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But with a combination of innovative filming techniques, the dogged perfectionism of star Lucille Ball, top-notch writing, the “can do” attitude of the production  Missing: gay ‎Games.

The script comes from Aaron Sorkinso expect reems of snappy dialogue and gay flexible men clips some timely contextualization - just imagine the drama of Blanchett delivering Sorkinese. No word on a director yet but it wouldn't surprise if those reigns become Sorkin's as well, with his Jessica Chastain -led directorial William frawley gay Game coming this fall.

Just as exciting as the prospect of Blanchett making a redheaded return to the screen is who might also fill Desi Arnaz 's shoes and the rest of the legendary ensemble. The festivities kicked off May 23 and will continue until July 8. Dietrich began her career as a vaudeville performer in Weimar Germany. Dietrich died in at the age of The featured films and their synopses are below, courtesy of the Metrograph. Josef Von Sternberg Cast: Marlene DietrichGary CooperJohn HallidayWilliam Frawley Dietrich william frawley gay Gary Cooper reunite in this delightful urbane william frawley gay by Borzage, a master of romantic asian gay amature dvd, here working somewhat after the style of producer Ernst Lubitsch.

An excuse to recall the following lines from the Times review: Marlene DietrichJames StewartMischa AuerCharles Winninger Jimmy William frawley gaystill in his william frawley gay, impossibly-good-looking phase, is a marshal who sets out to clean up the wide-open town of Bottleneck without firing a shot in this charming Western musical comedy. The coolly scrolling camera and baroque compositions are courtesy of an uncredited Lucien Ballard and Von Sternberg himself, doing double duty as cinematographer.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Cast: Barbara SukowaArmin Mueller-stahlMario AdorfMatthias Fuchs Dietrich had for all purposes retired from the screen by the time that Fassbinder began his frontal assault on West German popular culture, but her image and her unlikely william frawley gay of cool irony and torrid emotion left a profound mark on his films. She finally gave in — sort of. Marlene DietrichGary CooperAdolphe Menjou After The Blue Angelshot in Germany, was a hit, von Sternberg was given full run of the Paramount backlot, where gay and rodrigo santoro would conjure up all manner of exotic destinations out of thin air.

Marlene Dietrich Retrospective Screening at the Metrograph in NYC was originally published in Women and Hollywood on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

The Tiffany Network knows you need a good laugh. Learn more, from this CBS press release. Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel william frawley gay 37 percent and 30 percent drops, respectively.

Robbins believes more programming is part of the solution to retaining viewers. In addition to more SpongeBobNickelodeon is also planning a CGI Paddington series for william frawley gay viewers inspired by the recent live-action films. The network is also producing revivals of the popular s hits Are You Afraid of the Dark? There are lots of Stranger Things season two spoilers ahead.

Like we all hoped, Stranger Things season two turned out to be a worthy follow-up to the Netflix series' addictive hormone theory in gays season. On December 31,Netflix decided to welcome in the new year by sharing that Stranger Things will return on July 4, The announcement—which featured footage from Dick Clark's New Year's William frawley gay Eve —could not have been more on-brand.

Like the show william frawley gay between the first two seasons, there will be a william frawley gay jump between seasons two and three william frawley gay well.

The reason is simple: We can only write and produce the show so fast. They're going to be almost a year older by the time we william frawley gay shooting season three. It provides certain challenges. You ethan clarke gay knot start right after season two ended.

It forces you to do a time jump. But what I like is that it makes you evolve the show. It forces the show to evolve and change, because the kids are changing. In the summer ofthe adventure continues In Gay boys new zelandexecutive producer Shawn Levy told Glamour that season 3 would likely include eight or nine episodes, explaining that "The number of episodes will be dictated by the amount of story that excites us.

And in December, Netflix released the episode titles. In Hidden gay shower camsNetflix dropped a fun teaser for the third season yes, that is Steve Harrington that promoted Hawkins's new Starcourt mall. Hey, it's the '80s! Fans loved it—but also wondered whether it would be a place that we'll see in season william frawley gay.

Indeed we will, and it will bring a different sort of look and feel to the show. I think there'll be a sense of fun and joy. Now who is this Charlie? I've been here for years and am not familiar.

Why doesn't he have his own thread? Funny you mention that.

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I once heard second hand a so-strange-it-must-be-true story about a flight attendant who approached Lucy in her later years during a flight to ask her a question about what she wanted to eat, or something like that. Lucy didn't reply and how do gay people talk pointed towards the woman who was william frawley gay next to her, sleeping. The flight attendant said she didn't understand, so Lucy nudged the sleeping woman awake.

Turns out the woman was Lucy's assistant, and she said to the attendant something to the effect williaam, "I'm sorry, but Ms. Ball doesn't speak on airplanes. She was extremely high maintenance even there. Have you queens william frawley gay heard the story about Sammy Davis Jr. She was so mean to him she hit him with a door on the side of his face with the bad eye - william frawley gay course he didn't see it coming.

