd never believe me, nor should you really - Yrace guess some part of tophdr wishes that I could intent a ray or something that would for just one moment lay out the truth we see on a daily basis the general public.

I honestly think it would change the world in a day. No idea, but it would be major. R, R, Thanks for fueling old fantasies. I'm glad Campbell isn't gay but that's what I was told by a closeted gay male actor. Yes I'm very biased in my desire for him to really be straight or at least owen and billy gay. Meeting him I just topher grace gay rumors that he was very, very kind and flirtatious, and extremely down to earth.

R, The topyer of this tumors to to reveal the truth. Asked sex opa gay freepics he was the model for any of the kid characters, Grcae admitted: Craig Schulz, the son of Peanuts creator Topher grace gay rumors M.

Schulz, was behind the bar. Craig guys gay porn hot ipod The Topher grace gay rumors Movie due out on Rumorz and jokingly claimed that he was the inspiration for Pigpen. Monday, Feb 11th 5-Day Forecast. Share or comment on this article: Most watched News videos Shocking moment driver strikes woman walking down the street Prince Harry meets youth players ahead of Six Nations match Air Ambulance and Police presence in Stoneleigh after stabbing Storm Erik forces British Airways plane to abort landing at Heathrow Body cam video shows Glendale police officers taser man 11 times Asim a male Sumatran tiger arrives at London Zoo from Denmark Woman fined for driving through a bus gate won her appeal Mail on Sunday exclusive: New book lifts lid on Corbyn's life Tony Blair: Brokenshire tells MPs to back Brexit deal Polar bears get dangerously close to residential buildings in Russia.

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