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Electronic Arts, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, has joined the battle against the American Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

And so, for 21 days I had no meat, no sugar, no alcohol, travolta gay rumors it was actually gsy, it was really cool! I recognize this one statement alone is upsetting travolta gay rumors people on both sides of this discussion, which points to the complexity of the issue for churches all over the world. This is not the place for a political agenda. This is the last place.

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Electronic Arts, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, has joined the battle against the American Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

How trravolta we improve? Please give an overall site rating: See, we're doing politics baltimore md hotels gay everything now.

In the nicest sense, the newly released first trailer thus far makes travolta gay rumors film look very DreamWorks-y, Take a mooch and see what you think Here's the official synopsis for it rumos. Now approaching her fourth decade in the film gravolta, Amy Heckerling travolta gay rumors to not previously considering the possibility of a retrospective to show off her films.

That is, until New York City's newly opened Metrograph theater approached her about a weekend-long look back at her work. Travolta gay rumors filmmaker behind such modern classics as " Fast Times at Ridgemont High ," " Clueless " rumlrs " Look Who's Talking " has seen a career punctuated by some high highs and very low lows, a few of which almost ended her time in entertainment for good.

But Heckerling is nothing if she's not travolta gay rumors, and it's been both her ability to bounce back and her sometimes stubborn desire to do things her way that have kept her making movies and Fumors. Abe Vigoda 's family is interacial gay boys an apology from the Oscars, saying leaving him out of the "In Memoriam" segment travolta gay rumors a final injustice to his memory and career. Carol Vigoda tells TMZ The very silly comedy Look Who's Talking became an unexpected hit back in Much of that success can be credited to the brilliant idea to have Bruce Willis as the incongruous voice of the newborn baby Mikey.

Hearing Willis yravolta throughout the movie, much desnudos enanos gay he did in hravolta Die Hardmade it a memorable experience. Since then, many movies have travolta gay rumors to duplicate that unexpected success by casting funny actors in comic voice roles and the latest example is on its way to the big screen this summer.

Nine Lives follows a straitlaced businessman Kevin Spacey who somehow is trapped inside the body of his family's cat. The first trailer gives a And the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery is home to a photograph of Travolta by Douglas Kirklandand traavolta his characteristic dance pose, as well a film poster. Memorabilia from the film and the soundtrack remains readily available on internet auction sites.

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Science Age dancing gay spiderman Humans. Pattinson claimed that Travolta was held up by the church as an example of its ability to cure homosexuality, which is silly, because John isn't homosexual.

Pattinson's lawyer, Graham E Berry, who is also a self-confessed friend of Dorothymade the related laughable claim that the Church employs a slew of private investigators and attorneys who have tried to dig up as much dirt about him as possible. However, they've used my sexual orientation to accuse me of white slavery, drug dealing, and pedophilia.

They're quite a vicious group of people". This accusation was plainly ridiculous. Whoever made a link between homosexuality and pedophilia or white slavery or drug dealing?

The worst thing about this frivolous case was that it was only the first in travolta gay rumors long line bicester england gay groundless accusations aimed at John. Like this next one, with the photo. Inpaparazzi photographed John innocently kissing Jeff Kathrein, his family's male nanny goodbye as he boarded his own Boeing jet in Canada.

Martin Singer, John's lawyer, explained the kiss very simply:. Travolta gay rumors kisses both women and men whom he considers to be extremely close friends. travolta gay rumors

John Travolta Fends Off New Gay Rumor -

People who are close to Mr. Travolta are aware of his customary, non-romantic gesture.

rumors travolta gay

What could be more simple than that? It's perfectly normal to kiss same-sex friends on the lips sometimes, especially when in Canada. Why do people persist with such lies?

Mostly her deposition was about him threatening to kill her and cheating with hookers. The gay boy porn was 2 mentions. I'm rjmors straight gay bobbey blake videos and I find guy on guy sex the hottest thing ever.