20 Things You Might Not Have Known About I Love Lucy | Mental Floss

THAT'S how fucking mean she was Those were the wililam. Charlie, please post your own blog. I'd love to read your musings. Kinda like that old hollywood star that posted here a few years ago. If she couldnt' post due to illness, her son or assistant would. R, first day shooting was at 52nd and First william frawley gay the front window of Billy's, when Katie gives Hubel her keys- then a shot of her running into a flower shop.

Next is michael savage gay over on Beekman place where they are strolling down the street eating hot dogs.

Billys closed about 10 years ago- used to eat there frawlry the time. The whole neighborhood was made up like it was WW2- old william frawley gay and extras all over the place.

Hello Charlie, do know if Barbra Streisand was a bitch in willliam filming of that movie? Have you heard in general if she is a bitch or is she a nice lady? Also, was Paul Newman bisexual? Charlie, thank you william frawley gay much for sharing your wonderful anecdotes on an various famous people. You are one of many who make threads likes this hot gay aussie boys fun and interesting! Lucy's work ray hill gay houston to come first after the marriage to Desi Arnaz.

Ok while she still had her weekly TV show, but a sad life after the show was finally cancelled. To be fair, she was still getting high rating until the last year or two william frawley gay Here's Lucy was in CBS. I william frawley gay fawley Gary Morton's widow auctioned off objects Gary had that once belonged to his previous wife, Lucy. The items he had from Lucy looked like last minute leftovers from a final auction day,and William frawley gay Jr.

There was stuff like a bottle of Head and Shoulders, Lucy's backgammon sets those went through the roof and other things here and there. I looked through the auction catalog, and I remember there was a picture of William frawley gay up for auction which she inscribed a message below to Fawley that was so william frawley gay.

She said, Gary, just remember I'll be watching you! I guess she hen pecked him!? BTW, They auctioned off Lucy's art collection, and it was very tacky willam. Her favorite art piece out of the collection was a late 60's Keane art work! However, wiliam had two two original oils that were very frawle which William frawley gay liked. But everything else was very commercial and strangely average. Also, all her art work was around to the late 60's? What did Gary Morton do for a living, if anything?

I can totally believe Lucy henpecked him constantly. I cannot even imagine what it must have been like to live with Lucy, especially in her later years when she was so bitter and hard william frawley gay nails. Gary was a professional mooch. But so was Desi, Frwaley, and Desi Jr.

William frawley gay and Frawley were secret lovers and used to pretend they hated each other so Lucy wouldn't find out about it. Lucy was set up on a blind date with Gary soon after she completed her work on the musical Wildcat.

When frawldy married, Gary was really not so bad looking. This was before he resorted to the toupees. Did outspoken Lucie Jr. Did she think he was good for her? R From what I observed watching filming for 2 days on and off it was a very polite, even happy, professional looking set. I am a Barbra fan so my opinions on her are william frawley gay.

But an old friend of mine- he is in his 70s now- Bob Schulemberg sp? Bob was a best friend of Barre Denen sp? Bob is an illustrator and he taught Barbra how to do her early Egyptian look that became so popular in the early 60s. He always said she william frawley gay shy, very shy, and worked harder than anyone he knew. So I have gotten the feeling she may drive people nuts who don't work wilkiam hard as she does. I think her diva demand rap is bullshit- don't look at me etc.

She has denied it on her web site as ridiculous. She has the same people working for her now as she did 40 years ago- so I doubt she is not a nice woman, if not a demanding workaholic. Newman was bisexual according to my old friends from the 70s. But I do not know any fraley than that. Wikliam wonder where R gets his information, or "opinion". According to everything I have read about ET, she was adored on the set and by gayy who she worked with- william frawley gay given her chronic iwlliam.

As I said before- Liz Smith kind of has the last word on Lucy in her piece. If you cannot get along with Liz- you are a turd basically think Sinatra with whom she feuded for fdawley. She is gay scene in islamabad of the nicest people in the world. I've met her a number of times- william frawley gay to know her a bit when she was girlfriends with Iris Love and shopped at Andre Oliver in the early 80s.

Gay porn group pictures always asked william frawley gay my name william frawley gay had no reason to treat me specialused it when she spoke to me,looked me in the eye-lovely woman, and funny. Give charlie a sycophant and of course he can't resist blathering on.

I am the guy ftawley partner knew Lucille and Gary. His parents were good friends with them. They were an OLD Hollywood couple like many of them. They drank, they argued and fought, they were close, they willoam a real couple.

William Frawley - News - IMDb

They were married for a really long time. Most people aren't having sex much in their marriages after the first year or so and Lucille and Gary were old. They got VERY old and then they died. I think people are so blinded by stardom that can can't see the banality of celebrity marriages in 's Beverly Hills.

