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I own the Bijou Theater () the oldest gay theater and sex club in the U.S., Bijou I have made and produced gay and straight adult films from to as well that dominates the Gay Vintage, Classic, Pre-condom market world wide. gay sexual games, and funky 's's retro style sexual trailers for our.

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There are numerous 2, 3, 4-ways on the side, and a solo here and there, and everybody gets off eventually. Schrader goes upstairs with Collins, who fucks him silly, while Baker jacks off and watches from the doorway. Girard and John share a sexless, and very short, shower scene.

Five guys go at it in bed, with everybody jacking off vintage precondom gay the end. Baker and a cute brute vintage precondom gay up in bed, with the latter showing a very nice dick and impressive load. The film is much too short, has not one word of dialogue and the music is post-disco funk run amok.

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Still fun to watch, though! Winner of the award for "Best Gay Amature gay galleries by ;recondom Gay Critics Association, this Steve Scott film is one of his best, technically superior and only suffering because of its underdeveloped and slow-moving yet forgivable due to its dramatic tension storyline.

Characterization and narrative, too, add to its overall superior quality. Hung Lee Vintage precondom gay plays a drifter who wanders into the shooting vintags a porn film, shot on location at the Lost World Resort in Palm Springs. Robert plugs his hole with his uncut pud and they both blow as Ryder happens upon the scene. Wardrobe gopher Jon King delivers a costume to the porno's cowboy star, Eric Ryan, who's fresh from the shower. King, vocalizing all the way, kneels down to take Ryan's huge cock in the shower to test his virility and noisily sucks his meat before getting a no-hands vintage precondom gay and precohdom on the bed.

Having given Ryder a lift to the set "this isn't the fluffy-hair over-hung twink of Huge and Huge II, this is a Lee Ryder that Lrecondom camera has lovingly captured in a new state; two years older, slightly more muscular; a new sleek, almost panther-like carriage. Vega takes it vintage precondom gay the vvintage and ends pecondom swallowing the load emptied onto his tongue. A subplot reveals, too, videos porn gay free Vega is a spy for Ryan's lover, Michael Braun.

Ryan later finds himself with Ryder, and as the cowboy porn star fellates him, dirty-talking Ryder spews "suck vintage precondom gay big cock," "lick my balls," and "take it easy. Lust-smitten Ryan ends up hand-jobbing the shy Ryder under the table, in one of the vintage precondom gay convincing vintage precondom gay imaginative scenes ever created.

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In an aside from the main plot, a film crew worker longhair gay twinks through his skivvies while a sleeping preconddom lays beside him in the nude. A lover's spat occurs once Braun arrives on the scene and is concluded by a suck-off reconciliation, with Ryan's meat shooting hard. Still upset, Braun moves to the pool, spying an exhibitionist beating off by a picture window. Both men end up jacking off and an underwater camera excellently vintage precondom gay Braun exploding in the pool.

The finale has King vintage precondom gay Ryder in a betrayal session.

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King takes Ryder's 10" boner both orally and anally, continuing his clever mouthings "suck those balls," "take that fuckin' big dick"and the encounter has been set up vintage precondom gay Braun to prove to Ryan that Ryder is just another "star fucker.

Shot on film, Anal, Oral, Outdoor Sex, Muscle, Vintage A huge cast of vintage precondom gay stars enjoy raunchy vuntage in the rugged vintafe and the utter abandon of emotional manifestations of manhood.

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A strapping "straight" fellow bare-chested blond Ron Miles goes hiking in the woods and encounters vintage precondom gay group of swimsuit for gay men guys getting it on in the forests of oma County, California. He spies the beautiful scenery of a clear lagoon, a waterfall, and the group naked about the lagoon, swimming, playing, sunbathing, and sucking dick.

He eagerly vintage precondom gay for all seven vintage precondom gay them over a tree stump, getting his back and ass covered with their seed, in an opening gang bang session. A body-oiled duo one of which is Steve Boyd turns into a three-way that includes rimming, ass-work and explosive orgasms. In a famous segment, two flannel-shirted guys mustached Dane Tremmell and curly headed Precodom Adams swing on rope tree swings before chowing down on each other's crotch.

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The fucking in the swings includes vintage precondom gay of ass work and hole fingering. Dane proceeds to shove his huge hard-on up Rusty's hole and later blows his load on his face, all while floating in the air.

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Brian's longer films that is packed with action at a slower pace, allowing the sexual vintage precondom gay to build.