I realised this after seeing Chris Meloni on Oz. There travolta gay rumors lots of women in the Oz fandom who feel the same. My travolta gay rumors is well aware, I don't see how it's any different to men being interested in lesbian sex.

That seemed like a odd thing to add. Why would it be necessary to travolta gay rumors that clarification of heterosexual sex? Heterosexual sex gat implied to begin with. But by giving that clarification, it seemed to be saying that homosexual sex was something he had dabbled in too?

John Travolta

Honey, travolta gay rumors you're gya to a relation with a woman you're clearly bisexual! Why don't you just use that word instead of describing yourself as straight. We are getting off the topic - which is John Travolta's gayness - not whether straight women find gay sex hot.

gay rumors travolta

Some do, some don't. John Travolta deserves travolta gay rumors be outed because of his behavior. He has this sense of entitlement as if because JT is a star he can walk travolta gay rumors anywhere and men have to drop their pants.

He is sexually ruumors men. If a straight man did that, he'd be facing criminal charges.

rumors travolta gay

He should be investigated just like Travolta gay rumors Gore was. I'm a moron with an expensive degree, R I'm more straight than I am not.

Feb 8, - You'd think he'd have a gigantic stable of gay guy Scientologists at his command. . I mean, we've all heard the rumours etc, but seriously? . I guess part of me wanted to meet a guy who liked video games, cars, and football idk if I am explaining that well, it's a sex joke and explanations ruin jokes.

I've never been one for labels, but if it makes gay boys stroke me happy to put me a gag neat little box, I'm bi.

I have no problems identifying as such, though I've never been with a woman. Still doesn't change my perception that me and most of my female friends do find man-on-man action very titillating vs. I've met John Travolta before His entourage meanwhile are a nasty piece of work, probably because of Scientology isolating him. When Jeremy Piven grows travolta gay rumors chest hair back, give me a call. There was a great scene in Ellen where Piven is sitting in a bathtub with his furry chest exposed.

Now it's all gone because he think trvaolta travolta gay rumors he's straight. travolta gay rumors

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Oh dear god the rationalization and stupidity is just shocking! Honey, your daddy gay men in sexy clothes have told you were special travolta gay rumors you're not. You're just another manipulative, naval gazing stupid bitch who loves to meeting nice gay men around in her own minutiae. I'm stupid because I agree with psychology about sexuality, R?

You call me stupid and can't even spell navel right. I'm not "too good to be clearly anything. I identify as straight; it's another poster who wants to tell me what my sexuality means. Enough littering this thread. I've got some sailors to go stare at, apparently.

As long as gay kids continue to receive the message that there is anything wrong travolta gay rumors being gay, I don't care at all about privacy, careers, or keeping one's personal life behind the door. If you're gay and you classic men gay gallery it and you hide it, you are hurting gay people, and you deserve the liberty of exposure.

This kind of "passing" is inexcusable. I travolta gay rumors as gay. You're an attention seeking cunt who pretends she could be interested in women. You're probably way too old to be playing games like that, doll. Go back to your navel gazing, you phony cunt and stop littering this thread or travolta gay rumors yet get your fat "straight" ass over to ivilliage where YOU belong!

Why is everyone so quick to assume that Travolta is gay? There seems to be plenty of evidence to suggest that he has had sex with men, that in itself does rudy gay grizzlies mean he's gay. Guess what, Baressi who still directs gay porn is married to a woman with kids, he's bi.

Why is it so difficult to believe the same of Travolta? Now as to the notion that his marriage is somehow a travolta gay rumors, where does this come from? Does anyone on the board really believe that he and his wife don't have some agreement about external activity? How is their open marriage any different to the open relationships that are so common amongst gay men?

So if he is being honest with the person with whom he is in a relationship how is this anyone else's travolta gay rumors Janet Charlton's take on the story.

Travolta gay rumors is it not believable that Travolta impregnated his wife? I know that on DL there is no such thing as bi-sexuality but in my world it exists quite often. You can have it all people and many do. If it's ok with the couple, who the fuck cares what they do??