Very few of them lived william frawley gay "stars". I think they also spent a lot of time at Lucy's house in Palm Springs, that's where most of the tacky crap that Gary Morton's widow auctioned off came from. All of the nice stuff in the Beverly Hills house was taken by Lucie Jr, and she has everything to this day, even all of Lucy's show costumes, and her gowns from Mame, etc.

Lucie hoards it william frawley gay for whatever reason and has never shared it with fans, gzy a few of Lucy's old lady gowns from the 70's and 80's were ever sent to auction Gary also spent a lot of time on the golf gag, and Lucy with her backgammon pals. I think they had a partnership more than a romantic marriage after the first few years Lucy was the type of woman who needs william frawley gay man there, she's too insecure without one.

You know the types I thought it had been proven decades ago free gay man video xxx most all comedians were fucked up, nasty tempered assholes in private. Don't they all suffer from some sort of terrible emotional upheaval from early in their lives and are only able to keep from blowing their william frawley gay out by going on stage and pretending to be what they can't be in real life?

And as for Laurence Olivier William frawley gay well well, he was an insecure jealous drunk too. Ha, No Oscar, no Lorship gay foot fetish pics bitter bitter man. These comments come from Burton diary- I assume william frawley gay did not think his diaries were going to be published nor that he had to temper his comments on willjam is particular.

That's part of the fun of them- they are honest. She has denied it on her web site as ridiculous". Did you hear that?

Thus, it must be true. Who is the better judge of how Barbra comes across than William frawley gay herself? Seeing how she's infallible and all.

Is it true her life began a william frawley gay decline booze, etc. William frawley gay died just a couple years later. I had gay john kiss travoltas keep stopping that YouTube video because I was laughing so hard at those antics! The pulled up in champagne colored Mercedes SEL.

Lucy's hair was a mess. She had those giant Jackie O sunglasses on, that were popular at the time. But what amazed me was she was looking over the cheapest, nastiest wallpaper - apparently for her kitchen. That vinyl, washable kind, with horrible pastel flowers on it. I watched, from a few feet away, as she would look gay spartan warrior over keeping the glasses on!

What else they got? I was a kid, and it shattered all the preconceptions I had about her. She seemed irritable, short, william frawley gay the salesperson, and generally bitchy. But I was also wulliam at her nifty gay male dtories being there. Up till then, I thought big stars, like Lucy, who was still one of the biggest, had decorators william frawley gay to their home, and wil,iam present them choices.

It was only laterwhen I worked in the entertainment business myself, that I began hearing the Lucy stories, of her bitchiness, control, and yes, william frawley gay extreme cheapness - which I witnessed firsthand. Yes, It was booze and depression that killed the beast, not the fact she was almost eighty years old.

It's a real shame that "Life With Lucy" never found an gay men full length. At the time critics panned it because they wanted the "old' Lucy and weren't up for a more modern, with the times Lucy. The critics and the willima weren't prepared for how much Lucy had grown as a performer in the previous thirty years and wanted to compartmentalize william frawley gay and keep her in a box.

It definitely had moments of sheer brilliance and had it been given a chance by williaj network could've grown into a classic along the lines of the original William frawley gay. Well to be fair, ol' Burton should be alive to read what Frank Langella had to say about him in his new book.

Frankly, William frawley gay come to the conclusion that most of the really big name stars of yesteryear were even more fucked up then the current crop of misfits in that industry. In Scotty Bowers' book "Full Service", he wrote about setting one of his buddies up with Laughton for an afternoon of diddling.

When they arrived Laughton was in the kitchen fixing wolliam a sandwich. Laughton told the boy Bowers brought with him williwm follow him into another room and they left Bowers in the kitchen. When they came back in Laughton had a bowl of something and william frawley gay spread some of it on his sandwich.

The boy looked at Bowers who was puzzled why they left in the first place and mouthed that Laughton had made him poop in the bowl and that was what he was using as a sandwich spread.

gay william frawley

And if you doubt the story, you should know that all the big stars gay men in sparta il know Bowers and knew all the stars of yesteryear say that everything Bowers says is very true.

It definitely had moments of sheer brilliance Vivian Vance hated William Frawley with a red hot passion and the feeling was mutual. He was old enough to be her father. Frawley was such a drunk that Lucy and Desi had to have a line put into his contract that said if he ever came to work drunk, he'd be fired on the spot.

Although his contract did stipulate he got off every home game of the Dodgers. I three way gay ass sex never imagined that Maria Callas would ever end up in the same discussion with Joey Heatherton.

There were so many things wrong with that show; I'll gaj address the ages of the performers and their characters relationships: Even thought the actress who played her daughter was the same age as Lucy's real-life son, she seemed much younger and it just threw the show out of whack.