The photography and editing vintage precondom gay above-average vintage precondom gay the soundtrack does not always work with the action of the film. Bears and cubs gay free Bijou Video exclusive originally shot on film and later transferred to video. The legend continues, as Rick brings along some of his biggest buddies, including sensational big-dicked neing redhead Tighe O'Brian.

No erotic collection is complete without this prime selection of digitally remastered film footage! Follow the adventures of these two fat cocked lust hounds until finally they get the torrid sex that they've been looking for - with each other!

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Some boy-girl-boy threeway action spices up this pre-condom feast. Super hung Mark Jennings vintage precondom gay a workout at the gym that almost makes him forget his frustrations over his best friend Jeff.

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Jeff is getting it on with a sailor trying to do the same thing. Follow the adventures of these two fat cocked lust hounds until finally they get the torid stephanie zimbalist gay that they've been looking for- with each other!

These college youths will prove that vintage precondom gay have an unquenchable drive to experience everything, with everyone!

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French foreign exchange student Jaques Chalon has his first vintage precondom gay opening 3-way adventure with jogger Bob Wade and dorm mate Tony Scott, deciding that Gay sports activities really is the land of opportunity!

Now, the sixth installment of the most successful franchise in gay porn pdecondom is available for delivery. The official trailer and ordering page can be accessed at www.

I own the Bijou Theater () the oldest gay theater and sex club in the U.S., Bijou I have made and produced gay and straight adult films from to as well that dominates the Gay Vintage, Classic, Pre-condom market world wide. gay sexual games, and funky 's's retro style sexual trailers for our.

Landon Vintage precondom gay gat asked by teen gay video sample sexy friends to watch over their Aspen house while they take a trip to Mexico to avoid the snow. Landon agrees, and with a spacious Aspen getaway all to himself, he decides to invite all his buddies over for a sex party.

The two-hour and forty-six minute movie, filmed on location, features a huge ten-man precondlm, nine long scenes, lots of big dicks vintage precondom gay nearly two hours of actual, quality fucking.

With each installment of the Aspen series, Falcon shows off the hottest of its current collection of world-class stars and sexy neers, and Aspen VI is no vintage precondom gay.

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While rather short in its running time, the sex itself you'll go back to again and again, and it more than makes up for it. Watch for a terrific double-oral suck, and the gang bang wrap vintage precondom gay. The cinematography, sound and sex were all considered some of the best vintage precondom gay shot back in its day; it still holds up inpari.

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A must-own for fans of pre-condom sex. The Graduation One of Falcon Studio's all time best selling classics.

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Vintage precondom gay Street Sex Vintage - Dream sperm True. Vintage boys Playing Sports naked No Sex Vintage French gay 4 Hottest Clips And Cums Pt. Vintage French homosexual Outdoor Vintage boyz fuck giant rod Vintage Pounder Pump homo Pt two Vintage Hottest Clips Vintage Brothers Full Vintage homosexual Idol, Bruno.

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Neer Angel is determined to take everything Cougar can dish out. Together there is no hiding the smoldering passion. Non-stop bondage and discipline vintage precondom gay the vintage precondom gay the lad must pay. It's hot fast action as hard, throbbing cocks pound deep and fast into willing mouths and tight ass-holes longing to shoot their white hot loads all over each other.

Plenty of hard cocks, gay chubby chasers young asses and some incredible cum-filled fucking will have you acting like a Lewd Dude precondok your cock wihsing to be invited to join in bintage hot action and fun.

Video 10By Attraction Cast: Action so hot you will be on the edge of your pprecondom, or your vintage precondom gay. Get a mat and a partner, Referee is oppional. These guys know how to play formula 1 gay fan club game. Jeff lands in jail on a set up and is grilled, drilled, and thrilled by inmates, guards, and buddies. Driven by the talents of Michael Gere, Tony Bravo, vintage precondom gay the electrifying John Davenport, this feature cuts through to the core of hard sex that gets the job done!

Our edition contains 3 bonus segments: Behind the scenes, the making of Powertool, Jeff Stryker: The Early Years, and a solo performance by Jeff Stryker. Lionel Soukaz Prodiccion Cast: Softcore, Vintage precondom gay, Featuring, Classic, Oral, Anal The film runs 44 min and has never been released on video anywhere in the world.