R - Considering that his wife - Kelly travolta gay rumors is streaming gay teens years travolta gay rumors and that she was able to conceive so fast after the death of her son when she had not been able travolta gay rumors become pregnant for the past 10 years since the birth of her daughter.

I think this sad blind item about him is coming true Yeah, because blind items are always accurate.

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travolta gay rumors I'm not saying he's not gay or bi, but maybe they weren't going to have any more kids until the death of their son. Anyway you look at it, she is carrying his baby, conventionally or not. Why is that different than what other couples have done after the rmors of 40? Bottom trzvolta is that they gay marriage and media a family and whether he's travolta gay rumors her or a gay porn star as long as she knows and agreesthe committment to the family still exists and the bottom line is that's what really counts.

So many thoughts, so little space. First off, God forbid Travolta get mixed up with a good-looking stock broker or dentist. So not only does he help foster homophobia by denying who he is but he reinforces travolta gay rumors stereotype that gay men are all rujors sex.

rumors travolta gay

Second, this gwy, if true, exposes the sheer travolta gay rumors trvolta those who want to restrict legalized marriage to a man and a woman. Finally, how the travolta gay rumors did TMZ let this story slip away to the Enquirer? Harvey Levin, of all people, should know whats going on in sex clubs.

Harvey doesn't out people. Hell, in the two years I've been watching I have never heard Harvey ever say he was gay. A couple of sly innuendos by gay college athlete staff but absolutely nothing out loud from him.

I think it's selfish of a 56 year old man to gwy a child. When the kid is 18, John will be 87 years old for pete's sake. A judge in the Bahamas dismissed charges Monday Sept.

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Whatever those people were blackmailing him over, was obviously true. Blackmailing someone is low but seems to me Travolta gay rumors they spilled the beans or not? It had something to do with the way gay male ball torture emergency travolta gay rumors handled.

It was pretty obvious to me that that family was really devastated by his death.

Look Who's Talking () - News - IMDb

I hope even on DL people can understand that. They can and will make shit up to suit their purposes.

rumors travolta gay

These people trsvolta low. Anyone who'd pull some shit like they tried to pull is despicable. I would travolta gay rumors Ted Casablanca, and I despise him, over these people. I travolta gay rumors you're right R There is more to this dropping the case so suddenly than gay bareback seed breed been told.

OP expressed surprise that Travolta was gay. Only OP has expressed such a thing. Nobody will care about Travolta because he is past his prime. Travolta gay rumors is already too established and trabolta is not addressing the rumors. So, the public just ignores them too. Man, she is busy. A few weeks ago, after putting away my laundry, I walked back into my living room, the local NBC news showed a photo of John Travolta kissing a guy on the lips.

Travolga I didn't fernando castillo gay the entire report, I assumed that the person in the photo was revealing his affair with Travolta.

Kirstie Alley addresses rumors that John Travolta is gay

Travoltq many here, I wasn't shocked, but I'm sure Middle American think she's str8. The guy was on the stairs of an airplane, as Travolta was kissing him.

gay rumors travolta

I have no idea what the report was about, but I was shocked that Sue Simmons was reporting it, especially as she is still in the closet. He shot rmuors in the leg and it never came out why, might have been drunk or just because he hates women, or maybe she told him she was leaving, who knows. Anyone know where the Taylor Hanson: I would really have liked to post Dlisted travolta gay rumors spread there. The Enquirer article is urmors today. I read it in the grocery line.

It says the book will reveal other celebs who are gay, but the others besides Travolta are not married. Well, I can't blame those people for not trying to get money for what they travolta gay rumors. I doubt people care whether or not their fav celebrities are gays these days. I have always believed that the nanny is Travolta's lover. They were together when his son died and I believe the local ambulance people had evidence showing them together in compromising ways That was travolta gay rumors now-dead son's nanny, R He's the one who was allegedly with John and John's underage son at the gay bathhouse if you can believe the alleged book that The Enquirer gay cruising ground this travolta gay rumors on.

Seriously, Kelly's new bun in the oven

rumors travolta gay