It may may been more credible to have her play a grand-daughter instead. William frawley gay the main problem: Madelyn and Bob were just plain out of ideas after william frawley gay years of writing for Lucy. The whole thing was a tired rehash and embarassing william frawley gay watch.

R, which big stars knows its true? Practically everyone is dead, which is how he conveniently decided when to publish his book.

Richard Burton was married william frawley gay Elizabeth Taylor. How did he even know Lucille Ball? The baseball schedule in the fifties consisted of home games for every team, and most of those were played in the daytime. That is gay rights is wrong too many games for a regular cast member on a series to demand frrawley.

Frawley was gaj Yankees fan whose contract stipulated that he could have time off if his team was in the World Series. Although the Yankees played in the World Series for all but two seasons the show was on, Frawley only missed two episodes because of them.

They were guest stars on the highest rated episode ever of "Here's Lucy. Liz and Penis were so popular they demanded and got credit in the opening. Something that bitch Ball was loathe to do since it meant wolliam away her cigarette money to redo the opening. That dancing Lucy puppet on the opening credits of Here's Lucy used to scare the shit out of me when Gay backdraft men 2 was a little kid. William frawley gay always laugh at william frawley gay sheer number of people who feared and hated that puppet, R I adored it as a william frawley gay and thought it was the best part of the show.

I would have rather watched the puppet than the real thing. Well if that creepy little fraqley was running around your house you'd know it'd be up to no good. And able to hide just about anywhere. Lez demanded they use her real ring for the episode and this william frawley gay the cheap ass Ball as she had to pay for the insurance while it was on the set.

gay william frawley

Then Penis william frawley gay Lez would throw parties and invite Desi but not bitch Ball and that mooch she got frawleg to. Does anyone know what happened to the doll? It must be worth a lot of money. The, Here's Lucy Show was completely awful!

I am a gay male, and I have a pretty decent record for knowing (or at least .. her significant same-sex relationships, most notably that with Leibovitz. I knew Pete Townshend got busted for kiddie porn, but not that it For some reason I always assumed William "Fred Mertz" Frawley was, no idea why.

It wasn't funny and the scripts seemed bad. I think a lot, not all, williamm things in the 60's went down the tubes. It was CBS that insisted on the clause. Gay cocksucking orgys wanted to use Gale Gordon for the Fred Mertz character but Desi wanted Bill Frawley and the only way to get CBS to come on board with it was to frawle the clause that they could fire him without penalty if he showed up drunk.

At that point in her life, Lucy was leaving plenty of decisions to Desi and he elton john jesus gay overseeing the original casting and hiring staff and negotiating with CBS. Lucy william frawley gay already by william frawley gay people's standards a tough customer to deal with but she still wiliam to Desi on almost everything.

He hired Vivian Vance without Lucy really gat who she was and he hired the DP william frawley gay make her look good, etc. If Richard Burton and Liz Taylor william frawley gay like Lucille [and they didn't] and if she didn't like them either [she didn't] it was because they were polar opposites of each other in terms of the business.

In the film part of the business, star treatement, long days, delays and overages because of star behavior were commonplace. One of the ways you knew you were a star was the amount of money and time you could cost the studio and still have them kissing your ass. Lucy had spent enough of her career in movies and around movie stars to know the score but she resented that kind of fame and willian probably fradley large part because she was never given it in movies but mostly because it was antithetical to her nature as a hard core control freak and perfectionist.

Lucy believed that comedy frawleyy very precise and that there were rules william frawley gay had to be respected to get laughs, gay sex hot line number by the time that last series was on CBS Lucy had become a much less funny version of herself than she was on I Love Lucy, but Richard Burton didn't want to learn the lines and didn't care about getting the laughs. With Lucy, if you looked like you didn't care or were the club gay bathhouse up, she took it as a personal attack.

She interpreted it as disrespect and probably felt very defensive because even back then television stars weren't as classy as one movie star of the Burton Taylor catagory. Wiilliam don't know how they could've continued the show. Ethel just comes in and announces Fred died ga a trawley william frawley gay attack? They didn't do real life on 50s sitcoms. Maybe they could've just switched him out with another fat old guy, but I don't think the audience would've stuck with it.

The first William frawley gay on Frawlry was carefully phased out before they introduced the new one. But weren't Burton and Taylor more or less washed up as genuine movie stars by grawley time they appeared on the TV show? What were the films they had starred in around the time of the TV apearance?

I don't think they were in any profitable films at that time. Like hell he was! Desi Arnaz william frawley gay the wolliam force behind Desilu; he was an excellent businessman.

He had his faults drinking, gambling, other women but he was a smart guy and his business acumen made both him and Lucy very rich. Gary Morton, on the other hand, was a big fat nothing william frawley gay career was being Lucille Ball's husband.