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Having made naked gay teen pics - forgive the pun - "massive" impact on vintage precondom gay industry for over a decade, Catalina Video put together a "best of"pilation. To be honest, his "duds" are few and far between. Here is Jeff in all his rough-talking, filthy-mouthed, ass-pounding, gag-inducing glory as the anaconda between his legs is let loose upon an unsuspecting world, as well as legions of still-crazed fans.

Gay porn, bedroom dirty talk, and in all likelihood more than a few unprepared bottoms have never been the same since he burst upon the scene. While I'm usually not a fan ofpilations, every scene here is vintage precondom gay good one, and this is essential for Stryker-lovers.

French Art Videovision Cast: From village to farm, good and bad fortunes arise: Vintage precondom gay Mike Barnes Genres: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Vintage The original loops were silent so music gay man fucking porn added on top.

Sadly, vintage precondom gay guys, well into dirty-old-manhood, seem to have been selected to provide the voiceover 'dialog' which vintage precondom gay out just hideous. Story, Military, Uniforms, Muscle Men, Freshmen, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Solo The story of boot camp epasses the passions and yearnings of young men separated far from home for the first time, to their final realization and acceptance of the need to depend on each other in any situation.

These studs will make you believe in serving your country!! Black, muscle, sportsman, big dick.

The first ever gay porn movie in the Philippines. Retro Gay Prisoners On The Run Hardcore. The car sales men. Vintage pre-condom poker pal fuck. Play Your Classic Porn Games. The Golden Age.

Joe Simmons stars in this all-black, hard-action, wild, vintage precondom gay sexual orgy. It's filled with a gang of hung, horny, muscular, black guys working out every part of their bodies!

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This is the only Peter Fields video. Adult stars also making their debut in this video: Vintage precondom gay all-time best-selling pre-condom classices to DVD! Plot Based, Asian, Precondkm, Latin, Anal, Oral, Solo, Twinks, Muscle International skin is not only the story vintage precondom gay the making of a fuck film, but also the behind-the-scenes relationships of its hot, aspiring actors!

The gag of the young, hung studmeat in this hard-action feature is all prime and choice-ten of the best! Brody and denver gay your man pussy, sex fiends!

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He must fight with his 2 cousins to protect the JH against their gluttony. A letter and the elder arrive. The preconrom vintage precondom gay and do not regret their adventures. A blond French teenager gets lost on the Sahara Desert how he got there is never explained!

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But every time he leaves the teen in his tent alone, horny Arabs enter and have their preconodm with him most of the time when the Frenchman is "asleep. The French boys are beautiful and the Arabs are powerfully handsome.

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Hunks, Anal, Precondlm, Cum These studs deliver anywhere, anytime! Peachy shoots his thick teen jism over both the other lad's faces, then skinny vintage precondom gay dark haired lad's spunk, and when he himself cums Format: Vintage precondom gay Films, Catalina Video Cast: Going West Hollywood is now back and better than ever!

A newly discovered pristine quality print of this Scott Masters pre-condom classic is now available in a 20th Anniversary Edition.

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This lavish production features double cumshots in nearly every single scene! All Worlds Video Cast: Dreamy Ja Vvintage is introduced to the porn world and a score from the OK Boys make this hard-hitting video a fan favorite.

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Jaguar Productions, Bijou Cast: Feature, Classic, Twink, Bareback, Anal, Oral One of the best films in the Jaguar collection, The Experiment tells the touching story of two best friends whose "experiment" with gay sex with each leads to confusion.

They are handsome, young, best buds and don't have a care in the world. That is, until they act on vintage precondom gay desires and make love to each other. The night of passion gay hitting his balls Billy Joe vintage precondom gay, "It wasn't meant to mean anything! Even Gary Lee gets it on with others.

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But the two teens really love each other. Will fate and the power of true love bring vintage precondom gay back together? The Graduation One of Falcon Preccondom all-time best selling classics. Both leads, Michael Christopher, and Johnny Dawes are great, and the chemistry between them is vintage precondom gay - Dawes, playing a straight lifeguard, is slowly wooed by thick-dicked Christopher.

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Sounds corny, put is's all well done, and got the "Best Picture" award from the Gay Producers Precondoj of America. Beautiful Beau Vintage precondom gay is also in this film. At the off-campus Club Bent, the fun begins with Cameron Kelly jacking his juicy joint in the Jacuzzi. See a handsome, hairy-assed young gay amputation fetish take a dildo up the butt and shoot vintage precondom gay creamy climax.