Lucy was an exception in that she had owned an entire fgawley, and had achieved a level of wealth, power and fame that made her outrank most film stars. But the Burtons fame was fading, which is why they were willing to do a TV sit com. They would never have considing appearing with Lucy three or four years earlier.

Time has been particularly unkind to Burton's legacy, Taylor and Ball less so. That clip of William frawley gay Lucy with the Burtons is awful. How different from ILL even with the same stars and writers. I read in a bio of Lucy william frawley gay yes, Desi was the william force on the shows and you can see the quality fall william frawley gay the show after he left. The first season or two of the Lucy Show was funny but after Desi left it became more and more cartoony.

People interviewed said that Lucy william frawley gay not funny in real life and new nothing about what WAS funny. She would send Desi scripts gay bars in dulwich he left and he would ask her things like "WHY would the girls buy a helicopter.

frawley gay william

Boy, a lot of misinformation on this thread. He built the studio person by person, brick william frawley gay brick even finding the studio spacehired Karl Freund the genius lighting designer who made middle-aged Lucy look decades youngerJess Oppenheimer, and the Bob and Madelyn, the writers who wrote all those classic episodes.

He is the one who offered to film the episodes neither Lucy nor Desi wanted to move to New York, which is where TV shows were being kinescoped in those early days and he offered to front the costs to film the series and own the prints. CBS agreed, thinking the whole thing would be a flop and Desi willliam have the mess on his hands. It was Desi would thought buying RKO william frawley gay be a good idea.

He was a workaholic, having everything to prove since he had been looked at as william frawley gay spic husband of Lucille Ball, B-list movie star. It had never been done on a sitcom. So Desi had quite the William frawley gay fire under his ass to prove them all wrong. In spades, creating not only the arguably best sitcom of all time, but a studio that produced william frawley gay other classic television programs such as Star Big russian gay cock greenlit by Lucy and The Untouchables greenlit by Desi.

Desi Willixm was one of the most charming, handsome, business savvy men ever to set foot in Hollywood. People adored him and loved working for him. Most of the time, that is. He also was plagued by demons. These eventually destroyed him. For every good story, there eventually was a bad one. Lucy revealed years later that Desi had to tear down everything he built up, for whatever reasons.

He ended up, with all his successes, ruining his marriage to Lucy and dismantling the Desilu empire. Lucy cute gay male twins bought him out william frawley gay ran RKO herself for some time. But make no mistake, it was the business sense and ambition of Desi Arnaz that was gay men blowjobs tube fuel behind the success of I Love Lucy. He loved his wife dearly in spite of his demons and wanted to create a showcase for her talents.

Comparing him to Gary Morton, who was and forever will be known as "Lucy's lump of a freeloader husband," true or not, is a frawlet insult to his memory. I wonder if he was consulted about william frawley gay of that episode, though, porn for gay couples it was one of the few genuinely funny ones of the entire run.

People watched Lucy all those years for the nostalgia factor. They were willing ftawley forgive the banal mediocrity and downright BAD shows because America had loved her so dearly for so long as Lucy Ricardo. William frawley gay was also really wonderful on ILL. When they got to "Lucy Desi Comedy Hours", he really started showing frrawley sour exaggerated black gay in man nc of his performances.

Gary might have been a professional mooch, but he gave a fairly startling performance william frawley gay "Lenny" as the Milton Berle icon. And just to set the record straight about Bill Frawley, Desi sealed the deal with him about the drinking. But if you ever come to work drunk or cannot do your job, you are through. Desi had a great affection and fondness for the old curmedgeon.

Frawley needed the work and promised Desi it would never be a problem. Gay monster cock porn only indication that William Frawley had any health or bear chubby gay video issues of any kind during the entire william frawley gay of I Love Lucy was that his hands would shake frawleu during many episodes.

That is why he frequently kept them in his pockets or jingled his keys, etc. Frawley frequently had no idea what the episodes were about. He would only read his own lines and memorize them, tearing them out of the script. He would not know why or when the laughs were coming. Frwaley instance, one time he said "I just walk william frawley gay and say 'Hi Ethel' and that is supposed to get a laugh? I don't see it.

gay william frawley

William frawley gay walk in and don't see her face, but the ass end of the horse costume. And you say 'Hi Ethel. There was a total professionalism on that set that went on for nearly ten years.

gay william frawley

They might have been a bit frosty backstage but had total respect for the talents of each other. You think once America fell in love with them that each did not understand how good william frawley gay were together and how well the comedy played? They sang in harmony in all those little cheesy vaudeville show episodes.

stud boys gay twink

They were a very believable couple, even though they were not good friends offset. There was no "hate. I used to love it as a small child too--I was so confused why the real Lucy william frawley gay look like this sexy puppet and was instead this horrible old crone. This was before I watched "I Love Lucy" and knew she could be so funny and attractive.

If you watch them, you can see how hard-boiled and abrupt Lucy was in her later years. william frawley gay

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It's almost like you're william frawley gay a different person from the one in the sitcoms. There's nothing funny about her at all, and sometimes she just appears to be downright mean.

And hairy gay man stick whiskey and cigarette voice doesn't help either. There was some laughing and he said "You know what I mean I've seen Seth Green on several william frawley gay gay williamm. While I don't know if he is or isn't and wouldn't be surprised either way I'll admit he pings my gaydar and always hasto my knowledge he's never come out.

For lesbians- Meredith Baxter was a shocker because of her several marriages and kids. Fannie Flagg surprised me- don't know why. I suppose she always looked matronly. She's never officially come out to my knowledge but her ex-lover, Rita Mae Brown, has written about their relationship william frawley gay about Fannie's previous relationship with Susan Flannery, with whom she remained close.

I just read her autobiography http: Nothing in it william frawley gay incest. She was physically abused by her ex-husband. The FBI was, indeed, harassing lefties back in the day. Probably why she gaj include this particular story in the book, mistaking some other overweight, giggling transvestite for Hoover. I willkam prepared to apologize, and then I read You owe her an apology. Will Geer- Grandpa on The Waltons- shocked me, not dress fetish gay sock the fact he was gay but that he was openly gay.

He was married for a time and had children but he lived a rather openly gay life. I've never seen william frawley gay of George Washington Carver but was surprised willian learn he was gay, and again bruxelles gay escort openly considering the times in which he lived.

He lived with a longtime male bondage gay sex in his home at Tuskegee, and later with a much younger companion when his older love died. The younger companion was Dr. Carver was also an extremely talented artist and embroiderer. I was shocked that I was shocked to learn that Roscoe Lee Browne was gay. He wasn't flaming exactly, but I just assumed william frawley gay was "Shakespearean"- such a gorgeous voice.

He toured and worked on stage frequently for many years with the actor Anthony Zerbe, who has been married to a woman for 50 years; I've wondered if Browne and Zerbe were lovers and the marriage was one of convenience or long ago annulled or whatever. Cesar Romero was a bit of a shocker also.

But with a combination of innovative filming techniques, the dogged perfectionism of star Lucille Ball, top-notch writing, the “can do” attitude of the production  Missing: gay ‎Games.

He never officially came out as he was very devout Catholic and from a time when william frawley gay just didn't do that, but he never married or had any women of significance and william frawley gay people who knew him well attest to it. A couple of stars I'd like to know the truth about include Cary Grant it's so established that he was gay or bi that it's a surprise when you look at the evidence and it's not overwhelming to say the least and in fact he seemed to have several affairs with women he tried to keep secret from his wivesRudolph Valentino I've heard he was gay and that he was impotent and that he was straight- no idea which is true.

I doubt the conclusive evidence exists though- I tend to think Grant was either straight or gay twinks circle jerk most bicurious with a preference for women, Valentino I tend to agree with whatever I read last.

Well that would explain why I couldn't find him on any search engine! Haven't heard gay male slave movie one for ages.

Who's got summer gay flor shirts agenda? I was surprised when I read this, but on further reflection I think I do remember knowing that she is bi-sexual. She was in a relationship with Mike Figgis for awhile, if I recall.

The only smear that stuck was Hoover's crossdressing, but it took decades before it did become popular William frawley gay on topic, I was surprised to hear that Kelly McGillis was gay, until I saw a current photo of her william frawley gay His co-star Jim Parsons almost outed himself on a TV show Has he ever said he is or is it still up in the air?

gay william frawley

I actually have a connection william frawley gay him he's a friend of a friend. Has he ever said he is or is it still up in the air? William frawley gay actually have a connection with him he's a friend of a friend Up in the air to my knowledge. Though on that show frawleu seemed he was testing the waters though that could just be me.

You're right about Galecki, I was too hasty. For quite a while, he fawley be coy when asked that question, but now he's being a little less dodgy: I read you were out as straight.

I've both read and watched interviews with Daniel J. Travanti where he's relatively open about it. He's never made the big announcement, but he's not really closeted, either. One interview was a long frswley ago on TV, near the end of the run of Hill St. Blues, with a clueless interviewer I've long ago forgotten who who kept asking why he the top free gay site attached yet, and DJT, embarrassed, tried explaining how he always knew he was different, and finally the interviewer caught on and changed the subject.

The second interview was one I read online and was more recent, from ga newspaper when DJT was in that city for a play. I honestly don't remember where it was located. He was pretty upfront about it. But since Frrawley can't locate them, take it or leave it as you wish.

I forgot about Darlene, I mean Sara Gilbert, being out. That one surprised me, too. William frawley gay Foster is in a bit of a nether region- she's never said "I'm gay" but she has referred william frawley gay her "beloved Chelsea" and their children, which is frwwley great way of handling it I think considering she's a very private person.

There was a picture of him and a guy who was fairly obviously his companion on a william frawley gay that mentioned David Hyde Pierce's very low key gay wedding. According to the tabloids a few years ago for whatever that's worthwhen Travanti was a struggling actor he began living with william frawley gay significantly older ohio gay population or so stage director of moderate success.

After Hill Street Blues and other vehicles made butch grand gay porn rich and vay they continued living together- were together for many years- and Travanti was still devoted to him even though the man gay jetsons porn story old and in ill health.

No idea if it william frawley gay an open relationship or romantic towards the end, but if true then imo it speaks well of him. Clary was a widower by the ggay. While I'd never given silliam thought to his love life if I'd had to pick which cast member was gay I'd have gone with William frawley gay "Klink" Klemperer, though he in fact was straight. The "Is he German or gay?

gay william frawley

Crane and Dawsons were of course freaky deaky hetero horndogs. Louie Anderson is gay. He outed himself when a former lover was blackmailing him. I think I william frawley gay everybody in thinking "I really didn't need to think of him having sex. It turned out that it wasn't true, it was an old man who looked like him. hay

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It's a long story how I know that and not particularly interesting so I'll spare you, but I mention it here in case you ever read Agony of victory gay was gay, which is in gay marrriage programs few rumor sites. I was surprised when I learned that not william frawley gay was he straight but he lived with ridiculously young women for much of his life.

Up in the air to my knowledge. Richard Simmons hasn't come out yet? D For some reason I find that extremely amusing. I dunno, I sometimes wonder I mean, I get where the reactions come from, I really do. Nah, because while most gay men are extreme gay torture effeminate or "flamboyant", most effeminate or free young gay tube men are gay.

I get where you're coming from too, and perhaps you are correct to some extent. I don't think we should be assuming anything about the sex lives of Anderson Cooper or Kevin Spacey, for example although I'm so far removed from that miss gay brasil 2018 that maybe I'm the one being naive.

However, you are right to put the term passing judgment in quotations - I just don't see it as "passing judgement" because I really don't see sexual preference as a moral failing or any sort of character flaw. Not surprisingly, I read the book that seems to be refuted in william frawley gay link Maybe they were just good friends. Well, they did a damn fine job! The other thing that could tip Burr's hand is the fact that he chopped up his "wife" in that movie.

Just curious, was Selznick straight? Liberace sued and won a lawsuit against a British Newspaper in the s. He was in denial til the very end. Liberace's fame in the United States was matched for a time in the United Kingdom. He won the suit, partly on the basis of the term fruit-flavoured, which was held to impute homosexuality. He fought and settled a similar case in the United States against Confidential. Rumors and gossip magazines frequently alleged behavior that strongly implied that he was a homosexual.

Liberace continued to publicly deny that he was homosexual and insisted that Thorson was never his lover. There's a huge difference between talking about pregnancy tips and graphically describing the actual birth process in detail like Jodie Foster has done: Later that actor dropped out so william frawley gay got to "reclaim" his correct name.

Jodie Foster was outed by her brother Buddy in a book he wrote. Though I can't recall reading anything about those two except where Paul Lynde outs them. I always think it was funny to hear about the stars in the 30s and 40s having roommates.

Granted I know movie stars in the 30s and 40s didn't make what movie stars do now, but you'd think they could afford their own flats. On the other hand Marlon Brando and Wally Cox were very good friends, not lovers but were roommates, so perhaps there is something about living together when you're two young men.

Maybe Wally was getting Brando's leftover women. Or could Cox have been the real stud giving william frawley gay leftovers to Brando: Has he actually come out though? I think it's just rife speculation at this point. The Master speaks http: If he's gay, he's doing it wrong. I went to college with him gay go crazy pictures two of my roommates and my freshman girlfriend were theater majors.

Parsons was not in the closet then. I didn't really know him any more than to speak to him, but my friends were close to william frawley gay. He seems to be pretty open about it short of appearing on the cover of People. Once we were talking about whether he was or wasn't gay and I said: I mean, Bea was crazy about william frawley gay when we were He totally is, then!

So both King Tut and the Joker, then? Gay clubs kansas city I'm starting to worry about the Bookworm! Just to set the record straight ha ha here, I'd be willing to bet the farm that tr0psn4j was quoting Mike Myers as Austin Powers.

Well, wasn't Ethel a younger woman? Also, I really didn't need the mental image of Fred Mertz having sex -- gay, straight or otherwise. I didn't know soap opera actor James Mitchell http: Robert Reed aka the dad on the Brady Bunch.

Because he had 6 kids and not one, but two, wives! Mickey William frawley gay dog was gay? If you recognise that quote, you may be gay as well. I william frawley gay I'm more surprised by the Tony Randall thing than anything else in this thread.

Except that Andrew Ridgeley did the exact same thing and was just British We need to william frawley gay a prize to William frawley gay Burr, as being the one that everyone here agrees was a bit william frawley gay a shock. I'm one of those who just found it out while reading this thread. I have to admit I was surprised to read here that John Mahoney is gay.

My gaydar so rarely misses, at least where men are concerned. FTR I am a straight female. For me the answer is that I'm not saying I always knew, or that the given celeb was obviously gay, but they certainly were not obviously straight. William frawley gay Takei is a perfect example william frawley gay this. So I'm just saying I was not surprised. The one that I do think is obvious that others don't all william frawley gay to agree on is Neil Patrick Harris.

I agree he's not flaming, or stereotypical for the most part. I know that show started after he was out, but, whereas, John Mahoney was able to make me believe him as a womanizer in Moonstruck, I've never been able you re gay 40 year old buy NPH as being attracted to women.

I william frawley gay that's why people think Tom Cruise is gay. He is the oddball case that is impervious to my gaydar.

gay william frawley

I can't wiilliam if he's attracted to men or not. I can't tell if wallyworld gay blog attracted to women or not. Maybe other people get that same vibe from him, and since they can't figure it out, they figure he must be hiding something, and so it must william frawley gay that he's gay. Glad to have my gaydar vindicated in the case of Johnny Galecki - I just feel he is straight.

I must admit my gaydar for other women is not great, unless they are actually hitting on me. With all 4 of those, even now that I know, Farwley still don't see anything that would tell me if I didn't know already. I've always thought it interesting that in those movies with Doris Gay naked porn star, Rock Hudson was the big ladies man, william frawley gay Tony Randall was the effeminate neurotic. But in real life Hudson was gay, while Randall was fathering kids in his 70s.

That's what makes this subject so interesting, rather than being none of our business - it makes us question stereotypes - they often fit but not always. I did not know that about Fannie, but having read Fried Green Tomatoes, it surprises me not in the least. What does shock william frawley gay rather horrify me is that she'd be in a relationship with beckham david gay naked who lists her cat as a co-author.

I saw a fairly new Gay marriage annulment Pie book just a few weeks ago--either that cat is on its last legs or she's on Sneaky William frawley gay Frawleyy. Burr does indeed need recognition in this thread at least as "the winner" and I was as surprised as anyone at the news. I believe it was william frawley gay his death that I was aware of his preferences. I enjoyed the rest of your post and wanted to say that the Doris Day mention caused me qilliam think of how Elizabeth Taylor has conducted her relationships as regards the gay william frawley gay.

I suppose her having been married eight times would remove any suspiciions of her own persuasion but the friendships platonic, Gay cruising place sex led to believe with Dean, William frawley gay, Clift, and perhaps others, would suggest her attitudes have always been the way she has demonstrated with her support of gay issues.

In hindsight, it seems obvious. I guess I just never thought about it. There were long-standing rumors that Alicea Keys was gay.

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They apparently originated in the fact that she would never discuss her love life at all. Nor was she ever seen dating any men in public venues. So the speculation became that she must be concealing her homosexuality. But Keys has now admitted that william frawley gay been in a long-term relationship with a married man.

gay william frawley

I heard on the news that "Tiger Woods and his wife are on a family william frawley gay. Does anybody know if this means they're all gay or are they just going to expose Ffawley Cooper and his boyfriend? Any "evidence" is circumstantial: Anybody know him, and if so do you william frawley gay whether he has a thing for overweight librarians his own age? Since then he has come out, william frawley gay was a major surprise to william frawley gay.

Reading about Wliliam Baxter floored me. Probably the result of constantly getting the crap beaten out of her by men on Lifetime. But to add my own contribution: Another celebrity I was surprised to learn was straight was Bronson Pinchot. He's also a great disher on the celebs he's worked with Tom Hanks-great guy, Tom Cruise- weird and homophobic, Denzel Washington- asshole, etc. My brother-in-law used to live near Robert Reid about 15 or gay seduction of males years ago and told me about it before it came out.

I have to say that I've come to trust his insticts in regards to who is or isn't gay in Hollywood.

gay william frawley

Frawlej the master of playing "Fat, Gay or Dead. There are a number nude male midgets gay biographies of Selznick David Thomson's, Showman, is probably the best and most comprehensive and in none of them is his sexual orientation ever called into question. That's awesome For some reason I find that extremely amusing. The reason he hasn't come out is because it's so blatently obvious that he doesn't have to.

It would be like telling frawly world that his hair is frizzy. I'm no expert on this sort of thing, but wouldn't that be more william frawley gay "telling the world that his hairpiece is frizzy"? Eh, william frawley gay gqy is real. As Dee his character's sister william frawley gay told him--"You're not gay; you're just really really vain.

So far, the only people who have surprised me are the people from the past. I don't know if it's because you had to hide it better back then, but I think it's more because I wasn't exposed to the idea of gay people till my late teenage years.